What vitamins are contained in the carrots?

Everyone knows that a correct and balanced diet - is the key to health and longevity.What products should be included in our daily diet?Naturally, we are talking about vegetables, rich in vitamins and trace elements.These include, in particular, relates carrots, useful properties which will be considered in the current article.

Carrots - a source of vitamins

It's no secret that the orange root vegetable found wide application in cooking.It is used both as primary and as an adjunct ingredient in salads, appetizers, soups.Why is that?Because many people know what vitamins are contained in the carrots.

Of course, it is better to grow a vegetable garden on your own - the only way to be absolutely sure as his harvest.

What Constitutes vegetable

question of what vitamins are contained in the carrots, of interest to all who care about their own health.

First of all, orange root abounds trace elements belonging to Group B. They contribute to the normalization of the nerve cells.Also in the vegetable a lot of carotene, which is considered a source of retinol, because it is in this material is converted, getting into the body.

more what vitamins are contained in the carrots?Of course, it is ascorbic acid, tocopherol, vitamin PP and C. It is also rich in mineral micronutrients root: phosphorus, potassium, iron, iodine, copper, cobalt.

answer to the question about what vitamins are contained in carrots, would be incomplete without mentioning the fact that her presence is important for the human body vitamin A. It was he who promotes normal growth of children.

take some of the vitamins in carrots essential oils, thanks to which the orange root vegetable has a peculiar odor.It should be noted that the content of carbohydrate in this vegetable is 6-7%, and proteins - only 1%.

Useful properties

should also be noted that all of the vitamins contained in carrots can be obtained if you eat a root vegetable in its raw form, to the same so you can strengthen your gums.

Also, many know that retinol, which is in orange roots, contributes to the normalization of view.In addition, it strengthens the structure of the mucous membranes and skin.

vitamins in carrots will be useful primarily for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis, as well as metabolic disorders.

Benefits of cooked carrots

Boiled root is recommended for colitis.Also, doctors prescribe it for prevention of cancer.Vegetable boiled should be used regularly in the diet people suffering from diabetes.Also root helps to normalize the intestinal microflora.

course, it is important not only to know what vitamins in carrots are, but also what foods should be combined with orange roots, to the nutrients well absorbed.Experts advise to combine the vegetables with oil and low-fat sour cream.This symbiosis has different choleretic and diuretic effect.

If we consider the question of what vitamins in carrots are especially valuable for our body, we can not say about the volatile, which give the orange root vegetable disinfecting properties.Chewing aforementioned vegetable reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity.Experts have long found that the carrot is replete with natural antibacterial substances, and they are not in any way affect the flavor of the root crop.

answer to the question about what vitamins in carrots are important for us in the first place, can be supplemented with another mention of retinol.Its deficiency can lead to the progression of such a dangerous disease like anemia, as well as eyesight.In addition, a person gets tired quickly.

In what form is best to use carrots

So we decided with what vitamins contain carrots.We now turn to the question of in what form better eating orange root.We have already emphasized that raw carrots - is the best option to fill vitamin balance.

also useful vegetable in powdered and liquid form.So you will be able to clean the blood, to bring sand and stones from the gall bladder and kidney.Given what vitamins containing carrots, we can confidently say that a glass of juice and one eaten raw root vegetable will help normalize digestion and metabolism, remove toxins from the liver.

especially necessary to use the carrot in the off-season, when viral infections are rampant.

boiled carrots, as emphasized above, contains a huge amount of nutrients.

Carrot juice

It should be noted that a large number of people are interested in not only the question of what vitamins are in carrots, but also useful than juice made from this root.And it really is indispensable in terms of health.It contains trace elements of groups B, A, C, D, E.

Carrot juice improves appetite, strengthens teeth, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.

New mothers, eating nectar from orange root, enrich the composition of breast milk nutrients.

Fresh fresh carrots, due to the high content of vitamins, will also be useful for people suffering from skin diseases.It is recommended, and those who have observed dysfunction of the endocrine glands.

As a result, clinical trials have shown that carrot nectar helps reduce the risk of cancer.Also of note is another positive effect of the drink orange root - is strengthening the immune system and defense mechanism.It is for this reason that physicians regularly use carrot juice as a mandatory ingredient in clinical nutrition.

Taking into account the fact, however rich in vitamins carrots, no wonder why the nectar from this root is called the natural balm.It promotes treatment of diseases of the kidneys, liver, gall bladder.If the carrot drink consumed on a regular basis, then wear the vital organs can be significantly reduced.

orange root is especially useful for infants because it is the first source of energy and contributes to normal growth of the baby.People spend a lot of time at the computer, should also drink a lot of carrot juice, because it protects the eyes.

Conclusion So, we can conclude that the carrot - a storehouse of vitamins.The greatest benefit to an organism carries raw and boiled root and juice.

Chalice eat carrots, and your health will be excellent!