Replacement passport after marriage if you change your name

replacement passport after marriage belongs to the unscheduled replacement of the main document of a citizen of the Russian Federation.After the marriage registration procedure necessary to pass to the spouse who changed his name.If the couple had married surname different from the previous names of husband and wife, the passport needs to be changed to both spouses.Why

replacement passport after the wedding

Some people prefer not to rush and not to part with the old documents.And by the way, according to the law replacing the passport after marriage must take place within one month from the date of the marriage.After the expiry of this period, the old passport is considered void, and a citizen of the Russian Federation no longer has the right to use this document.And as a consequence, can not take the credit, withdraw money from your savings account, buy a train ticket or plane.

And if a citizen appeal to the passport office after 30 days, it is expected a fine of up to 2,500 rubles.

Making new passport

replacement passport at the marriage is made in the territorial offices of the FMS.Turnaround time depends on the new document, in which it will address the separation citizen: the place of residence - a period of 10 days, with no treatment in the community - up to two months.

state duty for the service is 200 rubles.Replacement passport after marriage is performed after packet of the following documents:

  1. statement on Form H1;
  2. two passport photos 35 × 45 color or black and white;
  3. old passport, he is subject to withdrawal;
  4. registration certificate and other documents for verification of marks in the passport: registration certificate, children's birth certificates and others;
  5. certificate of change of name;
  6. receipt.

The term of the new passport design starts from the day of the FMS of all documents.If the deadlines have passed and no new passport, you should make a complaint to the head of the passport office.

Making other documents

replacement passport after marriage by changing the names is only the first step, but, alas, not the only one.It will take many more to exchange documents, however, already without haste.However, you must remember that you may have problems when passing the names of the passport and other identity.So the first time should always be carried in a handbag marriage certificate as proof of identity.The list of documents to be replaced, rather large, and you have to get a new passport, driving license, VAT, insurance certificate, MHI policy, credit cards and bank book.In order to collect all the help and to get new documents will have to spend a lot of time and effort, so it is understandable that many modern ladies want to keep the old name.

But not so scary, because when you change the names do not need to change the work book, but simply to inform the employer about the change passport data, also do not need to change the certificate of ownership.And especially do not need to change a diploma or other qualification.