12 original ideas for design of the postal envelope

Post dispatch of letters in envelopes - this is an excellent means of advertising.

Closed envelope - it's always a mystery and your task skillfully emphasize this mystery.

correct processing of mail envelope help artfully whet the curiosity of the person who will receive the letter.

Spend enough time design envelope.

If you manage to bring a pleasant surprise when receiving your letter - that design is really a success.

If your letter show your relatives, friends and colleagues - that you can applaud!

However, if your goal - is to make sure that the letter came directly to the head of the company and it is not opened on the road, then over the original envelope may not be appropriate.

Therefore, from the diversity of ideas, choose what best fits your goals mailing letters!

1. Blue Stamp "important" or "urgent" on the envelope. Looks: white envelope, without images or logos.Only the name and address of the sender and the recipient.And in the middle of a blue stamp "important."This design letterbox is very suitable for business mailings.Secretaries do not disclose such letters - they carry their head at once!

This design will allow you to bring your proposal to the head of the company it!Powered by 100%!

2. We sell secrets.In addition to the address on the envelope adding an intriguing inscription, for example:

«X-Files for the head of the company";

«Before opening the envelope, make sure you have the chief accountant";

«If you will open the envelope and read it before it will make the head of the company, I do not envy you";

«Pass Fyodor envelope by hand";

«Inside a living being rather open until the air is not over" (humorous inscription)

Or you can make a clever "bait»:

«Within the collection coin"

«Inside the real rose petals"

«InsidePeacock Feather »

original envelopes with interesting inscriptions stoke the curiosity of the customer and will not leave an unpacked.

Just do not lie.They promised feather - let!

3. Envelope origami unusual shape. the Internet a bunch of pictures, both to the collapse of the original paper envelope.And across quite charming designs.

I will tell you from my own experience, as we have used it for promotional purposes.

It all started with the fact that I was pumped from the Internet different schemes as to fold beautiful envelopes manually.

Village and a good hour worked to create these masterpieces of paper.Then I choose the one that seemed most interesting and likable.

And then we have done so: one of the exhibitions of printed leaflets in the style of 'old treasure map, "and I have these folks turned into charming envelopes (yes, I do not roll up a separate envelope, I have these leaflets folded, the text inside).

A top More overprinted Gothic script "Exhibitor 2012".And give to these masterpieces exhibitors.

It was very nice and incredibly original!

4. The special effects and three-dimensional pictures .Three-dimensional pictures you can find on the Internet.They are a dime a dozen there, as they say.


Option 1. The envelope is seen "break" from peeping eyes.And the gap and the eye - this, of course, the picture.It is applied to an ordinary white envelope.A side effect is created that inside the envelope there is man who broke the hole itself out and spying on you.

Option 2. The effect of the transparent envelope.At the same time taken a normal, white envelope.And it is applied to a clear picture of the envelope, which shines through the wall for some interesting letter with a fragment of text.

Option 3. artificially aged envelope with artificial tears and abrasions can be sealed with adhesive or sewn.Of course, scrapes and sewn seat - is also just a picture, printed on plain white envelope.

Option 4. Artificial stains from coffee, tea, ketchup, ink blots.They can look very cute, most importantly, do not overdo it.

Option 5. At half-open a closed envelope printing envelope, from which peep money,

Option 6. Envelope as polurazvёrnutoy chocolates and other similar shaped objects, such as a credit card or business card.

5. The label or overlay a wax seal. applied to the place where the envelope is sealed.Better to take the envelope with a triangular "cap" and apply the seal on the tip of the triangle.There also may be applied to print pomaded lips or picture pushpin.

6. Very large or very small envelope .Here, I think everything is clear.Unusual dimensions, of course, draw attention to you.

7. Your photo on the envelope in the "From" and a photo your name.Such envelope is well suited letter of appeal from the first person, in the form of conversation.Envelope with a "human face" immediately attract attention.

8. hint at the scope of your business. Denim envelope, "Divan" envelope fur envelope, an envelope along with a gold chain, and in the middle kulonchik.Or two indoor window on the front side.Or fireplace with a twinkle, and near a pile of birch firewood.More can be in the form of ladies' handbags crocodile.Print Only to be of very good quality.

9. perfumed envelope, or envelope with a pleasant aroma, close to your field of business.

10. The envelope is in the form of a rolled newspaper or a map of the world .

11. Artificial bullet holes and burns on the envelope.You can still and add the words "courier who delivered the letter to you, was not easy."

12. «Dressed" envelope. For example, a jacket and tie.Or lace lingerie.It depends on what you sell and what their goal for mailing.

Now you know quite stunning ways to draw an envelope!

Be creative and enjoy the results!

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We will realize all your fantasies into reality and make your newsletter absolutely unforgettable!