Branches of the production sphere.

All sectors of the economy are divided into two major areas: production and non-production.The existence of organizations belonging to the second group (culture, education, public services, management) is not possible without the successful development of the first enterprises.

Branches industrial sphere:

definition applies to this part of the economy enterprises engaged in activities aimed at creating wealth.Also, the organization of this group produce sorting, moving, and so on. D. The precise definition of the production sector is as follows: "The collection of companies producing real products and provides financial services."

General classification

in the development of the national economy production sphere plays a very prominent role.It is related to her enterprise creating the national income and the conditions for the development of non-material production.Here are the main industries of the production sphere:

  • industry,
  • agriculture,
  • construction,
  • transport,
  • trade and catering,
  • logistics.

Industry This industry includes companies engaged in the extraction and processing of raw materials, equipment manufacturing, energy production, consumer products, and other similar organizations which are a major part of an area such as the production sphere.Sectors of the economy related to the industry, are divided into:

  • power industry. The companies in the group, engaged in the generation and transmission of electric energy, as well as overseeing the sales and consumption.Production of any kind without the organizations carrying out such activities, it is impossible.
  • Metallurgy .The industry, in turn, is divided into two sub-sectors: color and black.The first group includes companies engaged in the extraction of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), diamonds, copper, nickel, and so on. D. On the mills steel industry produces mainly steel and cast iron.
  • fuel industry. The structure of this industry consists of companies engaged in the extraction of coal, oil and gas.
  • chemical industry. Technology of production of this type of production of different destination.The latter can be divided into four main categories: basic and specialty chemicals, consumer goods, life support products.
  • forest industry. This group includes companies harvested timber producing timber and paper pulp, matches and so on. D.
  • engineering and metalworking. plants in the area are engaged in manufacturing of equipment, tools and machinery.
  • light industry. Companies in this group mainly produces consumer goods: clothing, footwear, furniture and so on. D.
  • building materials industry. main occupation of factories and mills of the industry - the output intended for the construction of buildings and structures (concrete mixtures, bricks, blocks, plaster, insulation, waterproofing and so on. D.
  • glass industry. The structure of this industry are included in theincluding plants for the production of porcelain and earthenware. Companies of this sub-sector producing cookware, plumbing, window glass, mirrors, and so on. d.

All industrial enterprises are classified into two major groups:

  • extractive - mines,career, mines, wells.
  • processed - plants, factories, workshops.


It is also a very important area of ​​the economy of the state, fall under the definition of "production sphere". Branches of the economy of this orientation are mainly responsible for the issue and partialfood processing.They are divided into two groups: livestock and crop production.The structure consists of the first companies involved in:

  • cattle breeding .Growing herds and flocks allows people such important foods as meat and milk.
  • pig breeding .Companies in this group deliver to the market the fat and meat.
  • fur farming .From the skins of small animals mainly produced underclothes things.A very large percentage of this production is exported.
  • POULTRY .Agricultural enterprises of the group supplying the market dietary meat, eggs and feather.

By the crop sub-sector includes such as:

  • Grain. is the most important sub-sector of agriculture, the most developed in our country.Agricultural enterprises of the group engaged in the production sector growing wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet, and so on. D. From how well the industry will be developed depends on the degree of availability of such important products as bread, flour, cereals.
  • Vegetable .This sort of activity in our country is carried out mainly in small and medium-sized organizations as well as farmers.
  • fruit and viticulture. developed mainly in the southern regions of the country.Agricultural enterprises of the group supplying the market fruits and wine.

Belong to crop and such sub-sectors as potato, flax, melon and so on. D.

Industry and agriculture are considered the main branches of industrial sphere.However, an equally important role in the national economy plays businesses and other groups that are with them closely.


of the given group are engaged in construction of buildings and structures.It may be the objects of domestic use, as well as the cultural, administrative and commercial.In addition, construction companies are developing projects of buildings and structures, produce their reconstruction, extension, major repairs, and so on. D.

with a group of companies of this type are in communication absolutely all other branches of industrial sphere.Construction companies can work both on government orders, as well as on specific organizations or individuals.


the area of ​​the national economy are responsible for the transportation of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.The entrance is following industry production sphere:

  • road transport. Companies in this group are mainly deliver loads over short distances.
  • Marine .This type of transport is provided by the foreign trade transport (oil and oil products).In addition, shipping companies serving remote areas of the country.
  • Rail transportation. Within mastered economic zone are the main train transport, delivering loads over long distances.
  • Aviation .Companies in the area of ​​the transport industry are mainly engaged in transportation of perishable goods.

From the performance of companies transport group depends successful functioning of enterprises in industries such as agriculture, industry, construction, and so on. D. In addition to the above in the field of industrial sphere are organizations engaged in transportation of crude oil, refined products,gas and so on. d.


an equally important role in the economy played such industries and industrial areas as:

  • trade;
  • retail trade;
  • catering.

Her subjects are enterprises and organizations engaged in the sale of goods produced by industry and agriculture, as well as related works and services.For caterers are dining, barbecue, cafes, restaurants, pizzerias, bistros, and so on. D.


main activity of the subjects of this branch of the production sector is to ensure that enterprises in industry, agriculture and so on. D. Negotiablemeans: components, containers, spare parts, wear faster equipment and tools, and so on.. In a group of logistics also includes organizations involved in the supply and distribution.

Thus, the sector of the production sphere, the definition of which was given at the beginning of this article, are essential parts of the economy.From the success of the activities included in these companies directly determine the effectiveness of the country's economy in general and, as a consequence, increase the welfare of its citizens.