Embedded in the floor convectors: reviews and tips.

desire of every property owner is a heating system, which does not disturb the harmony of the interior.In particular, when it comes to rooms with large panoramic window openings - stained glass.Indeed, in this case we are talking about the attractiveness of the building as a whole.One solution to these problems are embedded in the floor convectors.


Actually convectors may be different, and their differences depend on the various features.

So, depending on the heat source used for the operation of the heater, the following types of convectors:

  • Gas.
  • Water.
  • Electric.

In our country the most popular are just electric heaters, which, depending on the design are divided into the following types:

  • Wall.
  • Floor.

consider in more detail convector heating built into the floor, and their design features, operating principles, advantages and disadvantages.

The principle of

These heaters are also known as radiators, recessed into the floor, but a similar name is not entirely correct, because the principle of them is based mainly on the convective heating, and radiant heat exchange is considered to be only a side effect.Embedded in the floor duct connected to a heat source, the heating is carried out cold air flowing into their body which by raising the temperature goes up and forms a thermal curtains.


If we talk about the design of these devices, the more often they are presented in the form of decorative lattice.This structural element is considered the only component of the device which is visible.In the process of the convector grille is almost not heated.On it you can easily move or touch it without fear of getting burned.The main lattice parameters are the surface area and the ratio of the total amount of slots that should ensure unimpeded circulation of the required volume of air.

for manufacturing lattice can be used materials that will provide the necessary strength and durability.As a rule, for the production of this element is used artificial and natural stone, wood, metal and other materials.Plenty of creative designers as is the ability to select the color of the lattice, the size of its slots, as well as its surface texture.


Built into the floor convectors as any other heating devices are not perfect and, in addition to its shortcomings, as have a number of advantages.Consider the positive and negative aspects of these devices, to decide whether to buy such devices for your home.Let's start with the advantages.


Despite the large area of ​​the heating element of the heating device has a relatively low heating temperature.This allows you to apply these convectors for heating any premises (including children, as the child will not damage the unit and burn) and even use it as the main heating system the apartment or house.In addition, the heaters have special modes, the device is automatically switched off in the event that the temperature exceeds rated value.

not require monitoring

traditionally embedded in the floor convectors apply to standard equipment capable of for a long time to maintain the desired temperature in the room and it does not require supervision and control.

not desiccate the air

design data heaters, as well as their operational mode are designed in a way that does not dry the air in the room, which is very useful for health and beauty of man.


Another distinct advantage of convectors - they can be used in rooms with high humidity.Compared with other heating appliances, all modern electric and water heaters, recessed into the floor, protected against moisture and splashes.In this regard, they can be used in rooms with high humidity conditions.

Easy installation

convectors is very easy to mount on almost any surface, to set them required only a few screws.


These heaters have only one drawback, which is the simple lack of space for their installation.


Since these devices are located in the lowest point of the room, they are prone to clogging dust particles.This is especially true of devices that are integrated into the floor, which are placed in front of the front door.Over time, in addition to the dust in their enclosures accumulated dirt from the street.All this prevents the normal circulation of the air, reducing the efficiency of the convector.To prevent these problems, convectors, embedded in the floor, must be periodically inspected and, if necessary, cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Tips for Choosing

At the heart of this heating device - convective thrust: the device picks up a heavy cold air in the lower levels of its heating takes place and then it goes up through the end bars.

electric convector, built into the floor and equipped with a fan, which makes forced by circulating air, is characterized by high efficiency (about 95%).This device is equipped with a heat exchanger in which the applied electric heating elements.

on convectors, embedded in the floor price set by the manufacturer and depends on many factors - the materials used, brand awareness, more complete, and many others.Therefore, the cost varies from 29 000 to 178 000 rubles.

Pick up these instruments is necessary, depending on your needs and your particular room.Main - is the heating or cut-off the flow of cold air from the glazing.If you want a device that can heat the room to the desired temperature fully, his power should compensate for the heat loss through the building envelope.When you install the convector to eliminate condensation on the window openings of its capacity should be calculated depending on the design features of glass.

floor convectors: reviews

Today building market offers all kinds of heaters brands.Therefore, we consider customer feedback, focused not on the types of devices and their manufacturers.

For example, the company «Delonghi» is engaged in production of relatively inexpensive electrical convectors.Reviews consumers about their overall positive view of their really low price.

recessed into the floor convectors «Varmann» from the largest Russian producer are of high quality at the level of European standards.With their unique high-tech production equipment used for applying textures of granite, marble, wood and powder coating on the aluminum profile grilles.

Company «Gorenje» produces various heaters, but this producer is still the most in demand gas heaters.Comments about these devices as positive, however, in comparison with previous versions, they cost a bit more expensive.

If you need an affordable, no-frills simple model, you can opt for such manufacturers as «Noirot».Such convectors reviews, as the most simple device is also quite good.

As for negative comments about these radiators, they are found mainly on such instruments as «Selena», «Ballu» and «Timberk».All this equipment from Chinese manufacturers.