How to behave when the baby cries?

When the baby cries, the parents begin to get nervous.They do not consider it necessary to respond adequately to tears, cursing, or send the baby in some "room for crying," often it is the children.The main purpose - out of sight, and finally even advised not to return until the last tear dried.

This is wrong, this behavior raises the child a permanent sense of grievance, teaches him not to empathize with other people's troubles, is wrong to respond to the tears of loved ones.

What to do:

- First of all, you should determine the cause of these tears.The child is small, and a lot in this life it seems big, intimidating, he is not able to easily navigate through space and find a way out of situations.

- We must remember yourself - tears relieve stress, help to gain a sense of relief and joy.The child - the same person, with the same set of ways of self-expression, but it is small and defenseless.

- To properly respond to the tears, the parent must be very calm.If not, then it is necessary to go into a separate room and exhale instead to send the baby.

- accordingly, make the rule "The house has no room for crying children."If this is not done on time, within a few years do not have to wonder why a parent's nose before the door closes, because the child just went to "the room crying."Now, adults should congratulate yourself - the result is obvious, it does not burden the problems go to him and do not show emotion.This, of course, a joke, we have to act exactly the opposite.

- hug a crying, stood for a moment in silence, pat him on the head, preferably at least ten times.

- The conversation can start a little later, while not requiring the baby to stop the "wet process".Speak softly, gently and quietly, to calm him, get into his circle of trust.

- should choose his words very carefully so as not to hurt even more.Suit such phrases as: "All is well", "I am with you", "You are my baby, baby's favorite."

- Post to late to cry.

Best option in order to calm the crying - to switch his attention, children are able to do it very quickly.

What you can not do:

- Prohibit the baby cry.

- Saying phrases such as "do not roar, you burst into tears, stop crying, shut up, go out and scream, and then you come, do not be a deadhead, do not be a nurse, that's enough, tired ..." and other brutality.

- When a child crying from falling, do not just handle the wound burning substances, it may be hysterical.Best to calm the baby, and then proceed with the joint cultivation.

- If the boy is crying, you can never tell him that men do not cry.Crying all, but the credibility of the parents is not everyone.

- Shake the child's shoulders, slap him and to use any physical force.

- Leave crying ignored.Often crying goes into hysterics.Left unsupervised child can choke, shock, or worse, may start cramping.

Conclusion: than good to treat the child, the more he will trust;more often sympathize with it, the deeper it will be opened.But all of the above should not forget the golden mean - sorry but encourage tearfulness, to give attention to, and ask in return.

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