How to bake croissants home

French cuisine is famous for its sauces and pastries.That's the last we'll talk, or rather, try to recreate it at home in the kitchen.Particularly popular all over the world such confections as croissants.They are good for breakfast (French themselves start your day is with them), as a light snack, as well as on the holiday table.Immediately make a reservation: the oven, these products - a long and troublesome affair.Of course, you can simply buy products «7 days».Croissants in a bag always soft, although the goods may lie on the shelf for six months.It does not bother you?Why do you Margarine with emulsifiers, stabilizers?Let's roll up our sleeves and begin.

How to bake croissants, and that it needs to

reserves the best products - on their quality depends taste of the product.Flour - a pound - only the highest grade, carefully sifted through a sieve.Yeast, certainly fresh, not powder - 20 g packet (200 grams) a good road oil - put it before the start of the whole process for a few hours in the freezer.Half a cup of fat natural milk or cream - before using a little heat.Two eggs (one goes into the dough, and the other - for the lubrication of bagels) and 50 g of powdered sugar.Well, a pinch of salt and 125 grams of water.Prepared everything necessary?Then start.

Step 1. Knead the dough

It is understood that before, how to bake croissants, you need to cook the dough.To do this, mix the sifted flour with the yeast.Gradually add powdered sugar, salt, eggs, scrambled with milk, water.All carefully Mnemonic 3-4 minutes and sculpt bun.On top of his head with a knife draw a cross and disclose through cuts to get like a flower bud.Bowls and sprinkle with flour, put back our loaf, wrap the bowl in a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator at the very least 2 hours, and even better - for the night.There is little nuance: if you plan to sweet pastries (with jam, candied fruits, marzipan or chocolate), take a little more than a specified number of sugar;But if your intention croissants with cheese, ham or spinach, the less the norm.

Step 2. Preparation of puff pastry

cutting board, sprinkle flour bun expand as a fully open flower.Unroll it from the middle to the sides, until a layer of 1 cm thickness.On another board put plastic wrap on it - taken out of the freezer oil.Unroll it exactly as dough.Try to act quickly, so that it is not softened.The oil should be laid on the middle of a test (the top layer is less than the lower).Wrap the dough "envelope" and roll out long, to get an elongated rectangle.Trifold and put in the fridge for half an hour.Before you bake croissants, we will need two more times prodelyvat the same procedure: to get the dough, roll it into a long, fold the sachet and then clap in the fridge for half an hour.You warned that French pastries - troublesome.In this phase, there is an option for the lazy: buy ready-made puff pastry, thaw, roll out the layer.

Step 3: The final stage

Roll out our bag in a layer thickness of 5 mm.Cut into triangles.They can be just like an oven, and you can put some stuffing.We turn off bagels and spread on a baking grated margarine.Before you bake croissants, you need to put the pan in a warm place for two hours.During this time, bagels grow twice.Top products grease Shake egg to get rosy croissants.Send baking in a preheated to 230-240 ° C oven for 20 minutes.