Maternal capital for the purchase of housing.

One of the most attractive state programs aimed at supporting families who have more than two children, is the payment of maternity capital.It is valid until 2016 and allows many significantly alter the conditions in which they live, because for this you can get the trust funds.How to use maternity capital for the purchase of property?Most people have absolutely no idea about this procedure.That is why this article focuses on such topical issues.

How to use the funds

So, as mentioned above, can be used with such financial assistance as maternity capital for the purchase of housing, as well as to receive appropriate education of the child or the formation of special (cumulative) of the pension working mothers.The size of the payment in the current year amounted to nearly 410 thousand rubles.Use maternity capital for the purchase of housing as follows.Once the child gets older and he was three years old, parents have the right to pay these funds directly to the vendor you are interested in real estate.To do this, the relevant contract is signed, confirming the acquisition of property that is registered not only in the FRS, and the RPF.After that, the funds provided to the seller's account two months later.Undoubtedly, few people will agree to wait for such a long period of time, so widely used practice of obtaining the target loan.Then the following procedure: maternity capital for the purchase of property will be sent to the PF to repay borrowing and accrued interest thereon.To do this, you must write an application, a sample of which you must provide.

How to use maternity capital for the purchase of property, if the child does not have three years

In this case, also have to resort to borrowing target.It should be noted that the loan agreement must necessarily contain information about the funds is given for the purchase of a dwelling (prerequisite - to specify the exact address).In addition, the organization issuing the funds must have appropriate permission to do so.


Firstly, it is advisable to pay attention to the choice of the organization, which will provide loans.Moreover, it is important not only that it has the relevant documents, but also the interest rate, established reputation and reviews.Second, you can not use these funds to buy shares in the residential area.Third, we consider such criteria as the wear and tear of the property.It should be minimal, and the room itself acquired - habitable.

Preferential mortgage loans

Few people can afford to buy property without borrowing.Particularly acute is the problem to young families.To solve this problem, a special government program of concessional lending.It can be given to families who meet specially defined criteria.For example, take into account the borrower's age, number of children, income level, and many others.Often, the program applies to military personnel, persons performing military service and others.The essence of the program to compensate borrowers a certain proportion of the interest paid under the loan contract.Keep in mind that not all banks participating in the program.