Light healthy person and smoker's lungs: a comparison photo

In this article you will learn about the problem of our time - smoking.It's no secret that this problem is rampant and very often creates problems, even those who do not use cigarettes.Probably every person faced with an unpleasant smell of smoke from strangers or relatives.The same harmful smoke breathe small children.They often have health problems due to smoking parents.Not only that smokers are more likely birth of unhealthy children, as they are forced to constantly breathe harmful smoke and ruin their health from passive smoking.If you look at the lungs of the smoker and a healthy person, the comparison is not in favor of the former.

What is smoking?

Smoking - is widespread in our time nicotine dependence.It is believed that smoking has its origins in Europe, that is where it originated.But tobacco is grown in America long before Europe.Initially, tobacco was used as an ornamental and medicinal plant.He was considered a remedy for headaches or stress.This, of course, was a misconception.First time smoking was strictly prohibited, moreover, smokers were persecuted and severely punished for their habit.In different countries, the penalty was very different.In some countries, for smoking could be subjected to corporal punishment and other cruel punishment was up to the death penalty.This is one of the most common bad habits which represents the use of harmful tobacco products that are harmful to the health of the smoker and those around him.Light healthy person and smoker's lungs are very different.Light a man who for a long time used the nicotine can be easily distinguished from healthy and clean.

Why do people start smoking?

Tobacco addiction usually occurs through the fault of the man himself.There is a myth that smoking calms the nerves and helps in the time to step back from the problems.We can say that it is true.Zatyagivpyas smoke, people can escape from their problems and the small amount of time to forget about them.But this is pure self-hypnosis.The effect of calming you during smoking, acts just like any other hobby occupation.For example, by cleaning his apartment, or cooking dinner, the effect is the same.You will not think about the problem, because it will be busy with another case.You can say for sure that smoking is actually positively affect calming your nerves.Most often addicted to cigarettes in adolescence, with 14 years.Children at this age want to stand out, imitating their elders, to show others that they are adults.Come to think soberly, it will not make a teenager or older.On the contrary, the child with a cigarette looks at least silly.Therefore, parents need to carefully monitor their children and the right to lead by example.Of course, not all start smoking at an early age.Many do it in a more mature years, based on the myth of calming nerves.Before starting to smoke, everyone should think to yourself, is it worth it to do and it will give him in the Hereafter.Of course, everyone has his own choice, and to prohibit smoking you no one will, the man himself has to decide whether it is necessary to take care of their health or not.

dependence on the use of cigarettes

lungs of a smoker and a healthy person, x-rays can easily be distinguished.So, before you start smoking, you can take a picture of his lungs in the memory.After such pure lungs after smoking, you will no longer have.Everyone is drawn differently in nicotine dependence.Some enough to smoke 2-3 times, and they will not be able to give up cigarettes, and some may smoke every day for a week, and the relationship appears.To take risks and test your will power is not necessary.

why a person wants to smoke?

Cigarettes create in our body simulate the actions of dopamine, it gives us a sense of satisfaction and happiness.The body uses dopamine as a promotion man for what he is taking the right actions.During the first stages of cigarette smoking is always pleasant and gives us pleasure, but with the time it takes, and the cigarette does not satisfy as much as before.When the body realizes that the cigarette gives pleasure artificial person, as he does not ban smoking in a state that it reduces the effect of receptors.Thus, he takes pleasure of the cigarette.Unfortunately, this often leads to the fact that a person increases the dose and begins to smoke even more, thereby returning to the excitement.In this situation, it is helping us the instinct for survival.Since nicotine is a potent toxic substance and a very large dose of people could die, the body provides a ban on it.This can be seen when a man smoking a cigarette, will undertake immediately after the second.It does not bring pleasure, and even seem repugnant.


smokers smoking often leads to death.This habit can lead to various diseases.They also include a cancer.This can be a cancer of the larynx or lung.Tobacco smoke negatively affects almost all organs.The death rate from cancer is increasing in proportion to the increase in the number of smokers.If you follow the statistics, today every 6 seconds from smoking kills one person.Above this is worth considering before you begin.After all, no one wants to be one of those people.Consider the case where there are two people, one of which is smoking, and the second - no, but suffers, for example, from pneumonia.Light smoker and healthy people (in both cases is not very much, but even so, they will have a fundamentally different picture) is not difficult to discern.After all, the lung tissue smoking deposited pollutants, and they look, respectively.As you can guess, the lungs of a healthy person and a smoker's lungs are characterized by their capacity for work.Healthy bodies will qualitatively perform their task in the body.

how smoking affects health?

As has been repeatedly mentioned in the article, smoking is highly injurious to health.It may cause a large number of diseases and lead to death.Light smoker and a healthy person - a big difference.Simply put, a healthy they are clean and preserve the natural structure.In addition, tobacco appear early signs of aging.The skin is no longer a young, wrinkles and yellow teeth.We can say that every cigarette a little spoiled all the parts of the body and leads to a joyless consequences.

smoker's lungs and human health scheme

The photographs illustrate the changes in the respiratory organs.If you take one look at the light of human health and the lungs of the smoker - words are not needed.Exhausted tobacco smoke differ in color and seem to be just horrendous, they can be called rotting mass.It is difficult to directly answer the question, "How are the lungs of the smoker and healthy person?" Easier to know it personally, seeing photos.This is most definitely give you to understand how serious smoking affects their health and appearance in general.The article can be seen light smoker and a healthy person, the photo below.

Should I quit smoking and how to do it?

seeing the smoker's lungs and a healthy person, a photo of which are very different from each other, you may choose to give up cigarettes.Here comes the next question: "How to quit smoking?" There are many different options and procedures for rejection of cigarettes.But which to use - can solve only the smoker, who has decided to get rid of nicotine addiction.If you feel that the strength at one point to give up cigarettes, you can smoke your last cigarette and forget about this habit.Of course, there will be times when it will be very difficult to abstain, because often those who are trying to quit may be broken in the difficult moments of life.The main thing you have to remember that the cigarette will not save you from the problems.Talk with your loved ones, friends or family, they will be able to help you much better than cigarettes.If you quit smoking, follow his word and believe in yourself, you must come out.People who feel a strong dependency to start would be correct to move to lighter cigarettes and reduce their daily amount, gradually removing the cigarette from his life, to abandon them altogether.After that, many feel a lot better, improved sleep, increased appetite.Daring to take this step, you will first of all take care of yourself.Just imagine what kind of light on human health and the smoker's lungs.It helps a lot.

recovery after quitting

After quitting your life will slowly get better.You obviously start to feel relief.You might even be bothered by an obsessive desire to smoke, but restraining himself, you will gradually recover.Your body itself will know about it.Of course, this will take time.But after six months, you will begin to notice that your voice was rough and smoked less than before, you will notice improved sleep and appetite.Your lungs will gradually be cleared.To clear them after years of smoking will not succeed, but it is necessary to quit smoking, not to spoil your health ahead and give your body to safely do self-healing.