14 Ways To mailings Brought Explosive Response

looking for customers in sweat?

Want your phone ringing off the hook and orders?

funny, but many business people invest big money in advertising.

because someone ran to the masses the idea that more money "vbuhali" in advertising, the more customers it will cause (I strongly suspect that this is the work of advanced advertisers).

In this article we look at how to spend wisely "advertising" money.And getting a huge amount of feedback.

article entirely devoted to mailing letters (it is also called direct mail).We are talking about ordinary letters in an envelope.

If we use what is written in this article, you can capture your market and get a lot of orders!

And all this can make standard mail!

Just try it.

I bet that with the help of the magical techniques which we now talk, you get as much feedback as yet had not received before.

Take a ready guide to action and forward.

1. A letter is not easy, but then it is a letter!

very strongly increases the effect of the letters, if each letter ad

ded appeal to the customer by name!"Dear Ivan!", "Do you agree with that, Mr. Smith?", "Do you also think so, Mr. Smith?»

If you yourself can not afford to add a name to each letter, contact the postal company,eg Adular Group in Yekaterinburg.There is a special way to insert on the machine name in each letter.

2. click on the button, bring to a boil.

Picture this.

you sit in my office and think:

«as I would attract more customers?Already tried everything!And the money needed so that ... just awful. "

And suddenly you hear on the radio interviews with some businessman:

«... Still, the best way to attract customers from all that I've tried - it is mailing letters.The largest orders we have received it from the mail ... »

you immediately vstrepenёtes and certainly be interested.

That's what I call "click on the appropriate button."

you must find the button on the client, which is responsible for the purchase.If you press the - he buys.

do not press or press the strongly enough - do not buy it.

Your goal - to find the button.

How to find it?First find the strongest issue that disturbs your client.

then a little "aggravate" the problem vividly describe it in your letter.

to each stitch all people understand more clearly that it is time to do something about immediately to do!

and then offered a solution to the problem your product or service.It's simple!

I'm sure you still left the question of how do you know that person is eating?How to find it "button"?

Well, firstly, it is possible to conduct a survey among its existing customers: "What is the problem you have decided with our product or service?»

Second, you can climb on the forums, where "hang" your customers and write their own problems.Look at what the problems are the most common.The main thing, do not think for the customer.Not to think, just read what they write!And what words they write!Use your letter to these problems and these words!

want it to be a lot of calls - find the right buttons!This is the main thing to remember.Even if all of the articles you use only this, your letter will be an incredible success!

3. Meet on clothes or the competent registration envelope.

What do you think, what the main task of the envelope?

No, do not impress brightly decorated.

No, do not hit your logo and corporate identity.

only two main tasks.

  1. denounced to the secretary a letter to the head, and not to the nearest trash.
  2. To Head opened the letter and began to read what's inside.

This is important!More from the envelope do not need anything!

And to achieve these objectives enough white envelope without pictures and logos.But the name of your client's destination.

can further emphasize the importance of writing and add the envelope seal bluish "important" or "urgent".The trick is simple, but it works.

secretary immediately brings a letter to the head, just in case.Suddenly really something important.

While as merry motley envelopes cause it only exasperated sigh, and your magnificent logo which you feel simply divine model of style, it is perceived as annoying spam.

4. Who will receive your message?

This way, pay special attention.Very, very carefully to find out who exactly is your potential customer.

Take a list of your existing customers and see what these people are.

If you do not yet have existing customers, you should be sure to conduct a mini-research, who are interested in your product.If even a little go wrong, then you will not work no matter how good writing.

called around 50-100 people and ask them whether they buy ever such a product as you, and you are going to do so in the future.

5. One suggestion in a letter.

Here in general is ridiculous.Have you ever seen how frugal businessman decided to make of the ads "of Swedish table"?That is all piled on one plate.

His proposal looks something like this: "Buy our cameras, phones, navigation devices, and if you do not need, then come to us to repair televisions.And yet, we set plumbing and deliver pizza to the house. "

I, of course, a little bit exaggerated.

But it is very important!

not break this rule - one letter - one sentence!

Do not make vinaigrette.

Do not make everything a little bit.

better very good quality sell one product or service.Unless of course you want to get some feedback.

6. easy to read - easy to buy!

It's simple.No complicated words.No complicated proposals.

Any subtle hint.Everything should be simple and clear, even student 3 class.

The pool is difficult to read the text, try to separate spaces.

text itself should be read, without any effort and without stress.

Even if around noisy and a lot of distractions.

7. the best of the original and unique style.

Try to make an interesting and admirable.

For example, we did a letter in the form of an ancient scroll, papyrus.More

did a "simpatishnye" letter under the script, with cells of te- and a pair of artificial blots.At the same time a very high-quality paper.It was very cute.More

letter did my photo and name appeal: "Hello, Ivan!My name is Zinaida Gavrik Adular Group of companies ... "and so on.

way, letters and cling like its originality and style, store and show others.

And, of course, try to write something interesting.

what he wants to read.

example, briefly write "the story of a leader" who faced with a terrible problem (see para. 2), have long sought out and finally found it in the form of your product or service.

By the way, we have a free service - we are helping to make a good text and choose the design.So please, help.

8. more letters - steeper orders!

The principle is very simple and unbreakable.

The more letters you send, the more quickly they pay for themselves.

We brought Statistics, that for a good number of responses is better to send 1,000 emails and more.Then the response you really impressed!

9. reviews of specific customers.The correct tip can sell itself.

Add in an 3-4 reviews from your customers.Better if it will be written exactly who wrote this review.Not just "Everything was great!LO "But the specifics and the recall, and the signature.Of course, be sure to ask permission from the person whose review you post.

It is desirable that the recall was written, what problem he decided to help you.Such reviews increase the efficiency of writing 90% !!!Not less!

10. each field of your email!

very good move.If your clients - legal entities, try to write in every sphere of your business letter with your "buttons".For example, "Hello, Irina.You must have a lot of work, because in the tourism business is now the season ... »

11. add a little intrigue.

It is not necessary, but always appreciated.People love secrets, mysteries and intrigues.The main thing is not to overdo it.You can, for example, put one envelope inside another, smaller, and write on it "before you open the envelope, make sure you have some" or "Are you sure the head of the company?Yeshe one security check. "By the way, on its own private white envelope with the words "important" - it is an intrigue and make sure that it does not throw!

12. 3 Touch.System of Dan Kennedy.

Dan Kennedy - is a very good marketing and promotion wizard.He has developed an excellent, unbeaten sales system.It is a paper letter.The essence of such


you send 3 emails with an interval of 2 weeks.One letter continues more.

For example, in the first letter, you write an interesting appeal to the head with a kind of appeal.In the second letter you refer to the first letter, and also write something interesting.And then the third letter, which refers to the first two.

system is very good.Many customers ripen after the 2nd and 3rd letter.System 3 touches always work win-win!And you get a very good response!

And to competently make these letters, you can contact us - we can help!

13. Give a guide to action!

Give a hint to the client what to do next, "call us now on the phone 000-00-00," "go to our website www ... and fill in the application form", "Call now and we will activate the code for youp "and so on.

14. How to apply all of the above?

very simple.Copy this article in Word, print and expunged what has already been done.Once the cross off all the items - You are a big fellow!Letters can be sent!

Now you fluent in a terrific tool for promoting such as direct mail direct mail!

Use it correctly and you will not have competition!

But other than that, it is very important to know both.

There are a few truly fatal errors that can not be allowed when preparing mailings of letters!

These errors we detail and with humor raznesёm to smithereens in the next article.