Again, children's pearl

podborochka children's statements that the parents shared in the network.

Cyrus (4 years 11 months) reviews grandmother's photos in his youth.Asks:

- Grandma, is that you?

- Yes, I do.

- You are so smooth was still!


expected completion.Asyane (4 years 5 months) reported that in my mother's belly wound a child.Asyanya philosophize on the topic:

- first baby in the tummy, and then get it and it will be zero years old.And the teacher said that there are worms in the stomach!It happens that a child, and it happens that the worms as lucky ...


helping his son (7 years old) dressed to the rink.Passes by husband and son shames:

- Oh, little boy!Mom puts it.

The answer is not long in coming:

- Oh-oh-oh, and he-sleeping with her mother every day, as a little!


Anton (6 years 5 months) asks:

- Mom, I forgot, cows, sheep, chickens, geese - as a word called?The cattle or swine?


Glory (9 years):

- Back to school with Maxim relations figured out!I told him that he was marginal and lumpen lumpen.And he - I loshn.


Over dinner, my daughter talks about his deeds in the garden:

- We read, count, draw, write, wrote in notebooks ... ... with these stripes.Well, you know ... Or when you study, there was no paper?Or already been? ..


daughter reads a poem:

- ladybug, fly away to heaven, bring us bread, black and white, but not burnt ...

daughter so calmly continued:

- And bring milk, sausages and anything for tea.


Leave the guests.I say small (5 years):

- Say goodbye.

- I forgive you!


son is in second grade.Roman numerals they have not explained, but the text of Peter I already asked.The son does his homework, and my wife and I sit next to her and read every one ear listening to what he was reading ...

Hear following:

- ... Russian Emperor Peter-stick.

I'm laughing already crawled under the table.


- Mom, can I go for a walk?

- this hole in the pantyhose?

- No, Svetka from the third floor.


Advertising shampoo on TV:

- your shampoo solves only one problem, and my - as much as five!

Alina (9 years) responds to the TV:

- Well, then, you have more problems than we do.


Anya Took away from the garden.Group all the angels shouted in unison:

- Anya!Till!Annie, bye!

touching scene, that's what kids friendly.And Anya smiles at them, waving his little hand and I'm so quietly, through clenched teeth said:

- These assholes.


daughter fell while walking, crying.Her sidekick (3 years 8 months) suitable pats on the head and comforts:

- Do not cry, will live up to the wedding ...


Son of treated apples.He just takes looking at me.I:

- What say do you want?

- You washed it?


late in the fourth set evaluation.Please show blog.Son:

- Wait, look better, I can wiggle their ears.



- Andrew, now the Draw eight.She looks like a doll.

- No, Daddy, it is similar to the DNA!

expression Pope had to be seen.


support me here-grandson third graders to learn English, we are having disagreements about pronunciation.I say:

- I was taught this way.

- Grandma!Well, do not you see!Now the twenty-first century, not yours ... nineteen.


Arthur (4 years 5 months) loves to watch the popular movie "Discovery" about the whales, who bought the Pope.

The next day we take away from the garden.And it was winter.We and the teacher says:

- Your Arthur jumped on the walk, and I made the remark to him, "Arthur, do not jump, and the vsparishsya!" And he replied: "I can not vsparitsya, this requires a female."


We stand at a traffic light with a small, close woman patent leather shoes on high heels, a short sarafan.Small looked admiringly, already bent over and touched his shoes and gave:

- What a woman!What are the slippers!


subtracts I on one site, it is necessary to once a week goes around the house and disposed of 27 unnecessary things.I decided so unobtrusive way to restore order in nurseries hands of the children themselves.I say:

- Starting today, play a game of "27".I'll wake up in the middle apartment with a package, and you have to bring in this pack 27 useless things, papers, toys and other debris.I'm going to count aloud.Who will bring fewer things that throw this garbage.Starting from today.

useless to argue with me.Children went from room to room to prepare for the "game".I hear like a big leaving, muttered under his breath:

- Again Mama online any garbage been reading ...


child when playing in the departure of the train from the station, announcing:

- embracing-obnimanie train goes ...

Probably, because after these words, people tend to embrace at the station.


Lera (3 years 5 months) in the evening:

- When I grow up and graduate from kindergarten, where would I go?

- The school as Eugene.

- And then?

- The Institute.

- And then?

- at work.

- And then?

- Uh ... retirement.

- Yes? .. And I have to live when I am?

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