How to deal with mold

In this article we look at how to deal with black mold.Black mold (Aspergillus niger) - a type of fungi that reproduce rather quickly in the right conditions.The food for it are essentially simple carbohydrates that are part of organic substances.This type of fungus is very dangerous for both man and animal, because it causes rhinitis, various kinds of allergies, sudden attacks of breathlessness, asthma, dermatitis, stomatitis, conjunctivitis, eczema, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis and even cancer, and other diseases.Most often, the fungus nesting in the bathroom, on the ceiling and on the walls.

How to combat mold in the house?Fast, but giving way to short-term effect - is the processing of contaminated surfaces by any means chlorinated with subsequent painting special paint additives containing fungicides for rooms with high humidity levels.But for this kind of treatment over time, mold still will break through the paint.Developing a strategy on how to deal with mold, it is necessary to know the cause of its appearance and development.

Foster the development of its constant dampness, warm with insufficient ventilation.The ideal temperature indicator for the growth and reproduction of black mold - plus twenty degrees Celsius and humidity level - ninety-five percent, and the main requirement - lack of ventilation.So, you violate these conditions.If natural ventilation is not sufficient bathroom, which, unfortunately, is often found in high-rise buildings due to errors in calculations and errors in the construction, then you first need to at least leave the door open, sometimes this measure is quite enough.If excessive moisture is still held, then you may need to install mechanical ventilation.With this purpose it is necessary to insert the fan into the opening of the hood.It is convenient to be connected in parallel with the power of his light, in this case, going to the bathroom and turned on the light, and at the same time turn on the fan.

And how to deal with mold, adjusting the humidity in a scientific way?It is necessary to install the device in a bathroom, measuring humidity - hygrometer, and connect it via the starter so that it operates when reaching its maximum value and switched off as soon as the indicator is normalized.Also pay attention to the fact that the bathroom door should have a hole at its bottom to provide fresh air.And since modern high-rise buildings in the door of the apartment put basically dead, you'll have to drill holes by yourself, and to improve the appearance, to close the special decorative rings.Now that you've gotten rid of predisposing factors, one would think, how to deal with mold and how to destroy it completely.This can be done using a conventional "Domestos", and with the help of special tools for its removal, for example, "Senezh Effo", "Homeenpoysto" companies "Tikkurila" or "Fongiflyuidom" the company "Alps".

Sometimes a mold factory in the joints between the wall and the wall and the bath or shower tray shower.How to deal with mold in such a case?And in this case it is necessary to seal the joints of sanitary sealant, the sealant is better to use custom-known companies.

And how to deal with mold, breeding under the bathroom?She even just find it difficult and, well, if you have already found it, for starters, you need to ensure dryness under the bath.Repair any leaks, seal all the joints, the sealant regularly update them.If the slope of the floor contributes to the stagnation of water under the bathroom, you need to align the problem area so that it flows to the open area of ​​the floor.