Foil at home.

Foil is mostly used to make the souvenirs and gift printing products of individuality and originality.Decorate way business cards, postcards, folders, notebooks, labels, stickers, bags, leather goods, and so on. D. There are several ways to foil printing, differ in method and material application.Technologically embossing - the procedure is not particularly complicated.Decorate thus any souvenirs you can even at home.

Methods foil

Sdealt similar decor with their hands in two ways:

  • using the laminator;
  • iron.

Then deal with the way it is produced by embossing technology in detail.

How to apply a pattern using the laminator

To print in this case you will need other than a laser printer and a laminator.It is better if it is not full and the usual.With regard to the laminator, you should buy a model with a very high compression force.Also needed will tonerochuvstvitelnaya foil.If desired, it can be used as a matte or glossy, and holographic.

paper is best to take simple.The invoice or a special decorative embossing at home is not well suited.When using such material will figure sloppy and ugly.In the recesses of the variety of paper metal simply not glued.

Foil using a laminator as follows:

  • Find beautiful vector pattern or ornament.You can also write in any program, for example in the same "Photoshop" appropriate text original text.It is advisable only to have it not too thin.
  • Print image to the printer.
  • Put a sheet with a pattern or inscription on the table and cover it with metal foil in any color.
  • Put it on top of another sheet of paper.
  • Run received a "pie" through the laminator.The thin foil necessarily stick to the figure.If the pattern will turn sloppy and intermittent, the procedure can be repeated.Banishes the sheets through a laminator to obtain a satisfactory result.

material from the sheet should be removed carefully, without haste.

Foil home iron

course laminator has not in every household.Should this device is cheap, but buying it in order to make a beautiful embossed, it is not necessary.It can be used for this purpose and a normal iron for ironing.With respect to the inscription pattern, or procedure in this case is exactly the same as the embossing laminator.

printed sheet should be placed on a hard surface pattern up.The foil is applied to the underside of a part down.That is the shiny side must be on top.

Iron is placed on minimum heat.Foil they need to drive as carefully as possible.If it does not stick to the pattern, increase the heat a little bit mode.To iron foil needed for about 2 minutes, until the thin metal will not stick to the paint warmed up.It is not necessary to remove the foil from the sheet once.Wait for it to cool.

stamping on skin

On technology, which will be presented below, you can decorate almost any leather product bag, shoes, purse, notebook, belt and so on. D. To carry out the figure in this case, you will need a cliche - a specialstamped with a pattern.You can take, for example, some large metal button.The order of foil in this case is as follows:

  • skin is placed on a hard surface.
  • From foil cut a small rectangle (the size of the future of the figure).It is necessary to impose on the skin.
  • followed by heated iron and giving them a foil.Keep hot soleplate on the material you need for about a minute.
  • After a good warm up a thin metal, iron is removed.
  • not waiting until the workpiece has cooled, it is necessary to make a button and press down well.Keep "cliché" on the skin should be not less than 30 seconds.

Foil at home on the skin - a procedure is simple, but in any case pre-practice on a scrap piece of material still stands.If you under-expose or iron stamp image will turn sloppy.Remove the foil bag or purse is quite problematic.

embossing printer

Today, if you wish, you can purchase a special electronics to carry inscriptions and patterns of thin metal.This so-called hot foil printer.Connect it directly to a computer via the USB-connector.Of course, a normal printer device is not very similar.Foil it is wound on two rollers arranged on both sides of the working part.Beneath them is a movable flat solid surface.Included with the device is the drive on which is written specifically designed for printing.

Of course, the printer is not cheap foil stamping.And buy it is quite problematic.

Industrial stamping

So, how to decorate souvenirs, items or cards with foil, we are found.Now, for the common development, let's talk about how to perform stamping in industrial environments.In this case, of course, used a much more sophisticated, professional equipment, for example, press for foil stamping.The procedure itself is performed in compliance with the specially developed technology.

In fact, embossing is nothing more than a form of printing.The only particularity is that the applied pattern or inscription using no ink, a thin metal.When vypolenii embossing in this case it is usually applied a method printing.This means that the parts that are directly responsible for the pattern itself, above the surface of the die-plate.Perform procedures stamping industrial way so:

  • printing plate is heated by electricity.The required temperature is maintained by a thermostat.
  • Each power stroke laminated foil strip designed specifically for stamping, moves by a predetermined distance.This process is called pulling.

That is, when using such a serious equipment like a press for foil stamping, the process of drawing is performed on approximately the same principle as when using the printer.

How do cliches for embossing an industrial way

foil technology involves the use of special wear-resistant and durable dies.Cliché for such decoration can also be manufactured in different ways and from different metals.Is patterned on the surface or mechanical engraving or chemical etching.Pad typically made from metals such as brass, magnesium, copper and zinc.In most cases, the two first material.Magnesium is used in the pad if the embossing requires too large batch of products.The wear resistance of these stamps are not particularly high.

brass cliche for stamping foil used for the treatment of a large number of products.Copper and zinc are rarely used, due mainly to the problems of ecology.

foils used in industrial stamping

material during printing enterprises used very different.This may be a foil:

  • Metallic.It is well known to all the brilliant material: gold, silver, bronze.Using this foil can be performed as the concave and convex pattern.
  • pigment.After embossing, this kind of looks like an ordinary paint.
  • transparent varnish.This kind of material is performed embossed matte surfaces.After its application on the product remains effective brilliant pattern.
  • Texture.This foil can simulate different materials: wood, leather, stone and so on. D.
  • Holography.This is one of the most interesting types of matter.Embossing holographic foil is performed, for example, banknotes to prevent forgery.
  • Scratch foil.This species is used for temporary protection of information from reading.
  • diffraction foil.It is used for printing on plastics.
  • Magnetic.Used in the manufacture of banknotes.

material for hot and cold stamping foil

whole can be divided into two main types:

  • intended for cold stamping.By using this foil seal can be applied to products which can not withstand high temperatures.Typically, this thin films for manufacturing bags and packaging.Advantageously honors a procedure such as cold foil, from the "hot" method is that this method can perform halftone patterns.
  • designed for hot stamping.This kind used in industry more often.The above types fall into this group.

Using foil can be applied to product designs, logos, designs, promotional and greeting inscription panels and so on. D. Performing such printing technology is simple, and the procedure differs a low cost.