Anyone willing to engage in the program Gwyneth Paltrow?

yesterday Gwyneth Paltrow has given the world an unprecedented opportunity to look at it, sweating, burning thousands of calories during their daily two-hour workouts.It is through these lessons the actress managed to lose 9 kilograms of excess weight gained during pregnancy.

Surrounded simulators that resemble instruments of torture since the Holy Inquisition, Gwyneth follow all instructions from the personal trainer of many stars Tracy Anderson.

plot, shot in training Paltrow, was shown yesterday on the Oprah Winfrey show.It shows the basic exercises that performs an actress to keep your body in great shape.

In an interview with Oprah Gwyneth told about her postpartum depression, friendship with Madonna and how she was able to return to its former shape after the birth of her second child.

According to Star, the only way to lose weight for her proved to be a 2-hour workout 6 times a week.And this despite the fact that Paltrow had postpartum depression.

«It was very strange, because I just did not expect this.After the birth of Apple, I felt joy, euphoria.I was in the tenth heaven.And when Moses came, for some reason I thought that with me that something is wrong, what is happening some strange changes.And it is not depressed to release me as much as 6 months.Then I began to actively engage in fitness, eat right, and everything fell into place. "

Even Gwyneth said that, in addition to a personal trainer in the "black" days of her very supported Madonna.
«It is one of the most caring, and at the same time, the steep women in the world!Madge is very wise.And not everyone knows it with another - a kind and soft - side.She gave me a lot of valuable advice and helped get rid of depression ", - says Paltrow of the beloved friend.

actress, who lives with his family in London, often in the home of Madonna and Guy Ritchie."Her children are phenomenal!- Gwyneth said, when it comes to Lourdes, Rocco and David Banda recently adoptions.- And the kid I do strikes: he is so cool show tricks of live performances Madonna! »

But as the star answered the question, Will it soon be in the movies:" I love my profession, but I have two small children.A movie requires a 14-hour workday.This means that all the time with the children, we can not see.Now I find it hard to decide to execute any major role in the film.Ever since I became a mother, I'm just supporting characters. "

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