What doctors need to go to medknizhki?

every man sooner or later have to get a job.Many organizations have recently require personal medical books.This document confirms that you are healthy.For information on how to issue medknizhki, and will be discussed further.You will learn what documents are required to obtain this document.It is also able to find out what the doctors have to go to medknizhki.

personal medical books

Who needs this document?In today's world almost every serious organization needs for hiring medical book.What to say about the service sector!

document confirming the optimal health needs persons in direct contact with the people (hairdressers, manicure and pedicure, cosmetologists and physicians, vendors, and so on).Also arrange medknizhki have people who work with food (to commodity, cooks, servants slaughter and poultry farms).Be sure to obtain this document should be kindergarten teachers, teachers and many others.

How to document?

New medknizhka can be purchased in any bookstore.However, just buy the document is not enough.After purchasing you will have to make some efforts to design medical evidence of good health.

First, shoot a photo of standard size (three to four).Also attach a copy of the passport and medical policy.All your data will be needed to fill specialist document.Then you need to get a list of doctors that you have to go.

Those who are going to work in the service sector related to food and direct contact with people who need to visit a lot more professionals than other workers.Be sure to make a note of what doctors for medknizhki you need.

Where to start?

what doctors have to go to medknizhki?It was better to ask your employer or to obtain this information in the personnel department.Below is a full list of experts, the conclusion that you may need.It should be noted that some organizations require only partial examination.

To get started, visit the therapist.It is he who will prescribe analyzes (on the Medical card).These often include a complete blood count, biochemical, scraping, diagnosis fecal yaytseglist and other pathologies.Remember that medknizhka for 1 day is done.Some assays, such as biochemical research, may be prepared about one week.


So, let's talk about what the doctors have to go to medknizhki.Absolutely all organizations that require such a document, insist on the diagnosis of lung and heart.Calibration is done in a stationary clinic.No special training is not required for diagnosis.

result you can get on the same day after a few hours.In some cases, the conclusion shall be issued immediately.In addition to your stationary cards, printing of the doctor should be placed in a medical book.

otolaryngologist and ophthalmologist

these professionals also need to be sure to visit virtually all employees.Conclusions doctors are available directly after the examination.Physicians record of your card and the medical book.

otolaryngologist examines the throat, nasal passages and ears.If you have no complaints, and the doctor found no abnormalities, it speaks of absolute health.

optometrist examines your fundus and measuring the pressure.After that the vision test.If you have any deviation, then do not worry ahead of time.In the presence of glasses or contact lenses you may well prove to be useful for any work.

neurology and psychiatry

mark these doctors should also be in the medical record of each employee.Pass them to confirm appropriate behavior.

psychiatrist may ask leading questions and then give its opinion.For this survey you will definitely need a certificate that says that you do not stand registered in a psychiatric or drug treatment clinic.You can take it at his residence.

neurologist studying your condition with the help of simple tests: rapping hammer, the reaction of the pupil of the eye, and so on.Conclusion is issued immediately after the consultation.

Venereologist and dermatologist

Data professionals need to pass to people who work in the service sector.The inference can be obtained as in the same day, and within one week.

dermatologist examines the skin on the abdomen, arms and head.If there are no complaints and clean skin, in his medical book, you will see the entry "healthy."

Venereologist, in addition to the inspection of genitals and mucous membranes in the mouth, making analysis.Most often conducted research on diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea and staphylococcal infection.Also an expert can conduct a bacteriological diagnosis.It is this analysis prepares about one week.Therefore medknizhka 1 day can not be made.


Employees who are in contact with people or food, be sure to visit the dentist.The doctor after the examination render its conclusion and, if necessary, makes recommendations.

Do not be afraid that you will not get an entry in medknizhki because of the small holes or banal caries.The dentist pays attention to other diseases that can be transmitted by airborne droplets or by household, such as stomatitis.


the fairer sex is required to pass a gynecologist.The doctor examines the genital tract and makes the analysis of the smear.Such a study may be carried out within a few days (usually 2-3 days).This is another reason that you will not be able to quickly design a medical book.

If you do not live a sexual life, then be sure to inform your doctor.In this case, a doctor may prescribe an ultrasound study to show the state of the internal reproductive organs.


Often clearance medical books to do an electrocardiogram.After receiving the data should go to a cardiologist.The doctor will make the transcript and submit its opinion.In some cases, a specialist may recommend undergo ultrasound diagnostics of the heart muscle.


When all the experts you need to be passed, it is necessary to apply again to the therapist.This is what the doctor receives all of your test results.The doctor examines the information and make their conclusion.

Remember that in the absence of some of the results the therapist may deny you custody.It therefore should take into account timing of a particular diagnosis.

How much is medknizhki do?

to undergo medical examination for employment, will have to pay some money.Note that the survey in a private clinic will cost n much more expensive than a conventional clinic.The average clearance medical books costing a total of between 1,000 and 7,000 rubles.Important role played by the region in which you reside.If you send a medical examination organization to which you are satisfied with the work, all expenses paid by the employer - it follows from the provisions of Articles 212 and 213 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.An employee who has paid the medical check-up on their own, have the right to request from the employer reimbursement of costs incurred by submitting the relevant documents.

Conclusion Now that you know what the doctors have to go to medknizhki.Remember that each survey has a specific expiration date.For example, chest x-rays, an electrocardiogram should be done once a year.Visiting specialists are usually carried out every two or three years.

wish you success and rapid clearance medical books!