Raising nutria in the home.

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Many people mistakenly believe that breeding nutria, the price of fur is constantly growing, it is necessary only for the quality of their fur.But this is not true.Value nutria, in addition to skin, is still in the meat of this animal - tender and delicious, but the main thing - diet.

That is why today breeding nutria as a business and in the home is becoming more popular.The fecundity of this small animal allows it to provide not only their own meat industry, but also to sell the surplus.


must say that breeding nutria at home as a profitable business in our country emerged relatively recently.Moreover, many people still do not realize how valuable this wonderful fur animal.Gradually, however, the army nutrievodov increases.Some owners who have a farm for breeding nutria, managed to achieve a very high quality skins with a smooth silky nap and very different coloring.

Some time ago, at the state level has increased the purchase price for them.That's why the breeding nutria as a business and in the home has become a very profitable business.After the meat and fur used for some time now very much in demand.In addition, those who will be engaged in cultivation of these animals will be exempt from taxes on the amount that they will receive for the sale of skins.However, there is one condition: they must be specially sell the existing procurement organizations.Not subject to the collection and sold on the market nutria meat.

Care and breeding

fur animal This came to us from the hot South America.He lives near the water, which periodically wash cloth.Therefore, beginners who are just starting breeding nutria at home, always wondered if required pool or other body of water for them.Of course, experts say that this beast can do without the daily bath, but then the high quality of his skin will not have to dream.After all, he will not be able to look after it properly.

And the health of the animals living in the basin, much stronger than the "land" nutria.Care and breeding of fur fauna - not particularly difficult.But the main thing - it is a very beneficial and profitable.Because of wear on the skin as close as possible to the mink or fox, fur sew coats, hats and collars.And the meat of his nutritional and dietichnosti not inferior even rabbit.


Nutria loves carrots, cabbage, apples, and so on. D. She eats only vegetable foods.Despite the fact that this animal belongs to the rodents, and he has a very large teeth, it does not need to be afraid.He very quickly gets used to the man, experts believe that it even reacts to his nickname.It is necessary to call him as a creature immediately runs up and takes the food out of the hands.

breeding nutria at home has its own characteristics.If the population is small, the feeders should be set so that the owner was friendly.The main thing - do not forget that this is a very strong animal that can carry inventory where he pleases.

Therefore, the best option is a narrow trough feeders that need to be fastened to the wall snaps.

Organizational matters

Business breeding nutria will be profitable if calculate in advance all estimated costs for their maintenance, including the rental of farm cages and landscaping.Take care of these small animals is incredibly simple, and feed these different herbivores availability.Yes, and employ breeding nutria have a minimum number of employees.

Premises and equipment

business plan involves the use of these animals for special houses with holes, through which it will be easy to go out to walk.It is best to place them in special breeding farms of nutria, which are divided into two zones: the warm and cold.Paddock need to close the wall, having one meter in height.In addition, it is necessary to build a swimming pool, where the water will need to be changed every day, because only in this case from nutria fur is a luxurious and attractive appearance.

well proven breeding nutria in cages with wooden or tin walls.Inside the floor is necessary to lay a layer of hay or sawdust.The size of the enclosures or houses must be 1.5 x 1.5 meters.At the same time the wooden parts necessary to upholster iron or fine mesh, otherwise these animals their sgryzut.

Moreover, with the onset of cold weather in the room will need to maintain a normal temperature for these animals - about eighteen degrees.Nutritious - not rabbits, their naked tails and feet soles frostbite very quickly.

as swimming pools fit any container in which the animals can splash.It can be dug into the ground.Only it is necessary to think in advance which way the water will change.

growing nutria

best to build a farm not far from the pond, where grow reeds or water lilies.In this case, the businessman will be able to save significantly on feed in the summer, spring and autumn periods.Nutri will be enough to gather up the vegetation.The animals feed on stems, though, but eat roots and leaves, so the waste will not.One specimen weighs an average of about five kilogram per day with the feed it consumes almost a third of its weight.


to care nutria need more workers.They will have to reside on the farm, but because they need to create the conditions for normal life.In the State of the personnel have to be a professional veterinarian, whose responsibilities will include careful examination of the state of health and the prevention of nutria various diseases.

Nutria like a business

This source of tasty meat and valuable quality fur can be a good point of income, unless the right to carry out breeding.Nutria, the business plan required by growing sufficiently accurate calculation of costs for maintenance, it is necessary to put in cages.Caring for these little simple small animals, and for their growing economy is enough feed.

And high fertility and disease resistance make it very profitable breeding nutria.

business plan

Initially, not much better to buy, and a few pairs of nutria.Each female every 2 months brings about twelve kids, in turn, they have six months may be clogged.

list of start-up costs for a month forward rate of ten pairs of the following:

  • Farm Rental - 30,000 rubles;
  • buying houses for nutria and redecorating the premises - 70 thousand rubles;
  • staff salary - 50 000 rubles;
  • purchase of feed - 20 thousand rubles.

This business if properly administered it will pay off after about six months of work.In the course of the offspring will be added continuously, which means that it will be necessary to actively implement fresh meat and fur.

At high speeds the profit can reach up to three hundred thousand rubles a month.But the main thing - to know where to buy breeding nutria to livestock were healthy.


What are they?Raising nutria in the home has a number of positive points.Organization and arrangement of their homes or areas can be carried out for a small period of time.Moreover, nutria eats grain and ordinary grass, which not only is easy to get, but also for the economy to prepare for the future.These small furry animal breeders do not deliver much trouble, since they rarely get sick.

Comparing breeding nutria and rabbits, you can immediately feel the difference: the past often suffer as a result of the majority of livestock killed, which means the loss of not only money but also time.

nutria Another advantageous feature is their rapid growth.These rodents in a very short period of time needed to reach slaughter size.


livestock nutria should not be on a farm close, so each individual must be at least one square meter.In each cell, usually need to plant no more than four, a maximum of five animals.In addition, the enclosures must be clean, they must be thoroughly clean at least twice a day.

For animals need to prepare in advance bran, corn, cake, hay, roots.Nutria should be fed twice a day, and in the summer you need to give a maximum of vitamins, ie. E. Grass or greenery.

It is necessary to know

Young animals and livestock, prepared for mating, it is better to keep in special pens - enclosures, inside which should be not only the pool, but also shelter and concreted area for feeding.

experts recommend special attention when breeding nutria pay for order and cleanliness, as these fur-bearing animals by their nature sufficiently clean, and therefore can not tolerate on its territory debris.

animals in any case is not recommended to overfeed.Fatty nutria very bad mate, in addition, they can give bad litters or just sick.

Features breeding

With these small animals can not be mistreated - they may stop gaining weight or breed.Cage must necessarily lay straw or even sawdust.

can not keep the nutria in the draft, this leads to colds.In hot weather, when they keep out of the sun, from the animals can happen sunstroke.


cost every living adult on average comes to have fifty.e. They usually buy new entrepreneurs who have decided to breed at home.The cost of one kilogram of meat nutria ranges from five to eight in.e., while in the split carcass yield up to four to six kilograms.

price of one skin (depending on its size, color and quality of fur) comes up to twenty dollars.Above all valued vychinennye of factory technology.This skin is thinner and more flexible, good stretches, so sold out at a good price, and the demand for it is constant.