Need cash loan?

Recently there has been growing interest of Russian citizens to obtain loans.This is largely due to the work carried out by the Russian government in terms of legislation governing the activities of financial institutions.More recently it passed a new law that protects the rights of both depositors and borrowers of any bank.Today, just a few hours and can be issued to obtain a cash loan.Trust Bank is always ready to help their customers and provide them with the right amount of currency.

most popular form of the loan at any banking organization was and still rapid credit.Reduced demand banks make it tempting for anyone, but a high percentage of financial institution eliminates the risks associated with fraud.Now, at the slightest need, you can get credit for cash.Trust Bank allows you to receive such interest rates ranging from 19 to 72% per annum.

Popular loans that can be obtained

If the money is needed very urgently, we can arrange a program such as "Money Now".Within its framework, you can get up to 100 thousand rubles for a half an hour of wasted time.Trust Bank, a cash loan which is issued to the minimum requirements necessary to receive offers of money for a period of up to two years under 29,9-71,9% per annum.The package of documents for this program included:

  • passport of the Russian Federation with a valid residence permit;
  • second document that can confirm the identity of the borrower: passport, driving license, TIN, a copy of the work book, and more.

In addition, when you make this program a borrower will have to pay a fee for the receipt of funds in the amount of 2% of the total.

¬ęTime of opportunity" - a loan for personal needs without requiring additional software.Under this program, you can get up to 300 thousand rubles for a period of up to four years under 19,9-46,9% per year.To give such a loan in cash, Trust Bank requires of the statement of earnings in addition to the passport and the second document.Decision on the program goes to the borrower within three days from the date of filing.

¬ęgreat opportunities" - loan, made out in the provision of an extended package of documents.According to this loan program can expect to receive half a million rubles for a period of up to five years under 17,9-31,9% per annum.To give a cash loan, the Bank requires the Trust to provide:

  • passport;
  • income statement;
  • copy of the employment record;
  • second document that can confirm the identity of the borrower.

When making the program a borrower will have to pay 2% of the received amount as commission for transfer of funds to the credit card.

If the purchase of furniture or a new TV suddenly needed money, you can always appeal to the Trust Bank.Cash loan, reviews of which leaves very good impression, it is one of the most popular services of the financial institution.For its design requires a minimum of time and documents, but if there is an extended package of securities, guarantees and decent collateral object can always be counted on to provide softer repayment terms of the loan.