Ceylon Tea Collection - English teas

you like tea and drink it every day?Then it is worth considering what sort of prefer.Irish cream - large-baikhovi, which, in essence, is a mixture of the most delicious varieties of Ceylon and Chinese.In addition, it is composed of:

  • oil with the aroma of Irish whiskey;
  • chocolate flakes;
  • upper shell of the cocoa beans.

invigorating taste of this tea will allow you to improve your mood and get energized for the day, and a pleasant aftertaste allow enjoy pleasant memories of the tea party.If the day started with a cup of Irish cream - good mood throughout the day you provided.To achieve this effect, you need to properly make tea.To do this in a teapot to pour a small amount (1 teaspoon for 150 ml of water), pour boiling water with a temperature of about 95 ° C and brew for 3-4 minutes.Following these simple steps, and strain the tea through a strainer, you will be able to fully enjoy the unique taste and aroma of the drink.In addition to the pleasant taste, large leaf black tea is able to benefit the human body.

Useful properties of invigorating drink

With daily use of the variety has a positive effect on the human immune system and contributes to the proper operation of the nervous system and the digestive tract.

Due to low content of caffeine consumption Irish cream simultaneously calms the nervous system and gives a feeling of vitality, boosting performance.

favorable effect on the digestive system is to normalize the metabolism and restore intestinal flora.

Modern medicine known positive effect of black tea on the cardiovascular system.This drink dilates blood vessels and purifies the blood.Daily use of the black tea helps to completely clean the vessels.In addition, welding of black tea has anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

large leaf black tea is recommended for use with the various kinds of colds, as capable of helping in the fight against infection, accelerating the healing process.In addition, at high temperatures are also encouraged to drink as much tea as its curative effect could lower the body temperature.But in this case, the important thing is not to drink it too hot.

So, if you like black tea with all sorts of additives, the drink is perfectly right for you.