Diamonds artificial: the name of the production

Diamonds attracted mankind since ancient times.The extraordinary beauty of these stones has caused their use to create different decorations.But later people found and other useful properties of diamond - their unique strength and hardness.To meet the needs of production nature did not create a lot of material, so people have the idea - to manufacture diamonds artificially.

Value diamonds

Diamond is considered unique stone possess a rare combination of important characteristics: strong dispersion, large thermal conductivity, hardness, optical clarity, durability.Because of their physical and mechanical properties of diamond are highly appreciated not only jewelry experts, but also widely used in various industries.So, this gem is used in medicine, optics and microelectronics.

But to fully meet the production requirements of pure natural diamonds is very difficult and quite expensive.For this reason, humanity began to think about how to make an artificial diamond.Synthetic stone was not only to have the important properties of the diamond, but also have a perfect crystalline structure, which is important for high-tech areas.

Like any synthetic diamonds

need for the creation of synthetic stones originated a long time ago.But in practice, it carried out only in the XX century.Until that time, scientists could not come up with a technology of diamond, although able to establish that they are relatives of a common carbon.And after several decades it was created first synthetic diamond, which is prepared from graphite under high temperature and pressure by a phase transition.From that moment began the production of artificial diamonds, which are now used in many different elements of the equipment and tools.

Technology diamonds

In our time, to produce synthetic stone used several technologies, each of which has its own characteristics.The most reliable, but more expensive technology is the production of crystalline diamond carbon, which are placed for processing in the special press.First on the material to be treated with powerful pumped water.This creates a high pressure.Then the water freezes under the influence of coolant, whereby the pressure is increased to 10 times.At the last stage chamber in which the carbon is connected to the bus bars and is supplied for a few fractions of a second strong current.Under the simultaneous action of temperature and pressure, the transformation of graphite into solid rock.After this phase, the press is thawed, drained the liquid and ready to take out the artificial diamond.

Growing diamond methane

still uses a simple technology of production of synthetic stone - blast method, which allows you to build an artificial crystal under the influence of methane.Very often, the production of artificial diamonds occur in two technologies.The fact that in the first case it is possible to receive the highest percentage yield of diamonds, but they will be very small.The second technique allows you to significantly increase the resulting synthetic stone with the help of blowing methane under the influence of a temperature of about 1100 ° C.The method makes it possible to obtain an explosion artificial diamonds of all sizes.

Types of artificial diamonds

Nowadays produce many varieties of synthetic diamonds: cubic zirconia, moissanite crystals, ferroelectric, rutile, plot, cerussite.The most perfect diamond is considered to be a fake cubic zirconia or zirconium cube.He is a zirconia.Therefore, many have heard, as called artificial diamond zircon.Although he has nothing to expensive natural stone.

Fianit is characterized by high hardness, high degree of dispersion and refraction.Due to its properties this stone perfectly simulates a real diamond and is widely used in the jewelry industry.Even the experts practically naked eye can not distinguish the fake from the original, because they play the same way.

highest quality diamond is considered to be an analogue of moissanite.He has the same physical properties as natural stone, and on the optical parameters it even better.Its only drawback - it is second in hardness.

Particularly popular rhinestones made of lead glass, consisting of lead oxide.Due to its composition, these rocks amazing play on light and brilliance are identical to the brilliance of the diamond.

Where applicable synthetic diamonds

artificial diamond jewelry factory is widely used for the manufacture of luxury jewelry that not only look beautiful, but also very affordable.Products with fake stones look as good and well-worn.

also growing synthetic diamond is an integral part of modern industry.On this basis, produced heavy-duty tools: grinding wheels, diamond saw blades, polishing wheels, chisels, drills, scalpels, knives, different cutters and tweezers.Machinery and equipment made of diamond material, allow to handle the strongest alloys and raw materials.In addition, the diamond provides maximum precision in equipment and instruments.

How to create an artificial diamond at home

Some experts argue that the synthetic diamond may grow at home.But the self-production of artificial diamonds require a lot of time and effort.We'll show you how to grow from a mineral salt that looks vaguely reminiscent of the diamond.

So, to create such a stone will need boiled water, salt, chemical vessels, blank sheet of paper and a laboratory filter.You must first prepare a small crystal.To do this, fill the beaker 1/5 of the salt, pour half the hot water and stir.If it is dissolved, then you need to fill up a little more.Salt should be added as long as it is no longer dissolve.The solution was then filtered into another bowl, in which the stone will continue to grow and cover the paper.All the time you need to control the level of the solution.Stone should not become airborne.If the solution is evaporated, it is necessary to prepare a new and top.

people who do such experiments claim that during the week home artificial diamond should grow significantly.

cost of artificial diamond

In today's world, synthetic stones took a separate segment of the market of jewelry.Production of artificial diamonds is constantly being improved.Scientists invent new stones, which instantly get massive popularity and older lose demand and gradually disappear from the market.For example, in the middle of the XX century to imitate diamond jewelry inserted an artificial rutile.He was then replaced with a cubic zirconia.And in the 90s.all previous imitation diamond moissanite replaced.

artificial diamond prices depend on the size, cutting and production technology.Many people mistakenly believe that synthetic stones - a normal glass, and do not see in them any value.But in fact such diamonds often cost a lot of money, and some of them are quite rare.For other varieties of artificial diamond can cost more than the natural counterparts.

Among synthetic diamonds are considered the most popular phianites different color.Their average price per carat faceted form ranges from 1 to $ 5.A well-known analogue diamond moissanite is much more expensive - 70-150 US dollars per carat.

significant factor of price formation on the stones is the color.Thus, the cost of the diamond yellow 40-50 dollars for a 0.2 carat, but the rock salmon pink color, depending on the size have to pay about $ 3,000.

World leaders

In recent years, world leaders in the production of synthetic stones are considered to be China, Japan, the US and Russia.The most actively developing direction of China is constantly inventing new synthesis technology.