Loans for small businesses (What Guarantors desired bank)

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With regard to the fact that many banks are now trying to market their own small business loans, particularly acute problem, and what the actual business of the bankers want to give him credit.The issue of risk assessment of small business lending are often not worked out, but this is not surprising.It is difficult to assess the finances of the enterprise if the vast majority of new entrepreneurs in their reporting reflects the thresholds, if at all rents zero reporting.

In this situation, the priority is to ensure loan business that isbail and surety, but based on the fact that only a very small number of new organizitsii and entrepreneurs have real estate or vehicles that can be used as collateral principal repayment of loans are the guarantors.

Banks understand the aspirations of entrepreneurs and now began to appear unsecured loans for small businesses.True maximum loan amount for these programs is not great and ranges from 1 to 3 million rubles.

from the guarantor, the situation is somewhat different.Some banks rather as a guarantor of said one of the relatives, others the opposite conditions are such that a relative can not be a guarantor.Still others do not take as guarantors of employees the business owner.

With regard to the relatives of the owner and staff are clear concerns of banks, because of both can be made to act as guarantors, but no universal requirements for guarantors who would use all the banks do not yet exist.

However, this position of the banks, but I would like to know, who do small businesses can provide as a guarantor on your loan?If the guarantor is a relative serves it simplifies matters, but if the requirements are such that a relative can not be a guarantor.They remain friends, acquaintances, but very difficult to persuade them to take responsibility for the loan even an acquaintance.

May bank requirements for guarantors are too high, and employers can not provide suitable guarantors.

I invite you to participate in a brief survey, which takes only a few seconds of your time, but will help to identify what the guarantor is able to provide small businesses to obtain credit.

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