How to make dumplings and other dishes made from apples

Many women sometimes like to cook something delicious and treat their family members.I think that will not be mistaken if I say that apple pie with apples and dumplings like, without exception: both adults and children.These dishes are sure to please your entire family and their preparation takes a minimum of time.The ingredients that we need, certainly there in every home.Let's get started.

Perov dish that we cook is called "dumplings."This dish is not nutritious as its main part consists of fruit.To prepare the dumplings, peel three not very large fruits, remove the seeds from them, along with the stem.Next, we shall cut them into slices half a centimeter in and sprinkle with sugar.To take the test on 80 g of flour and milk 2 eggs, 20 g of cream, 15 grams of sugar.Divide the yolks and whites.In the yolks add the sour cream, sugar, flour and salt and mix well.Slightly dissolve milk.Vzobem proteins in the foam and introduce into the dough.Get the weight should be slightly thick cream.Slices of apples omit the dough with a fork and fry in hot oil until crisp.Ready-made dumplings take out using slotted spoon, sprinkle with powdered sugar.You can file them with tea or coffee.

If you or someone close to you are dieting, you can cook a meal without flour and sugar - "fried apples."This dish is cooked in just a few minutes, and in taste is superior to the most exquisite desserts.You can put apples on top of the ready-made cookies, ice cream or whipped cream.

To make fried apples, we need a sweet fruit varieties.Let us proceed to the preparation.

we shall cut slices of fruits and lay them on a heated pan with melted (butter) butter portions, not all at once.Between them should be free space.Fry slices in own juice a few minutes on both sides until golden brown.You can before frying just a little sprinkle them with salt.Ready-fried apples served at the table hot or cold, sprinkle with cinnamon to taste.

This dish like Charlotte (apple pie) love it.This dish is still prepared by our grandmothers.And it is possible to prepare for an hour.Let's begin.

dough for apple pie is very simple.It comprises sugar, eggs, and flour.3 eggs taken on a glass of flour and sugar.The number of apples - to your taste.Some people like that was a lot of toppings, and test a little, and some - on the contrary.Apples need to peel and cut into small slices, put them into a form that missed a little butter and crackers or floured.Now, we are trying to drive the necessary ingredients for the dough with a mixer, and then pour the resulting mass on apples.By its consistency should be similar to the dough with sour cream.Bake a cake with apples until golden brown in a preheated oven on the middle shelf at 180 ° C.The finished product sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with tea or any hot or cold beverage.

Raduyte their favorite such mouth-watering dishes more often, and they will certainly thank you for it.Enjoy all the meal!