Effective Drops against fleas and ticks for dogs

Almost all of the owners have heard that parasites dangerous to life and health of their pets, in addition, some of them, such as worms, are dangerous to humans.That is why today is widely used drops of fleas and ticks for dogs.Modern facilities are very comfortable, they do not need to be applied daily, enough for one or two treatments for the entire season - and your pet will be protected.However, not all owners are aware of how dangerous can be parasites.So today we'll look at the impact on the body of your pet fleas, ticks and worms, as well as what resources are aimed at combating them.

Processing puppies

Toddlers are especially sensitive to a variety of drugs, which is why you need to choose not only the most effective but also safe from drops of fleas and ticks for dogs.Why is it important to make timely processing?Because the parasite is not only uncomfortable for your pet, bite, and drink his blood, but also are carriers of viral and bacterial diseases as well as helminth eggs.The forces of the immune system puppy too weak to withstand serious infections.

Drops against fleas and ticks for dogs under 6 months

at this tender age, the need to combine high protection and maximum natural, safe products.Therefore, veterinarians recommend the use of special collars for puppies.They contain a small dose of drugs, and do not harm the body of kids.However, some owners make a big mistake, at the same time using a drop on the withers, collar and shampoo from parasites.The dosage of the drug may be too high, and your pet is poisoned.Exception - means based on aromatic droplet repellency effect.They will only reinforce the protection of your pet.

Such a drop of fleas and ticks for dogs should be in your arsenal ever.This Bio-drop and BIO-collars "Beafar."Do not forget that trip to the country, or in the woods always involves a much higher risk than a walk in the yard, so in this case, be sure to use the additional antiparasitic drops on the withers.These include means of Bio Spot on drops from "Beafar."It provides reliable protection against all blood-sucking insects, and it is absolutely safe for your pet.

choose the means of exposure time

This is important, because someone spends the summer in nature, while others are not chosen from a city apartment.Of course, the level of protection needed for each his own.It therefore created a variety of drops of fleas and ticks.Reviews veterinarians and owners talk about their high performance: even with the high activity of parasites manage to avoid contact with them.If you will be a short drive out of town, you can use tools such as Bio Spot on drops or Bio Spot on spray.They provide protection for up to 4 days.If you're used to spend the summer at the dacha or regularly visit the city, you should use the Bio Band flea collar - is the collar for up to 4 months of continuous protection.

Summer - the height of tick activity

Many dog ​​owners know that the peak activity of these blood-sucking insects occurs in May-June and August-September.It was at this time the most important to use the drops from fleas and ticks for dogs and cats.To do this, many manufacturers are developing a separate series of products based on tetrachlorvinphos.These include the means of «SOS BEAFAR."The drug is the longest in its effects, working 8 months, that is the whole season maximum activity of ticks.

Means for cats

So far we have only talked about the dogs, but the drop from fleas and ticks for cats have exactly the same mechanism of action and can safely be used with a small correction to the weight of the animal.If you have an adult cat, it is quite suitable dosage is calculated on the puppy.However, there are special tools that can be taken for the furry favorite.The most recommended by veterinarians is a means of "Front Line".This drug complex effects of fleas and ticks.Its active ingredient - fipronil.This is the quality, but also one of the most expensive assets.In a single package will have to pay about 400 rubles.

next want to bring to your attention the drug "Dana-2 Ultra."It is an effective remedy for fleas, ticks and tongs.Advantages: - reasonable price and low toxicity.However, the disadvantage is that it can not be used for small kittens and pregnant cats.Should the drug about 35 rubles.

Another means by which you should pay attention to is the Russian "Celandine".These droplets kill both adult parasites and their larvae.It belongs to moderately hazardous and poses no danger to humans.The cost of the drug - about 60 rubles, while using it to remove the block in kittens under 3 months is not recommended.

Drops of fleas and ticks "Bars»

Probably the most famous brand.Drops of this series are used for the protection of cats and dogs of lice, fleas, lice.In addition, the means prescribed for sarcoptic mange, notoedroze, otodektoz, defeat ticks.The active ingredient of the drug - fipronil.Producing a drop in a convenient package, 3-4 ampoules.Each is provided with a suitable pipette.

drug has a pronounced effect on the larval and mature fish parasites.After applying means it is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but remains in the epidermis and sebaceous glands.That this is due to its long insektoakaritsidny and repellent effect.The mechanism of action of the drug is that when in contact with the parasite transmission of nerve impulses is disrupted, leading to paralysis and death of the insects.The drug is well tolerated by the animals and, therefore, can be widely used.These drops from fleas and ticks are also safe for the puppies, although not recommended to use them under the age of 10 weeks, unless absolutely necessary.If the weight of your pet has more than 2 kg, this limitation can not be ignored.

