How to make a cappuccino at home: practical tips

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Not everyone likes black coffee in its purest form - to many it seems bitter, tasteless.Often the cause of dislike for him lies in the fortress properly brewed beverage.However, not everyone knows that the options for its supply in the world there are more than 1000. But surely heard about the most popular of them - cappuccino.

This Italian drink made on the basis of espresso, milk and milk foam, has a long history.He appeared in the 16th century in one of the Roman monasteries.Capuchin monks who lived there, came up with the first coffee diluted with milk and thick milk foam.Now the cappuccino is served in almost every cafe or restaurant.Its mild flavor makes it a favorite drink of young girls and mature coffee connoisseurs.And due to the fact that its strength is low, cappuccino love those people to whom the standard version of the Espresso forbidden for medical reasons.

usually to prepare this drink, a special coffee machine with a whisk-Cappuccino.But do not despair and think that this option can only be enjoyed in the café.Small kitchen tricks to help fans of this kind of coffee to enjoy it at home.Let's talk about how to make homemade cappuccino.

first step is to choose a good variety.It is best to use a natural drink made from freshly ground beans, boiled in Turku.So, before you make a cappuccino at home, you should look into the nearest coffee shop and buy coffee.Those who want to keep absolutely authentic recipe, also need espressovarka - a special version of the Turks, in which the beverage is brewed by passing hot water under pressure through a filter.But in general, sufficient to prepare a strong coffee in Turku.

How to make a cappuccino at home with the "correct" foam?Much depends on the available tools.The fact that we now need whisk milk.We will teach how to make a cappuccino at home in two different ways.For the first of them will need a French-press.You also need 150 milliliters of milk, it is best with a high percentage of fat - it depends on the density of the foam.We bring the product to a boil and pour in the French press.And now it all depends on dexterity: the more active will raise and lowering the piston, the better vzobetsya skim milk, and therefore work tirelessly.When she whipped cap, pour into a cup of coffee or a glass of 1/3, add the sugar and stir.You must then carefully pour the milk into the coffee and put it with the help of a teaspoon of milk foam on top of the drink.

second method demonstrates how to make a cappuccino at home, using a mixer.To prepare also need 100 milliliters of milk and drinking 50 milliliters of cream high fat percentage.Cream combine with milk and heated over medium heat.When the mixture is heated up a little bit, it should be thoroughly beat with a mixer.The resulting foam was spread on top of the coffee - and here, we drink is ready.

Now we know how to make a cappuccino at home.It remains to apply the finishing touches - to decorate the cup with our drink.An experienced barista turns decoration cups this drink in an art, creating a foam on the surface of the real figures.For decoration are usually used ground cinnamon, grated chocolate or syrups.Carefully pour some cinnamon or chocolate into the cup to prevent damage to the foam.You can pre-prepare a stencil to try to do is not just on the surface of a fragrant powder, and a small drawing.