Application of liquid wallpaper with their hands

If you decide to make an application on their own liquid wallpaper with your own hands, it is first necessary to become familiar with the technology of the work, which involves a preparatory stage.This material is a kind of decorative plaster.To wallpaper found attractive appearance, they are added fillers and dyes, they can be granules or glitter.For fixing glue applied MMR, it is commonly used to work with a rolled-paper.As a method of applying liquid wallpaper close to decorative plasters.

Tools for work

If you decide to implement the application of liquid wallpaper with your own hands, you will need a trowel or spatula.This indicates that the function with the composition can be by various methods.As the main advantage of such a mixture is the possibility of its application on the basis of any arbitrarily complex shapes.Wallpaper can be combined to form applications.In the role of minus is their considerable cost.In drawing up the budget must take into account material consumption: one package will be enough to cover about six square meters of surface.

What you need to know the master

If you decide to make an application of liquid wallpaper with your hands, you should know that there is still one drawback of such mixtures, which is expressed in the fact that after drying a mixture of all the errors of the wall will be visible.

surface preparation prior to application of liquid wallpaper

As the main requirements to the ground acts uniformity and flatness, among other things, the wall must be a minimum water absorption.There should be a white background color or shade that suits the color of the wallpaper itself.The surface should not have fluctuations, hollows and depressions over three millimeters per meter on the surface.If you decide to apply liquid wall with their hands, making a master class presented below will open up.

initially to rid the surface of the old coating such as paint or wallpaper and plaster.This is necessary in order to avoid delamination.From screws, nails and screws also need to get rid of the wall by removing the plastic elements.If the surface of the ends are valves, pipes, they should be well repaired.You can use the putty, which is laid a layer of two millimeters.If possible, it is recommended to cover up with oil paint.

If there are external wall defects, the surface along the entire length of debris, the use of textured plaster that can not identify.It must be remembered that a complete alignment with the help of plaster can be very expensive, so you should expect their potential.Application of liquid wallpaper with your own hands can be very costly material, if not get rid of the protrusions and recesses.Experts recommend a pre-coat the entire surface putty or plaster composition.This is true for drywall partitions and walls.


will not be enough to get rid of only by the joints between the blades.After the surface is level, it is well-primed.To this should be applied composition the deep penetration which is applied in three layers, between each of them is kept in the period of 3 hours.Only then you can proceed to the application of a thick putty, which serves as the basis for liquid wallpaper.You can apply for this water-based paint, or front part.Each of them must be white, add callers should be deleted.

Preparation composition

If you decide to apply liquid wall with their hands, making the composition should be done prior to the work.Almost all types of liquid wallpaper primer prepared in step walls.Depending on whether the mixture has been acquired, it can different cooking technology.This mixture can be packaged in a single package, or formulation, which is distributed on the components in different packages.The dry mixture should be poured into a container or on a piece of polyethylene, the amount of which is equal to 1 x 1,5 meters, and then mix thoroughly.

before a liquid wall with your hands, you must take into account that the dry mixture should be stirred well, that would eliminate the formation of lumps.If you plan to use additives such as decorative sequins or beads is better not to mix them dry with the fibers and glue.They are recommended to first pour the water after Stir, and then proceed to add the basics of wallpaper.This will ensure a uniform distribution of composition.

recommendations kneaded composition

If you decide to use liquid wallpaper, with his own hands the manufacture must be made on a particular technology.Firstly, the amount of water should not exceed that which is recommended by the manufacturer.Second, strict sequence of actions to sustain: the prepared container to pour the water, and then add the dry mixture.

Mixing must be carried out so that the whole package was used at a time.It is impossible to mix only part of the package.Stir the solution recommended hands, no corrosive to the skin components in the mixture is not contained.If you use this drill, then this approach may negatively affect the liquid wallpaper.Once the mass is saturated with water, it is necessary to leave for a while.Manufacturers are advised that the composition remained untouched from 6 to 12 hours.Only then can mix all proportions.If applying to a wall of different producing batches, there may be a noticeable shift.

Council wizard

before a liquid wall with your hands, you must take into account the point that, as a rule, ended in practice, consumption is higher than that recommended by the manufacturer.Thus, the number of acquired packages preferable to buy a package based on 4 square meters.It is recommended to buy two packets more as a result they can be used in the repair.

Features application composition

After the composition is ready, you are ready to spray liquid wallpaper.The walls after priming must be completely dry.If we put the liquid wall with their hands, which reviews often positive, it is permissible to use a grater, spatula or trowel.The working surface of the latter can vary from 18 to 80 cm. Great for this spray gun.For a given material provided graters, which have narrowed cloth, often they are made of transparent plastic, which allows to control the process smooth.Last assists in the preparation of all kinds of applications of different types of wallpaper.

process that involves applying liquid wallpaper with their hands, similar to the technology used when applying putty.Recruit solution can be hand or a small spatula.After serving should be put on the wall, and then make a rubbing of it.Master must obtain a layer whose thickness is 3 millimeters.Application must be made in small areas, adding new portions to the application site.If the solution is poorly attached to the wall or excessive different density, it is possible to add a certain amount of water is not greater than one liter per serving.

When applied liquid wall with their hands (the master class will help you understand the features of the work) float should not be placed flat against the wall, it is necessary to raise by 15 degrees with respect to the surface.Efforts should be significant, it will be enough just to distribute the layer until you get the desired thickness.Once you manage to fill a square meter, a float, which is pre-wetted with water, it is possible to level the site to avoid the formation of fissures and lumps.Then you are ready to fill the next portion of the wall.

In conclusion

before a liquid wall with your hands, you must take care of all the available tools and materials.Then you can move on to the study of technology, which is presented in this article.