Smoking or non-smoking?

One of the most dangerous and widespread human passions is smoking.Many men and women every day, smoking one cigarette after another, losing their health.Of course, smoking or non-smoking, on the one hand - a private matter, but on the other - the nation every year becomes more and more ill, and smoking plays a significant role.The main thing is that there is no denying the fact that smoking kills, sooner or later, but put an end to this dangerous habit afford not to everyone.As a result, while millions of people die from cancer and chronic bronchitis, someone gets huge revenues from the production and sale of tobacco products without thinking about the moral side of the business.

concept of passive smoking

In addition, deciding or not to smoke, think about loved ones, because cigarette smoke negatively affects not only the smoker himself but also causes irreparable damage to the health of people nearby.So, today we have proved that the people surrounding the smoker inhaling the smoke can get sick all the diseases typical of smokers.This is due to the fact that only a quarter of the harmful tobacco smoke enters the smoker, and the remaining part of it flies in the air, harming loved ones.Such a phenomenon, the scientists gave the name of "passive smoking" .In the premises with the windows closed, a harmful concentration of smoke for non-smokers achieved when people smoked only two cigarettes.Thus, even if only one person smokes, the remaining family members passively "smoke" about ten cigarettes per day.

history of tobacco in Russia

in Russia for a long time fascination with tobacco discouraged.Thus, in the early 17th century tobacco smoking was punished by flogging, and at the end of the century, and smokers all facing the death penalty, or cutting off the nose.And tobacco was impossible not only to smoke but also to sell them and keep the house.Tobacco use was banned until the coming to power of Peter the Great.As you know, the emperor liked to European customs and tried to bring them to the Russian land, and for tobacco, he also removed all restrictions.Sam Peter is also addicted to nicotine, resulting in smoking very quickly became fashionable.He even created a series of decrees regulating the distribution of tobacco and smoking.For example, the inhale and exhale smoke is permitted only through a special tube intended for smoking.This state of tobacco in Russia lasted until the late 20th century.

first tobacco processing factories were built in 1705, in St. Petersburg and Akhtyrka.In addition, in the same year it issued a decree on the distribution of tobacco through bailiffs.

the middle of the 18th century, smoking in Russia has been widespread.Without this drug can not do any holiday and no meeting.

Catherine continued to encourage the use of tobacco, allowing the free market, which led to the emergence of private tobacco shops.Incidentally, while the question or not to smoke, was particularly relevant, since tobacco is not just smoking, but still smelled.

It should be noted that the first use of imported tobacco, but by the end of the 18th century, tobacco was already a local not worse overseas.The most popular form of smoking mixture was ammersfordsky tobacco, was popularly known as "shag".

Since smoking in Russia is gaining momentum, dominating addiction all new people.

Reasons why people start smoking

Most often, people start to smoke in imitation of friends and acquaintances, and then produced the conditioned reflex.If we talk about long-term smoking, here we are talking about drug addiction.

Most people smoke simply because they are used to doing it.They do not get any pleasure from nicotine, nevertheless quit this habit does not have enough willpower.In fact, they just do not have enough reasons to give up cigarettes.This proves the fact that people are getting on with the treatment of serious diseases caused by smoking, immediately forget their bad habit.About 70% of people have no real need for tobacco, and therefore can easily quit.This is also evidenced by the numerous reviews of smokers first people to part with this habit, quite easily.And because you need as soon as possible to realize the danger of this hobby and quit.

Smoking drug grass

first time, cannabis smoking was used in America in the 70s.Before this plant was used exclusively in medicine and for the production of hemp oil.Young same people who created the hippie movement began practicing smoking marijuana as a means of relaxation.As a result, the drug is the second largest in the world in consumption, second only to tobacco.

If you remember the Soviet times, the cannabis grown freely in the gardens of villagers as a weed and feed for birds.At present day, the cultivation of this plant is punishable by law, as it turned out, that in the present cannabis drugs "cannabinoids" that can change the consciousness and psyche of the smoker.Moreover, after their introduction into the human body a decrease in blood pressure, heart pain, memory loss, increased heart rate, which can lead to death.Also, long-term marijuana smoking causes lung cancer and larynx, infertility, mental illness, a sense of meaninglessness of life, which ends with a deep depression and sometimes suicide.Essentially the same opinion, that smoking cannabis is safe, is nothing but a myth.

as tobacco affect the human health

Before deciding to smoke or not to smoke, you need to know that the human body does not exist bodies which tobacco smoke would have no negative impact.

Since blood smoker reduced oxygen content, there is a spasm of blood vessels of the brain that affects memory, performance and condition of the nervous system.Man feels irritable, suffer from headaches and insomnia.

Passing through the respiratory system, the smoke containing harmful substances adversely affects all the respiratory system, irritating the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, larynx, bronchi.The most innocuous consequences of such effects may be frequent colds, in more serious cases, smoking leads to raku.Krome addition, the duration of smoking narrowed glottis, and a voice, losing the sonority becomes hoarse.

also constantly vary the characteristic smokers cough, indicating that airway inflammation, which eventually becomes chronic, causing inflammation of the lungs and bronchial asthma.

addition, systematically smokes man suffering from various diseases of the circulatory system: it may experience increased blood pressure and heart disorder, including the onset of heart attacks.

