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not one or two times in its activities experts "Library Service" face checking firms partners .As at the stage of preliminary negotiations, and in the course of joint venture enterprises.Moreover checking firms partners - and this is the main priority of our company.

usual situation young company is going to enter the market of services.The guys are ambitious they have a bold, intelligent and most importantly ideas, but as usual is not enough money, and I want everything to implement.Against this background, they are ready to negotiate with all who can really help them.Here lies the trap.On the one hand perseverance in business is not must, on the other there are always those who want to profit at the expense of others, and very easy to choose the wrong business partner and lose the reputation and business, and sometimes free.

I will not bore you to transfer them to the traps set for each field of activity they are different, just give examples of life and practice.

Traps number of times.

Sergey friends decided to open not a big shop, self-made site, found a supplier interested in their products and started selling, but customers with advertising was not enough, then they went to a company providing services to optimize websites and online advertising.Money was scarce, like fast results, this company has chosen one of the forums where SEOs gather, on the basis of who will suggest the best conditions for more product.After a while, the site actually got in the top search engine, and then was suddenly blocked.The situation in general is commonplace, workers CEOs know that it happens.But more often it happens to those who do not use quite legitimate from the point of view of search engine promotion methods.Since the guys my good friends even after everything happened for a cup of coffee told me about the situation.We sat in the office, so I do that does not cost just run "optimizers" to check for one will call some friends in this environment.During a cursory interrogation and questioning of the Internet, it was found that the responses of team tasked with promotion, have been on the Internet are not only from customers and competitors, but also from reputable experts on the part of the promotion, the reviews often negative, and the use of black promotion methods lessevil.The conclusion is simple before the conclusion of contracts, even with freelancers check their reputation on the various sources, in the end, listen to their suggestions do not rush to pay money, consult a well-known and stable company, listen to them is possible because you will avoid mistakes at the start, it certainlygood school, but sometimes you can lose everything.

Gathering information about the firm partner, is the basis for the security of your business.

Trap number two.

company, which will be discussed further, collaborating with us for a long time, and usually all the key partners we check at the stage of negotiations.But here we will focus on the client, the scheme is familiar to almost all businesses, not just a pyramid.And timely intervention enabled us to prevent it built.And so it has come to the firm A client came with the seal of the money and the desire to enter into a contract, saying the firm has signed a contract checked client Incorporation found that this de registered and started to work.Shipments went on as usual, each month volume increases and the work has moved from the sphere of money - the goods, within the scope of the goods in the morning in the evening money.Debt grew buyer is not much, but constantly and director, decided to still check our forces, what kind of customer.During inspections, it came to light as usual.Despite the fact that the goods are delivered to different warehouses, retail outlets was exactly one, the volume of products sold were clearly lower volumes abstracted for implementation.The buyer resold the goods on just being a disadvantage for themselves, no matter what all, everyone does see your business, but this minus hang on the debt to the supplier.Plus, the purchaser was not a stranger to the small weaknesses in the casino, which is also not add to the stability of its financial situation.In general, the time spent testing and shipping in debt turned, but the buyer has not worked so friendly to one firm and another year passed before the bankruptcy.

The conclusion is simple, customers who plan to check you take goods on credit, you have just as banks check the company and the persons receiving the credit.Simply statements Incorporation is not enough, you need to look at all the eyes or the eyes of trustees.Check partner companies is multifaceted activities require skills and experience.

general list of traps can continue almost indefinitely, in every area and every industry has its own nuances.However, there is something in common, general information is complete and comprehensive to date obtained from various sources by professionals.

«Who owns the information, he owns the world", everything is just so.