What is a "Greenfield"?

Not many people know that the widespread and well-known in the Russian tea brand "Greenfield" is not English roots, as it incorrectly assumes the bulk of the population.Let us know what a "Greenfield" and get acquainted with the buyer, which is focused on the products we mention the manufacturing companies, as well as consider the main range.

Brand Story

At the dawn of the new millennium, the St. Petersburg company "Orimi Trade" has registered trademarks in the specially created for the project company that was based in the UK.It was thought out marketing approach that made the inexperienced Russian producer to think that tea is produced in the territory of Albion.Despite the fact that the products are "Orimi Trade" was in the price range is above average and the tea range has been designed to provide the buyer was not forgotten, and a bright, catchy design package.Largely thanks to his products have become recognizable and popular.It also contributed to a competent advertising Tea "Greenfield".The range also pleasantly surprised by the general public and the attention of the consumer quickly conquered.

One of the best-selling brand of tea in Russia

Thus, competent advertising, deployed throughout Russia a little over ten years ago, worked.But if the goods for their quality did not meet the stated price, the buyers with all the riches in the tea segment producers of goods would quickly choose for themselves something else.However, throughout this period of brands not only managed to capture a leading position in its niche, but also hold them to this point.If a simple man in the street does not know what a "Greenfield", it is rather strange, because at the moment it is the most popular tea in Russia.Today, the share of production "Orimi Trade" account for more than 12% of the tea market in the country.But with the arrival in the country of elite varieties of the drink, those that made use of this eastern ceremonies to position the price segment "Greenfield" is necessary, rather, as an average.Thus, the consumer of tea - a modern man looking at it vigor and richness.

rich assortment

addition to the traditional and for a long time favorite tea flavor brand, manufacturer develops new directions.Available in the original varieties of the beverage in the pyramids, as well as a set of "Greenfield" - a set of tea from 30 different options.With the help of the box of 120 bags every gourmet will discover all the diverse palette blends capable, depending on the strength and the geographical origin of the tea leaves, the unique taste of surprise.

most popular varieties and brands of black tea

Before mentioning the most running varieties of brand, briefly touch on their geographic origin - the place where the harvested tea leaves.Ceylon tea is designed for lovers of gourmet classics, not tart, but saturated.Indian prefer to all the fans of vivacity and excellent taste.But the tea leaves collected in the heat of Kenya, give drink tart and very strong taste.Chinese tea connoisseurs will enjoy tenderness and sophistication.

If anyone still does not know what a "Greenfield", then it is necessary to begin acquaintance with the traditional black tea.A list of the most popular varieties:

  • Golden Ceylon;
  • Earl Gray Fantasy (with citrus zest and bergamot);
  • Classic Breakfast;
  • Kenyan Sunrise;
  • Delicate Keemun.

green, fruit and herbal teas

Green tea is also quite refreshing, is an example - a variety of Flying Dragon with rich, invigorating aroma and unique flavor.Green tea may contain jasmine petals and delicate fragrance, slightly sour flavor.

Herbal tea (including red) is very popular in recent years.The blends are utilized daisy petals, lemon balm and gentle mint and flowers Chinese hibiscus petals and pieces of dried apples.Very popular and richer mint drink.

Note that in some types of tea contain artificial flavors, give the beverage, for example, grape flavors, vanilla or lotus flowers.

Fruit teas are almost completely contain special flavors, as well as lemon and orange zest.

Hopefully this article will help the reader to find the answer to the question of what is a "Greenfield".Enjoy your tea!