Camoe Important In Life Photography

What picture have almost all people, with rare exceptions, on the planet Earth?It is the most important?

Photos from birth - not at all.Maybe the wedding photos - is not all there.Photo beloved, mother, baby?They, of course, important, but there is that which is always in the top photo in the first place.It is a small, but udalenkaya photo in your passport.

about her have fun joke: "If albomchik thin, and the picture in it ugly, it Passport!ยป

It's certainly not a pattern, but almost all people do not like your photo in the passport.But this is really a problem and must be solved somehow.

After periods designated "living" this photo is not small.

first period - "Pimply."

You fourteen, you are a big or large, and has proudly declares: "I will soon get a passport!"Worried because this is your first official photos.And she will represent you as much as 20 years.

It turns out that the guys are in the army at eighteen, and the passport they are still fourteen pimply youth.A girl of fourteen straight bangs or creative hairstyle sfotkatsya passport, six months later changed her hairstyle and do not understand who is there in the passport.And after five or six years, did not compare with the original photo.

And everyone is waiting for the second time to change the picture.For guys that period - "Almost all my life," and for girls - "While the marriage will not go!"

Guys like imprinted itself in the twenty years since forty-five are young-faced look of the passport.And girls, if it so happens that you can not just change a new picture by changing the name and the husband parallel.

So here I am now in the second period.My first photo was just simply awesome!I waited twenty years to change it.And when the time came, I was ready to, to get a good shot.And it came out pretty cute.

So here's my advice: Do not listen to anyone who says that a person must be serious, and you will get the robot, the eggs hatch.Of course, I urge you not to smile all thirty-two teeth (or how much you have left there), just make merry eyes and just lift the corners of her mouth.And hehey - you really well on the most important pictures of your life!