Nasal ears without pain.

For each of us one of the most important and essential as it may seem strange, essential senses are ears.Thanks to them since childhood, we begin to hear the voice of my mother, tenderly talked with us and read fairy tales;acquainted with the music - classical, contemporary;communicate with friends or colleagues.

Therefore, those who want to explore the horror of pain in the ears, such impressions will remain for a long time.It can be so unbearable that suffers rush to the hospital, without waiting for the advice of home.

Hear - hear no

completely different situation takes place, when suddenly, "on tiptoe" crept deafness.It seems that not all as bad as it might seem at first sight: because the beginning of emplacement of the ears without pain, reduced quality of hearing, but because of the lack of pain is happening is ignored long enough.

Yet, any upcoming stuffy ears without pain can give a lot of confusing and unpleasant sensations.No need to panic and hysteria.To begin to try to understand the reasons which led to the fact that just laid his ear.

order not to waste time and nerves on the trip to the doctor often used method, which uses a fairly large number of people to eliminate nasal ears without pain is self.It is not contraindicated.And yet, to the effectiveness of the option chosen treatment reaches 100%, you should find out what preceded the appearance of deafness.

our Ears, ears

Mother Nature has identified a sufficient number of reasons that motivate to ensure that began stuffy ears without pain.Experts divide them into natural factors and physiological nature.

The natural, ie, the physical, the reasons are:

- liquid has been spilled into the ear cavity during swimming or diving;

- pressure drop (in airplanes, elevators, the rides).

water in the ears

such difficulties it is possible to cope at home.In the first case, in order to extract the unnecessary fluid out of the ear, just enough to jump on one leg (when water has penetrated into the right ear - on the right foot and vice versa).If the desired result is not achieved, it is possible to use the warming: lie on the warmer side of the pledged ear (ear should be on warmer) fifteen minutes, no more.


If it's ears after the plane, what to do in such a situation?Those who hovered in the air on white liner clearly remember that when the iron bird soars upwards or, conversely, decreases greatly ears pop.The same feelings appear after elevator ride or a walk in the mountains.Not everybody likes it, but intended by nature.Nothing wrong with this situation do not.Having spent just a couple of minutes, you can go back to their seats.You just need to open up your mouth and make their own massage the area between the ear and temple hryaschik.And you can just swallow a few or just deep yawn.Such actions distribute pressure and relieve congestion.So, if after the aircraft's ears, what to do, you do not ask this question will no longer be so sharply.

Physiological factors stuffy ears

Unfortunately, there are much more serious situation.It happens that sometimes lays his ear, as a consequence of the common cold, which is accompanied by a runny nose.Mucus from the nose gets into the ear canal and contributes to inflammation.As a result - hearing loss.In this case alone take any action experts do not recommend.Correct to come to the reception to the audiologist, who can produce a normal inspection, but may appoint a special function tests.

Based on what was the root cause of sudden hearing loss or even total deafness, the doctor will be able to pick up the necessary professional version of all the possible methods of treatment.

human ears - quite fragile bodies.If assistance will be provided to them at the wrong time or insufficiently, complications can be very serious, and treatment - long.

Our enemies - cerumen

Where periodically lays his ear, but there is no pain, a person is not a cold, is not riding in an elevator, not flying in an airplane, does not rise to the mountains, most of all, hearing is reduced from-this presence of cerumen.But they may occur if the ear canal narrow since birth, or "host" properly caring for our ears.Ear gland will secrete a waxy substance that can accumulate in the ears, reducing ear.

«struggle» with traffic jams can be without the services of doctors and at home.One way - drip into the affected ear few drops of hydrogen peroxide.The second method of the home - to take a hot shower before it dripped into the ear two or three drops of warm oil or glycerin.Cork is very easy to reach using conventional cotton.But it should be done carefully.

Learn vysmarkivatsya

There are times when blowing the nose lays ear.This is not fair.Most likely, the reason for it all the same cerumen.Most likely, in the ear passage from the scene shifted sulfur minerals.ENT doctor will wash them using a syringe with plain water.If you do not want to go to the hospital, you can drip into the ear "Otipaks" and rinse your nose.Generally, even vysmarkivatsya to gently, one nostril is "working", the second pinched finger.

pressure and nasal ears

is in flight on a white liner, passengers usually lays his ears.What are the reasons contributing to this?What pressure ears pop?All this is due to the difference in pressure.During the flight on iron birds is fairly sharp drop in atmospheric pressure, that is, external.A pressure in the ears does not have time to adapt.Because of this, and there is a feeling of stuffiness.

And it does not matter exactly at what pressure pawns ears.The main thing to remember on the implementation of the recommendations of physicians fast swallowing movements.

After ear, as mentioned above, the body is rather complicated and carefully organized.The eardrum, which "hides" the middle ear from the outer passage, plays the role of barofunction.On both sides of the membrane is supported by a balance, thus achieving the most convenient for the human conduction of sound.By lowering the air pressure air passes from the middle ear to the nasopharynx.When the pressure is all on the contrary.

barofunction When there is a violation, the stability of membrane injury is significantly reduced, which leads to a deterioration in hearing.

Charging ears

If only appears stuffiness in the ears, without pain, the doctor can recommend exercises for the ears, thanks to which the feeling of congestion will go very quickly.

Please push the lower jaw about five times.Then you need to make a circular movement of the lower jaw.

Once all this is done very carefully so as not to make a dislocation.

If stuffiness in the ears runs parallel to the rise in temperature, all procedures performed with ears should be carried out very carefully and accurately.Council ENT doctors in this case, as soon as the patient begins fever, any warming ears manipulations are banned.

There is no reason for concern if the ears laid rare, but if it came in - be prudent to make a visit to a specialist, because the root cause can be hidden in the health status.

to difficult situations with health do not touch the readers should know and remember that very often self is the beginning of a different kind of complications.Therefore, the congestion of the ear is very reasonable to seek timely help from the medical staff.

Through this exclusive tools like our ears, it is possible to enjoy a variety of open-world sounds.Therefore, our main task - to take good care of their good location to your hearing is in good and safe condition.