Dacha insulated cabins with a stove, a veranda and shower

Dachnaya insulated cabins may be a necessary complement for the summer holidays.However, prior to its construction must take into account some special features of the work.It is important to determine whether the design veranda, shower and kitchenette.

Features of erection of the veranda

Even before the start of construction it is necessary to determine the order will be built all at once or after a veranda.Dacha cabins must be insulated porch to protect the kitchen from the wind, you can in the space of this component design to keep inventory or relax.If you do not have sufficient experience in the construction works, the porch is better to install after the construction of the main building.It will be easier to build a box, and a veranda, which has no reference to the construction - after.

Warming huts

Dachnaya insulated cabins can be used until late fall.You do not have to expend energy on heating.It will be enough to make the space under the floor insulation, otherwise the system elements otsyreyut and come into disrepair early.To address gaps between the pillars of the foundation must be filled with something, it can be crushed stone, paving slabs or brick battle.

Features arrangement cabins with shower

Dachnaya insulated cabins must be equipped with a shower, this will require hot water.It is not necessary to resort to the solution when installing the boiler or furnace that have hot-water system is not only comfortable, but also unsafe.In summer you can use for water heating solar panels.Today, such equipment can be purchased for quite reasonable price.

Construction of sewerage system

Module cottages must have warmed the sewer system if the construction has a shower, because the water will need to take.According to the requirements of sanitation, from the cesspool or septic tank to the water supply system, as well as residential buildings, which also applies to those who are in possession of the neighbors must be maintained maximum distance.Among other things, there must be a certain place for the entrance sanitary barrels.If possible, during the construction of cabins, you can cooperate with our neighbors to 4 contiguous area could use a septic tank.If summer residence insulated cabins with shower facilities will be built on the technology, which involves the arrangement of the septic tank of the type described, it would not be necessary to lay the underground sewerage system, which is accompanied by high costs.

Features shield construction villa cabins

Module chalet insulated lining often with conventional boards.This method appears to be the most simple.The frame must be assembled on the ground that it would be more convenient, but then it must be brought down in a unitary structure, which should take the form of a box.Within the need to lay floor and wall sheathing using chipboard, OSB or plywood sheets.When you need to install doors, windows and roof mounted system using lightweight materials.This can be assumed that the change house ready.Such structures are usually used for only one season, because it is very short-lived.Bungalow Cottage with insulated stove can be built with the help of SIP panels.If you need to set inside the oven, the floor should be protected steel sheet, the dimensions of which must be higher than the design of the oven by 20 cm on each side.In addition it will be necessary to protect the furnace and closely spaced walls, which should be covered with a refractory material.Select a model of the furnace must be from the calculation, that it should not have too much weight, was not required to equip the foundation.In addition, the design must not have excessive pressure on the overlap cabins.

Carrying construction of log and lumber

These designs look very presentable, but you must take into account that will have to pay quite a large sum in the construction.If in the future you wish to convert such a structure under the bath, this version is just the thing.

use of metal for the construction of

Bungalow Cottage warmed the stove can be built out of metal.This option is suitable for those artists who have the skills to work with welding machine.During the construction of such structures will not be necessary to build the foundation, the structure will be installed on concrete blocks.If, after the construction of cabins after a while it disappears need, the construction can easily be dismantled and removed.As a base in this case, use power circuit container.In frames and corner posts will profiled tube 80 x 80 x 4 mm.The upper and lower sheathing should be made of joined parts 60 x 60 millimeters.You can use the brands relevant dimensions.The wall will need to install the wooden frames, which are openings for windows and doors.

Features foundation for building huts of wood

Module Warm chalet with a terrace built of wood quite a long time, it will have to spend about 1 month.All items need to be processed before using antiseptics and water-repellent mixtures.Lay under construction can not recessed columnar base.On the surface will need to assemble the support frame made of beams 150 mm x 150 mm.This will lower crown.It will need to install a lower frame of the framework.The pit should be dug at the base with the seizure of 1.5 m around the perimeter.Pit need to lay a geotextile and pour sand in the bed of 10 centimeters.Once the poles are delivered, a pillow should be refilled up to the soil surface.Generally, cabins are built in our country for durables, which is why the process should be given due attention.