Culinary tip of the day: a brief glossary of culinary terms (part 2)

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Snack .First course dinner.Often cold and hot appetizers, fish, meat and vegetables.

Baking .Divided into three types - open (grilling), private and short.Closed baking may be under the cap and the foil.Quick baking see. Zakolerovat.

Filling .The specific composition, improves the taste of the product, for example, salad, soup

clothes peg .Culinary reception to seal products from the test with a stuffing.Each product zaschipyvayut differently.Clothes peg are skating, gear, rantikom, pocket, a triangle, Cord.

caramelized .Heat until sugar until it becomes a syrup and does not become a dark yellow color.

Kitchen kadzhёnov .Cuisine French, moved to the XVIII century in North America and settled in Louisiana.It is a combination of French cuisine with a kitchen Indians and mulattos.

Liquor .Strong alcoholic drink made on the basis of alcohol with the addition of natural juices, as well as cocoa, coffee, honey.

Marinate .Cooking food in a strong brine - pickle.
One type of marinade is used in the preparation of meat, game and poultry before cooking, the second - for the preservation of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms for a long time.

Mask .Cover the finished dish has some product.In most cases, fish or poultry is coated gravy or jelly.

incise edge .Make a neat knife, shallow incisions on the walls is not yet baked pies and cakes puff, sand or almond paste, which greatly crumble after baking to the table by the labels exactly cut a cake or pie.

Cutting .Cutting finished (boiled, baked, fried, smoked) product (meat, poultry, fish, cheese, sausage) into portions or thin slices.

chop .Cut the product in small, irregular pieces the size of a pea

degreasing .Reducing fat prepared meat, chicken broth and sauces.The dish should be cooled, and only after that is removed from its surface fat.

Roasting .There is a frying pan over high heat in a little oil, to create a crust on the product, but it does not roast thoroughly inside.

-de-vie .Translated from the French "water of life" - a colorless brandy, kicked out of the fruit juice, the most popular - kirsch (cherry flavor) and Framboise (raspberry flavored).

Tilt .Put in a colander varivshiesya water vegetables or pasta, with them to the water glass

otsushit .Share on blotting paper or on the grill deep fried product to remove excess fat from it.

Source: Le Cordon Bleu