How dangerous tick

In fact, those who first got himself a pet, may not know how important it is to use a drop of fleas and ticks.Instructions for use gives only general information on the method of application, namely the application of the drug on the withers with a periodicity due to the dosage of the agent.Ticks are dangerous because they are carriers of a deadly disease called piroplasmosis.This parasitic disease in which red blood cells are destroyed, disrupted the supply of oxygen, and if time does not carry out the treatment, the death of a pet is inevitable.That is why from the very early spring, when the snow comes first grass, you need to start treating your pets

preparations for protection against ticks

We have already mentioned the French drug "Front Line".He is considered one of the best to date.That's why most veterinarians recommend his name.At the same time it does not protect against an attack of the tick, but after drinking the blood, the insect dies, failing to give the blood stream of the alcohol consumed.This achieves protection against piroplasmosis.The effectiveness of anti-mite is about 95%.

second most effective drugs are considered to be "Mr. Bruno" and "Fipreks."This generic famous "Front Line".They have a slightly lower efficiency, about 80%, however, and are cheaper.

also include effective drops against ticks should be noted preparations "Hartz", "Advantix", "Dan" and "Celandine".They are very effective, but it is completely safe for the animal.Created on the basis of permethrin, they have contact action.The only negative - they are easily washed away with water, therefore not suitable if your pet likes to swim in the open water.We must remember that do not protect against ticks drop "Stronghold", "lawyer", "Advanteydzh."

Fleas and control

These blood-sucking insects are more common, but bring less trouble than ticks.The appearance of fleas is always clearly visible: pet scratched and worried, and in the study can be found under the wool themselves from insects or traces of their presence, sores and undigested blood, black spots on the skin.To combat pests, any suitable means listed here.Especially useful collars, which are designed for long-term (one year) protection.For example, often the owners of cats and dogs are buying "practice."Drops of fleas and ticks, which have long established themselves as fairly reliable, the Council and veterinarians.

drug "Practitioner»

This is another well-known analog of the French drug "Front Line".It is quite expensive, the packaging will cost about 1,000 rubles.The majority owners rush to heed the advice of doctors and to get "practice."Drops of fleas and ticks, instructions for use which does not require special medical knowledge, gained the trust of reliable clinical studies that confirm the efficacy of the product.

drug is intended for the control of parasitic insects and protects them from attack.The active ingredient - pyriprole.The most important thing - it's convenient packaging and dosage, designed for a specific age and weight of the dog.That is, you do not need to measure the required dose, just ask in a veterinary pharmacy "Practitioner" (Drops of fleas and ticks).Instructions precisely orient you, what kind of packing you should purchase.It remains only to cut off the top of the pipette and once the solution was applied to clean, dry skin of the pet in the area of ​​the blades.At the same time spread the coat to the drug hit it on the skin.Do not wash or bathe the animal in the first days after application.

drug Sentry

If your pet needs extra protection, you should opt for drug Sentry.Drops of fleas and ticks usually begin to act only after 10-12 hours, whereas it means killing the insects in 5 minutes after application.If you suddenly decide to take a hike in the woods, and your pet is not treated against ticks, the best option is not found.This effect lasts for a month.The only rule: in the first days after the application do not allow your pet to swim in the waters.

Universal preparation

It's about a drug called "Inspector Total C".It is a complex tool - a drop of fleas, ticks and worms.That is, it can be used even in the preparation of animal to inoculation.The only condition: Pet must not be younger than 7 weeks of age.It is also applied to the dry skin on the withers.Parting the hair, squeeze out the contents of the pipette on the skin.In order to prevent all kinds of invasions processing is performed once a month.Exception - pregnancy, recovery after a serious illness, the age of one month.


Today means for the control of parasitic insects on the market more than enough.Today, we have considered only the drops and the characteristics of their application, but it must be remembered that in addition to this there are also other forms.It sprays and collars, antiparasitic shampoos and creams, powder.Each form has its pluses and minuses, but the drop on the withers are the most effective.They allow for long-term protection pet, and it is completely safe for him.Depending on the manufacturer, the period of protection against mosquitoes is from 1 to 8 months.