What should be a step under the metal crates?

If you decide to use as a covering material metal roofing, you will need to carefully study the technology of the installation work, and not only the roofing and sheathing system.

Features of the calculation

Step crates under the metal should be chosen with an eye on several factors.Among them are the varieties of roofing, it is important to pay attention to his profile.Is required to take into account the pitch between adjacent positioned elements that are usually specified by the manufacturer of the material.To determine this parameter, it is necessary to measure the distance from the lower edge of the first board to the upper edge of the second.Step crates under the metal will depend on the slope of the ramp, as well as the width of the ridge of the roof abroad starter bar system.

Master must decide before the start of the works, will include construction of the drain, as it affects the calculations.If the gutter is fixed to the front board, then to the ledge you need to add 30 millimeters.Among other things, it will act as a trough for gutter, or rather, its diameter.Thus, if its value is equal to 90 mm, the protrusion will differ from the case where it is equal to 120 millimeters.Measuring the parameters of the projection of roofing material should be made on the front of the board, and the steepness of slope will depend on how much you need to release the sheet metal.If you make a mistake, it could negatively affect the determination of the correct location of the lath.In this position, the roof material will not be the same as the elements of the system sheathing.

Determining the distance between elements

Step crates under the metal must be defined taking into account the presence of valleys, and the measured parameters and produce mounting lath should be from top to bottom, given the length of the tail of the system.In some cases, because of the presence of long tail there is a need to install additional system board sheathing, need for rigid fixation of the ridge lath.

Features mounting

Before starting work, you should think about what step crates under the metal will be selected.Importantly, what materials will be used.Thus, for the rafter beams should be used, the cross section of which is 150 x 150 millimeters, which is the minimum index, but for the lath should be used lumber 25 x 100 millimeters.It is important to establish not only the crate, but kontrobreshetku, for it is necessary to use a board with a cross section of 25 x 50 millimeters.The distance between the rafters should range from 600 to 900 millimeters.The first board must be placed in a straight line along the eaves, and the need to prevent it was strengthened with the projection.

Expert Advice

Step crates under the metal must be selected in such a way that the distance from the serving of the cornice board to the next item was lower by 50 millimeters compared to the rest, that is, this parameter must be equal to 300 or 400 millimeters.The distance between the following components of the lath should be equal to the pitch between the nearest points of the top profile, that is, 350 and 450 millimeters.Step between the lath boards should be equivalent to 350 millimeters, the exception to this rule come first and second boards.Analyze how well defined the distance between the first element that must be still on the ground.For this parallel two pieces must be positioned at a certain distance, they can fit flush and crate itself.Then they applied fabric tiles that will determine the most suitable length of the ridge roofing.


If step lath has been identified correctly, and the projection will be too long, it will lead to the fact that water will be poured over the edge of the trough, whereas with short overhangs the water will flow between the trough andthe frontal board.When arm of the sheet can be deformed under the weight of snow.To mark should be used roulette.After the end, secure and ridge lath.Wind braces should be placed above the lath.To make it easier to strengthen the horse in the right place to be to fix the additional boards 25 x 100 mm.


As you know, the most difficult to determine the distance between the elements of the framework.What should be under the metal lathing step, you must know, since otherwise the system of the roof will not differ reliability.For the reason that a fixed sheet of roofing material is recommended in the lowermost part of its wave, the distance between the components of the lath should be chosen depending on the pitch of the profile material.As an optimal and standard-sized metal shear wave act 300 and 450 millimeters.In calculating the distance between the boards lathing should focus precisely on this indicator.

Features of the lath

Step crates under the metal "Monterrey" will be the same as for a traditional material.Before producing the work, you must measure the distance between the rafters.Thus, the length of the board or the bar, which will form the basis of the lath will be equal to the index, which is a multiple of the distance between the rafters.Choosing wood for the system must be with the expectation that it is well dried in natural conditions, as well as thoroughly soaked with antiseptic.Additional elements can be self-treated with flame retardants.Depending on the system configuration, as the material for the roof sheathing with a slope of 15 to 60 degrees, use a board 24 x 100 millimeters.Step between rafters must be always equal to 1200 mm.Board 36 x 100 mm should be used if the distance between the rafters is greater than 1200 mm.This is true also for the case where the metal used, the thickness of which is equal to 1.5 millimeters.

When step crates under the metal "Grand Line" (or any other) is defined, you can start purchasing materials.Thus, if the roof has an irregular configuration, use bars 40 x 60 millimeters.This rafters are stacked with a significant step.Crate can be continuous, using the chipboard or plywood.This material is combined with the crate, formed from the bar.This statement is true for complex areas of the roof, for example, the field junction, eaves, ridge or valley.Calculation step crates under the metal roofing is made of the same technology, to be used if the metal profile that is able to replace the wooden elements.This decision is justified when there is a need to achieve high fire protection properties of the roofing system.

certain amount of material

If you will be strengthened under the metal lath, do the right thing, it is very important.But you must also calculate the amount of materials.For this, the number of rows in the array should be multiplied by the number of boards in the series, and after a further two.Eventually you will get the right amount of timber, which should be purchased to carry out the lath.For the reason that the timber realized usually in amounts number of boards must be converted into cubic meters.For this purpose the geometrical dimensions which are expressed in meters, to be multiplied, and then multiplied by a certain number of boards calculation.Material preferable to acquire a certain margin that would be necessary in the event that some elements will be defective.When it comes to the roof of complex configuration, the calculation should be made for each portion of the system separately.

In conclusion

Identify yourself step crates you can read the article, but it is only a small part of the success.It will be important also to make the right to install, following the technology.Only in this way the calculations are correct, and the whole system will be different strength and durability and an attractive appearance.