Where to get money for free

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In recent years, Russia has experienced a boom of credit institutions.The reasons for this was the global financial crisis and some changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation.Now many people are asking: "Where do I get the money for free?"Because of overcrowding in the credit market offers a variety of banks have taken steps to ensure its customers convenient credit programs.

Gone are many unfair commissions and fees.Now organizations more important to keep a client than to get him some extra payments and lost forever.A striking example of this area include loan fees.Previously, to get into debt, it had to pay a small amount, resulting ordinary consumers puzzled and angry.Now, the vast majority of banks do not charge the commission.In addition, disappear levies for cash withdrawals at bank for withdrawals from ATMs of other organizations.

Where to get the money urgently

One of the easiest ways to obtain a loan is issued credit cards.This simple way to help solve the pressing financial problems.If suddenly, for some reason, the user is missing a few thousand rubles to buy a new washing machine, a plastic card can always come to the rescue.Now you do not need to ask yourself, "Where can I get money for free?"The answer lies in the grace period using the card.Almost every one of them proposes to use the funds of the bank for 50-60 days for free.Of course, beyond this period to take the sum will be credited with up to 40% per year, but if the money back on time, no interest will be.

Where to get money to loan

Besides plastic cards, an excellent opportunity to get a loan is consumer credit.This service can be found in almost any bank.All programs of this kind can be divided into 2 broad categories:

  • Target - when funds are granted for a specific purpose, as described in the contract.Having received such a loan, no longer need to ask yourself, "Where can I get money for free?"The bank will transfer the necessary funds directly to the account of the company providing the service.
  • Unearmarked - when funds are paid in cash at bank.In this case, the financial institution does not follow their spending.This loan requires only timely service.

package of documents to be submitted for registration of a credit program can be found at the information desk of any banking organization.Typically, it includes: passport, application form, any second document, the guarantee and pledge object.You can certainly get by with less, but then you should be prepared to pay hung the interest rate on the loan.

in the modern world the question "where to get money for free" can have many different answers.All are advised competently and wisely use the credit funds of banking organizations.With proper management of the programs you can use huge amounts of money, not overpaying penny.