Gastro-intestinal system is not less than the smoker suffers from toxic substances contained in the nicotine.Tobacco smoke irritates the salivary glands, causing increased salivation, which is getting into the stomach, has a detrimental effect on the digestive system.In addition, human yellow teeth, bleeding gums, tooth decay occurs, and bad breath.

is also known adverse effect of smoking on sexual activity and fertility of men.

Influence of cigarettes on the exterior of the girls

proved that contained harmful elements in tobacco negative impact not only on the internal organs, but also on the person's appearance.First of all, the effects of nicotine affects women, on the skin which leaves visible traces of the drug.It is scientifically proven that smoking women have dry skin sallow, prone to early wrinkles.In addition, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles appear nasolabial bags under the eyes, cheeks fall, begins the process of aging.Women suffering from this addiction, spoiled teeth are cut and fade hair, yellow and exfoliate nails.

In addition, smoking significantly reduces the production of estrogen, the lack of which is not only conducive to rapid aging, but also violates the menstrual cycle, leading to infertility.

Smoking girls should be careful with the sun, their skin by the action of sunlight a few minutes exposed to oxidative processes.For this reason, it is contraindicated in the solarium, and some beauty treatments.For example, smokers can not do girls face peeling with abrasive particles and various acids, as can be thinned greatly injure the skin.

Smoking during childbearing

Smoking in principle - a very bad habit for any girl.Moreover, it is dangerous if a woman is expecting a baby, as in this case, it puts undue risk not only their own health, but also runs the risk of precious health and often life of the unborn baby.Doctors have proved that at the time when the pregnant woman smokes, the baby in her womb coughing and sneezing, choking smoke.As a result, it no longer flow to the oxygen in sufficient quantity for normal development, which leads not only to leave prematurely, but may contribute to fetal death.In addition, smoking mothers facing the birth of an unhealthy child with low birth weight.

It is believed that if the woman smoked before a pregnancy, the termination of receipt of nicotine in the body can have a negative impact.In keeping with this theory, many women continue to smoke in a position, at best slightly reduce the number of cigarettes.In fact, if the pregnant woman smokes, it can always be more dangerous consequences for the child, rather than a sharp rejection of nicotine.

smoking among children and youth

Since the principal amount of people start smoking as early as childhood and school age, the fight against smoking should start from an early age.Children need to know what the harmful effects of nicotine on the body is a smoker.Talking about the pernicious effects of tobacco, it is necessary to convince children that smoking is dangerous to health, why it is advisable not only to hold talks but also to use the photos and posters, as well as to show documentaries on teme.Rabota this should be done in close cooperation of parents,Teachers and public organizations.As a result, students need to understand that smoking - it is not an indicator of maturity and prestige, and straddling Time suicide.

disappointing statistics

In today's world every year die from smoking around three million people and an estimated thirty years this figure will increase to ten million.Scientists have calculated that, since 1950, smoking took the life of sixty-two million people, significantly more than were killed in World War II.The most acute problem of smoking is in Central and Eastern Europe, where a year of this attachment killed about 700 thousand people, a quarter of all deaths in the world.

In Russia, consumption of nicotine is also increasing every year.So, for the past seventeen years, the number of cigarettes consumed by the population has increased from one hundred to seven hundred and seventy billion a year.

Getting rid of tobacco dependence

The longer a person smokes, the more he okazvyvaetsya depending on nicotine.In addition, every year the self-deliverance from addiction is significantly reduced.Many people can not get rid of dependence, smokers spend decades in a row.And it is not that they do not understand that smoking and health - incompatible concepts, but simply lack the first power of the spirit, then comes the same addiction to tobacco, in which can only help the medical treatment.

Undoubtedly, there is a small percentage of people who, once having decided to give up tobacco do not return to smoking.In most cases, a person refuses to smoking nicotine only for a while, and at the slightest stress or hitting the corresponding company returns to cigarettes again.In addition, relapse of tobacco dependence can occur even after a few years, since the last cigarette was smoked.This occurs most often under the influence of alcohol or stress.And returned to the habit, it is enough just one cigarette.

If a person is the answer.or not to smoke, uniquely negative, and rid yourself of dependence does not work, do not waste time and put off a visit to a medical institution.

course, there are a variety of drugs that without a prescription and a doctor's prescription can be purchased at any pharmacy, but they do not always help to get rid of dependence, besides some drugs have contraindications and severe side effects.Therefore, safer and more reliable to turn to professionals.Usually, clinics, avoid the addiction to nicotine is not only used drugs, but also hypnotics, as well as psychotherapeutic techniques.Working with the clinical psychologist is particularly important, since suggestion sessions allow the smoker to reconstruct thinking and learn to enjoy life without nicotine.Such an integrated approach helps to rid a person of tobacco dependence and regain lost health.