Elite English teas.

Tea Ceremony for English is no less important than, for example, the code for the Japanese samurai.In any English tea house there.Moreover, there is not one kind of world famous drink, but several.The British society tea party has its own unique features and included in the daily routine of every citizen.English Tea holds a special place in the lives of the people of Britain and England.

traditions and customs

first and second time to drink English tea in the morning.The rise of the citizens of England begins with a cup of strong, rich caffeinated beverage.Tea "Ahmad. English breakfast" is ideal for awakening.Please drink it with a view to cheer up and wake up.This occurs in the interval between 6 and 7 am.Next English tea drinking for the first breakfast - about eight o'clock in the morning.When this is added to the beverage milk or cream.

third time the English drink tea in the afternoon.An indispensable component of the next breakfast - lunch - an English tea.Tradition dictates to drink at this time of fragrant and invigorating drink, do not forget about the rich table.You can drink tea with biscotti, hard-boiled eggs, bread and butter, with toast and cinnamon, almond biscuits, jam and egg cakes, buns with jelly or sweet tarts.

the fourth time the English tea party goes pretty late.Break is among the working day.He called tea brea, ie a short break for tea.

the fifth time the British have traditionally sit down at the table in the Five-o'clock.At this time, English teas are filled into millions of families all over England.Everything from simple workaholic and ending with the queen, drink this aromatic drink, called "English afternoon tea."This traditional English black tea, generously flavored with milk or cream.

the sixth time drink drink around 7-8 pm.It is thick, an elite English tea.During this event served countless snacks and sweets.The house creates an atmosphere of good mood, warmth and comfort.English green tea is also nice for such a ceremony.It is not forbidden to drink add cream or milk.English tea can be used at night, following their preferences, but do not drink must contain caffeine.

Varieties of English tea

Assam is famous for its rich and slightly tart taste.An elite Kenyan tea varieties rank and Darjeeling.Ceylon is famous for its unique flavor.Tell us about these famous drinks in more detail.

among the elite of English tea "Darjeeling" occupies a special place and is valued much higher than other varieties.The second of its name - "champagne tea.""Darjeeling" is made under certain conditions.His collection takes place throughout the four seasons, and each of these teas is different color, saturation and taste.

«Assam" is a fairly strong drink.It has a rich flavor with a hint of malt unobtrusive.The taste of tea "Assam" is stored tart and astringent notes.Despite this, such a beverage is more soft and silky, unlike Ceylon varieties.I wonder what shade of correctly brewed tea "Assam" referred to as "color biscuit crust."

When to drink tea?

drink is best enjoyed when it is welded, because tea, stood more than four hours, not only becomes harmful properties, but also loses all taste qualities that are so valued.In addition, the yellow coating formed on the rim of the cup will remain on the walls of your stomach.English teas are tasty and useful, if they do not have time to brew.


tea reception at the beginning of cups and saucers are placed in front of the hostess or to a woman who is pouring a drink.If the lady right-hander, the devices are placed on the left of the tray, and if on the contrary, on the right.


during tea on the table is appropriate monochrome tablecloth.It is also permissible to lay the table with the material dim or small picture.Disposable tablecloths is not forbidden, but the best choice would be linen.It can only close the table or to hang from the 15 centimeters.If the design has a transparent tabletop, it can not cover.

Tea couple

Today teacup and saucer appear as a single object, part of which can not be separated.Bowls absolutely not suitable for the European Tea Party.

interesting fact is that it was the British got the idea to attach the handle to the bowl to get all now familiar teacup.


addition to tea pairs, each guest is required personal dish for sweets.Its diameter should be 17-18 centimeters.Small platter designed for biscuits, cakes, slices of cake, sandwiches and others.

Tea Set

classic tea service in the UK has more than thirty different subjects.For example, a porcelain set consists of twelve cups and saucers, vases for sugar, a jug of milk, containers of jam, teapot, tray for spoons, stands teapot, tin for the measure and store welding, jug of boiling water and cymbals forlemon cake or sandwiches.

in English culture, in contrast to the pot-bellied Russian kettles, dominated by elongated shape up.A distinctive feature of cups - short legs at the base.Metallic silver service consisting of a teapot, a jug of milk and separation, where it all fits.Tongs, tea spoons, napkins, tablecloths and strainers in most cases not included in the tea service.

Besides tea set, needed a little vase with white flowers, fork and knife for each guest, wool or quilted cover for a teapot and strainer and stand for it.

Location instruments

Dishes for cakes and pastries should be arranged in such a way that they coincide with the edge of the edge of the table.Under each plate is necessary to put a napkin or put them in a napkin on the table.The cups should be placed to the right of the plate and a little obliquely.To the right of the saucer and put it on a teaspoon.A fork or a spoon to put the cake must be the right of the plate with sweets so that it is positioned between the plates and cups.

For dry cakes should provide tongs, and for the fruit - a special spatula.Holders of ground sugar or spoon should be in the sugar bowl.

Holding the cup?

In no case can not dismiss or little fingers pass through the index finger in the ear cups.Capacity holding three fingers of his right hand.Involved should be the thumb, index and middle.The upper part of the handle holding the pads of your index finger and thumb.Average, slightly bent, is located under the handle.Unnamed and forefinger pressed to the middle of the palm.

If the tea party held at the dinner table, it is necessary only to lift the cup, while leaving a saucer on the table.If tea is served on a low table, and the guests are located on a couch or sitting in a chair, take a couple of tea together.That is, drink tea, lifting the cup and saucer held at chest level.

Snacks and sweets for tea

On the one hand, English pastries for tea is not something supernatural.If obtain recipes, it can be manufactured easily at home.The only requirement - snacks should be simple, if the cake is too unusual, it overshadowed tea.

cakes are served already sliced ​​or cut in front of the guests.The vases of the classical form, that is, on high legs, should be jam.If you want to pamper guests with sweets, they should be supplied in the box.

addition, tea sandwiches necessarily rely, as some guests may not like sweets or do not eat it for their own reasons.For small canapes bread cut into very thin slices.In the cold season you can submit to the tea hot sandwiches.

Superior quality sandwich for tea - it should be gentle and easy.The most typical kinds of snacks are cucumber or tomato, placed on a thin slice of bread, as well as lettuce, pieces of crab meat and cream cheese on toast.

Bread must be yesterday.For a better spreading oil is recommended to melt.When the sandwiches are ready, it will be necessary to clamp it between two plates, as well as putting pressure on the top of them.

Sugar served at the table of two kinds: refined and sand.Only the first type is usually served only at official receptions.

better not to put on the table, large pieces of meat and a variety of sauces, because they can not keep nice and tidy.

cut into slices of lemon served on a small plate laid out "a rose."Next to it is necessary to put a special fork to guest could put citrus tea.

rum, dessert wine and cognac it is possible to apply to the tea table.However, the official reception of these beverages may be misplaced.

Like pouring tea?

The basic rule of any formal tea is the drink in a cup a guest must be poured only at the table.

During that, as the owner or the waiter pours the tea, it is suitable for sitting on the right side.

After guest poured tea, it is necessary to turn the cup 180 degrees to the left handle was then put in its first lemon, then sugar.