Guessing "What will happen"

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At all times, a person has a need to know what to expect, how to solve some important issue, as would be the best day of what to expect, what to do with a person of interest, a trick to expect.Sometimes the situation is such that we need at least some help.In some situations, you can use the method of a card drawn on luck.To do this, take the card to a dozen aces, t. E. 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace - of all stripes.Think about what you need to know, and take the left hand map.In the room where guessing should not be noisy.

So that means pulling out the card:

♣ clubs - business, entrepreneurship, social achievements, ingenuity, wisdom, energy, ambition, open-mindedness.

Ace - a good time to start any business.
artistic and social activities.

King - in your case help comes from an enterprising man, sensible advice possible.

Lady - kind, sensitive, charming, quiet, generous, strong;success in business.

Jack - attractive man, quick, energetic, admirer, faithful lover, a well-wisher.

10 - under pressure from, you oppress the load of responsibilities;energy directed at achieving selfish and material purposes for the use of people for personal gain, stiffness, injustice, brutality, sometimes revenge.Deceit, cunning, slander.

♥ Worms are associated with the feminine, love, marriage, emotion, pleasure.

Ace - happiness, fulfillment of desires, the beginning of love, meeting, letter, novel portends marriage.

King - authoritativeness, high post, respect, caution, ruthlessness, pursues his goal.Ill will at the highest levels of power.

Lady - chat with a man who is pleasant to you, at the same time clever person.

Jack - thoughts, memories, news, you will flatter to deceive, deception is possible.

10 - luck, love, and family well-being, joyful communion.

♠ Peaks - unfavorable suit, war, sickness, scheming.

Ace - prosperity, success achieved hardship in old age.

King - cautious, distrustful, suspicious, intelligent, all actions lead to misery, evil, selfish, cruel.

Lady - female trouble, mourning, cunning, dangerous enemy.

Jack - man unrestrained behavior, false friend.

10 - the collapse of plans, disaster, sadness, disbelief, deceptive hope, temporary income, temporary success.

♦ Diamonds - financial situation of human intelligence, business, business scope.

Ace - money, property, prosperity, stability, beware of complacency, excessive appetite.

King - energy, a good worker, inner fear.

Lady - generosity, security, reliability.

Jack - prudent conduct of business, the economy, scruples.

10 - success with a loss of strength, fatigue, beware of material losses.If

queen or king drop your suit, pay attention, you're probably doing something wrong.More than 5 questions per day cards do not ask.If

fell unfavorable prediction, in any case not a "tushuysya."In the end, folding constructively evaluates the circumstances and a new angle look at their problems.It is possible that dramatically changed their behavior and refocus goals, you will be able to reverse the unfavorable course of events.

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