How to Make Money on the group Vkontakte?

Hello SW.ReadersI hope that everyone is clear about what will be discussed in this article, because it is more than evident in the title.And so today I want to tell you about a pretty good way to earn money, which is perfect for people who spend a lot of time in the VKontakte.

Well, let's start.

No, of course, how to make money with the help of the majority of users of VKontakte social network knew before.And the way this one was quite simple, and for reference, and I will briefly tell you about it.Earn a promotion groups VKontakte.Makes it pretty easy, you have registered more than 10 accounts VKontakte, then swung a special program, which were driven data from these accounts, and it is automatically sent out an invitation to the group.After that it was necessary only to find the customer and run the program.All the earnings process is gone.But now, after VKontakte abolished the possibility of inviting 40 friends and not in a group, this method has outlived itself.

But make VKontakte still possible today.So how to make money using VKontakte today?Well I try to explain how to make money on the group VKontakte!For a start, I want to say that before you start to make a profit, you'll have to work hard.

And so, let's go!

I think vkontakete account you have - if not, please register.Then, create a group and unscrew it to traffic well, at least 1,000 people a day.It makes it difficult, but still possible.If you do not want to wait and work, you can order a promotion from third parties or advertise it means VKontakte (official advertising site).For more read only to those who already have a highly-visited group VKontakte.

Well, you have visited VKontakte community and you want to earn on it but do not know how.And the answer is simple as usual - on advertising!There is a special service that specializes in social services.traffic.All you have to do to earn money on the group VKontakte is sign it and add in your community.After that you will be available to orders, the purpose of which will be posting links to the wall community.And how many times will be carried out following a link will depend on your earnings.Believe that high attendance you'll earn pretty good money.

That's basically it!And finally, another interesting fact: "Can you imagine, in Canada people who are addicted to social networks, the government is a free ticket to the Maldives.It is believed that this will help them to return to real life ยป