Company CDS: Guest

Most young families need separate apartments, and comfortable.However, now it is not so much building organizations that are interested in the supply of affordable housing.The company CDS, or "Center of share building" fully committed to the implementation of such a program.In the market of construction of houses in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg, it is known since 1999.

rather quickly on CDS reviews went beyond the boundaries of the region.Already in 2000, the organization entered the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, as well as the Union of enterprises "Soyuzpetrostroy."She is also member of the Association of Home Builders and the companies producing construction materials in the region and St. Petersburg.The main housing company builds the application of standards "BK-standard".It is affordable, without reducing comfort.Due to the well-thought-out arrangement of the rooms in the apartments, their planning, there is an economy in the area of ​​non-residential premises, and the price is accessible to more people, but the quality of housing is not inferior class of "comfort".

as the best company, CDS received at the contest "Builder of the Year" award in 2011.A year has won the nomination "Sponsor of the Year" and "Best company in the field of housing."CDS has achieved such success under the leadership of General Director Mikhail Medvedev and thanks to the coordinated work of the staff professionals.Moreover, the detection of the best contestants were taken into account quality indicators, rather than quantitative.The assessment included the level of exterior and interior, as well as how the landscaped area around the built environment.These and other factors have been at the height of CDS.

The company already has several dozen buildings, occupying an area of ​​more than 3.5 million square feet.m. Among them is an exclusive residential projects - such as "Kantemirovsky", "New Murino" and others belonging to the CDS.Reviews of their accomplishment the inhabitants of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region wonderful.Already designed and built residential complexes on the Gulf of Finland "comfort" in Pushkin erected a series maloetazhek in Repino - a town townhouses "Kantele".

Greater attention should be given feedback on CDS related party wishing to have a house because of the loyalty program, on which the apartment can be purchased in installments, with interest-free.Company CDS works with many banks in terms of mortgage and for the regions proposed a further reduction.Residents, for example, Murmansk, learning about the value-added chain, reviews of which can be found in any building forum, call toll-free line for advice, have the opportunity to conclude a contract to purchase, and send and receive documents by mail.

Thanks to the professionalism and creativity of the company is known as a reliable, never supply partner.In the construction market of the CDS reviews are, as a builder of high-grade small apartment square footage as a designer of complex building blocks and, more importantly, as a company, installment payment of up to five years, including interest-free.