Photos: prevention and protection of negativity

How to protect yourself from the negative effects of their own pictures?


PREVENTION To protect yourself from the negative impact of the photo, lead a ritual.

Take his most successful photo, put my name on their icon, 3 times crossed himself and say:

«In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.It was an old monk, tired, on his knees at the holy stream stood, sighed, groaned, his eyes raised to the heavens of God, suffering, moaning, wounds and bruises believed the blood washed away, saw a reflection in the water.Jesus blessed him, bruises and wounds healed, the angel in the travelers he put his and his image in the water left.Who will bring damage to the image of his, that this conspiracy will find will turn, pull, dry, izopet.My word is hard, my business modeling.The key lock, language.Amen.Amen.Amen. "

photo should be an icon for at least three days.


best to preserve your photos and give them to smaller families and non-native.Select a photo album should be out of the people that have died, and put them in a separate box, you can not cut off the dead from the living, and in general to cut and chop pictures.If you are given a photo, and you can not pick it up, because you did not want to give the man - your enemy, do so ...

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Go to the river, kneel facing west, passed through the hands of the sand and read 9time:

«Owl blind to the village church, ate my trouble.Who took my photo, that my grief and took.Christ is risen to the throne, he gave favor.Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us.In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.Amen. "

Then scoop the water upstream and carry her home with no one speaking for the road.Three nights in a row at sunset wash with this water.If done correctly, you will not be harmed.

OBEREG the picture.

To your photo could not use in black and evil to enemies, you need as soon as you received a printed image or images, go to the eastern corner of any building and, holding the photo face up, looking at him, say: "Whowill attack on you - the victim, who is on you unkindly poglazeet - he gets sick. "

After these words have to autumn photos godfather sign, and then the very sign of the cross three times!

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