How to make soda at home without spending much?

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one who found the Soviet Union, will remember machines, from which you can drink in one penny ordinary soda, and three - with syrup.Representatives of the older generation with nostalgia saleswomen smiling behind the cone-shaped vessels with a tap: 4 penny with a standard soda syrup, 8 - double.Now, alas, the food industry is so merged with the chemical industry that is terrible even to think what the periodic table we use under the brand name "Citro" or "Coca-Cola".But you can prepare drinks, the taste of which we remember from childhood, and with his own hands.How to make soda at home?

To begin with quite a bit of theory.Any soda - a simple, sweet, with a variety of flavors - contains two main components.It is water and carbon dioxide.In the language of chemistry this solution CO2 H2O.Everything else: syrups, herbal teas, caramelized sugar - just a flavoring.Let clean water there is in any home.And where do we get the most carbon dioxide?And, most importantly, how to dissolve it in water?In short, how to make soda at home? The easiest way is to use a siphon.It's a spray tank with carbon dioxide.By pressing the handle it is injected under pressure into ordinary water in the glass thus obtained by bubbling drink.The siphon can be poured juice, juice, juice or a decoction of herbs.In short, it is a necessary thing in life.But now it is difficult to get a siphon, and there are such a lot of tanks.How to make soda at home without him, is it possible?

Yes, and without any extra costs.If you enjoy cooking, you probably can find in the kitchen all the necessary ingredients.Remember that doing to the dough turned out the air?That's right: it adds a little slaked soda.Chemistry textbook for the 6th class presents us with a simple rule: the alkali neutralizes the acid, and the result of this simple chemical reaction produces carbon dioxide.If we drip vinegar or lemon juice (acid) to baking soda (lye), there will be the expected reaction: mixture begins to foam, releasing bubbles.The smartest guessed how to make soda at home.But still I will explain: a glass pour a spoonful of soda and half a spoon of citric acid, pour cold boiled water.All - foamy drink is ready.

As long as you know how to make homemade soda, you can learn how to make and drink based on it.For example, "Baikal" - "our answer to Chamberlain", or rather "Coca-Cola", invented in 1967.At the 3 liters of drink, we need 10 g of St. John's Wort, Siberian ginseng, licorice, fir needles, half a lemon and a cup of sugar.Grass and pine needles pour hot water, give it brew for 3 hours.Filtered liquid, boil again, sypem sugar, cool, squeeze lemon juice mixed with soda.

There is another way how to make soda at home.It is necessary to mix the chemical reaction catalysts directly into the glass.Make Fresh pear from one juicy fruit, dissolve sugar in it for taste.Squeeze the juice into the mixture of one-third of lemon.In a glass, pour a little baking soda and pour the juice.The famous drink "Duchess" is ready.