Abuse of office.

In modern society, corruption and malfeasance, unfortunately, very common.People in the pursuit of self-interest, as well as the achievement of certain goals virtually any way violate the law and ignore the responsibility that has been entrusted to one of their shoulders.Abuse of office is found almost everywhere.For such crimes may be implicated as a state level officials and representatives of the judiciary.Although the list of offenders can continue, in principle, infinite: university professors, medical professionals, police said.Any more or less influential position has a range of impacts, beyond which sometimes are very eager to get out those people who have some power in his place.

If a person commits an act that can be attributed to clearly exceed its list of features, which resulted in a violation of a substantive nature, in this case, is the place to be abuse of power.The article, which regulates the offense is in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.She was assigned a serial number 286. The document contains a specific description of this kind of violation, the classification of possible cases, and the penalties that can be applied to members of the judiciary to the guilty.After the crime - is not only theft or murder.This is mandatory and abuse of office.Of the Criminal Code clearly regulates this point.Let's look at the possible types of violations of the law, as well as the type of punishment.

case of a person who, being in a certain position, exceeding its powers, guided by some goals prejudice to the rights and freedoms of citizens or businesses, then the culprit may face the following:

  • monetary penalty in the amount of 100-200 minimum wages;
  • a penalty in the form of the average salary for 1-2 months;
  • inability to hold a certain number of posts (a period ranging up to 5 years);
  • arrest for 1-6 months;
  • imprisonment of not more than 4 years.

If the abuse of power is fixed for a statesman of the Russian Federation (this includes the head of local government, as well as officials of the subjects of the country), the penalties are more severe:

  • monetary penalty in the amount of 500-800 minimum wages;
  • a penalty in the form of the average salary for 5-8 months;
  • inability to hold a certain number of posts to 3 years;
  • imprisonment of not more than 7 years.

abuse of power - is the scourge of the successful development of the economy of the Russian Federation.In connection with the recent facts are offenses government has decided to more closely track the data points.Also, being an active policy to prevent violations of this kind.In future even more tougher penalties.This is especially true of those who have a serious power and are able to significantly influence the course of events in the country.Namely - the representatives of the government.

abuse of power must always be punished to the fullest extent of the law.To do this, be sure to promote and those parties who have been victims of this crime.Every citizen, as well as a legal entity and individual entrepreneurs are obliged to promptly report to law enforcement agencies on the fact of violation.Such preventive methods will as soon as possible to carry out complex investigations, to detain the offender, and show him the corresponding charge.Only the interaction of all participants in this operation can ensure its successful outcome.