How to protect the grapes from the OS?

Juicy and sweet grapes like not only to people.They are not averse to eat and wasps.They easily gnaw through the skin of the fruit, getting to the tender flesh.Although the entire crop, they are not able to eat, but "tasted" of fruit rot, resulting in the whole hand is affected by bacteria and fungi.The damage thus increases significantly.So how to protect the grapes from the OS?

The first thought that comes to mind - to use insecticides.But chemistry has matured to spray brush unreasonable.Yes, and a good judge of such events is almost minimal.It is much more efficient specially prepared trap.

Such struggles with wasps on grapes has its own characteristics.First of all traps are different in principle.In the first case, it is preparing the bait poisoning.For these purposes will fit ripe fruit (no matter which).Sweetly scented pulp is ground and mixed with any effective insecticide.Then a kind of "lunch" offer insects.To place the container with the bait should be on the perimeter of the vineyard.Insects, tasting the generous offer goodies die.The only "but" this method lies in the fact that the poison can bite the birds or your pets.Therefore, showed increased vigilance.

If you think about how to protect the grapes from the OS less risky ways, Float traps from plastic bottles.You can search for a method of manufacturing and industrial design, but they are rarely on sale, and to spend money on them does not make sense.Simply put to use ordinary plastic poltorashku.The bottle was cut off at the shoulders, the neck and then turned over and placed at the base of the container.To two parts is not broke, wrap them with tape.From Rope Master loop, pour into the prepared trap sugar syrup or watered jam.Done.Several traps are hung along the trellis and checked periodically.Filled suffocated insects recycle vessels, and in their place put a new bottle.

How to save the grapes from wasps when their population in the area is not reduced even after the use of poisonous baits and traps?Then it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the territory to detect hornet's nest.Just be careful.Insects are unlikely to be happy with your presence.Therefore destroy the nest better late at night or very early in the morning.Gently cover with the socket package, we separate it from the surface to which it is attached, and burns.You can pre-process it dichlorvos, or fumigate the smoke.

There is a very simple way to protect the grapes from the wasps, accidentally flown into your plot.However, it is suitable for small plantations.For each ripening bunches spacious tulle sewn pouch.You put him on the top brush and grab eyeballs.Obviously, to get around and close each bunch of berries on a large plot is rather difficult.But the modest vineyards of this method are very good.

There are also more exotic recipes of how to protect the grapes from the wasps.For example, some people recommend to spray the brush onion or garlic extract broth (supposedly their bad smell repels insects).But you probably also do not like outsiders berry with a sharp odor.Therefore, so let's leave the original methods for desperate experimenters themselves and use proven and effective means.