The beauty and majesty of water giants: what is the waterfall?

Water - one of the four elements.Many consider it a soft, flexible, devoid of any aggression and force.But things are changing at the moment when the sight overlooking the waterfall.When the rumbling noise of the water flow is spread throughout the county, eclipsing all other sounds.At this moment, it seems that nothing on earth can stop the powerful giant.

But what is the waterfall?More precisely, what it means for us?Why are millions of tourists every year eager to plan your route so that at least a glimpse of the nature of this phenomenon?And where are the most beautiful waterfalls in the world?

irresistible force of water

Before going on a trip to the most remote corners of the planet, stop for a minute and talk about the rivers.Indeed, thanks to them we were able to find out what the waterfall.If not for their perseverance and steadfastness, the water would not have been able to reach the right place.

Each waterfall in the world originates from the river, and it is not important, it flows on the surface or an underground source.So, the waterfall - this is one element in a closed water cycle chain.

But this is only a word.Much more important is that it is able to awaken in us beautiful feelings such as joy, admiration and desire to be better.That is why we are seeking at least once in a lifetime to see this wonderful creation of nature.

highest waterfalls in the world

What most fascinates people in the waterfalls?The answer will be their strength and power, and they, in turn, depend on the height of the water drop and flow velocity.That is why the first step is to make a small tour of the places where the highest waterfalls in the world.Introducing the attention of the top three:

1. So, what is the waterfall, is well known to residents of Venezuela, because the territory of their country is the highest waterfall in the world.We opened it recently, or rather, that in 1935 The discovery belongs to the American pilot James Crawford Angela, who saw him during the flight.

Since that time, the waterfall was named Angel (or angel), its height is 978 meters.Every year it is visited by thousands of tourists, with their quite scary that way to the waterfall have on primeval jungle thickets.

2. On the territory of South Africa is a large royal park Natal.This is a very picturesque piece of the black continent in itself is a great place for tourism.But it gives a special charm to the Tugela Falls, which is located on the slope of the Dragon Mountains.

total height of five water cascades of 948 m, making it the second largest.If you believe the tourists, the best time to visit here - the winter as in the period covered by the tip of a large waterfall snow cap.Sometimes it seems that a little more, and the waterfall itself will turn into a piece of ice, but it is this never happened.

3. In Norway, there are two of the highest waterfall in Europe.The first - a Utigord, its height is 800 meters.Second - Monge, with a slightly lower altitude of 774 meters.Given the pristine beauty of the local nature, Norway became the best option for those wishing to see the highest waterfalls without having to travel outside of Europe.

most beautiful waterfalls

high does not mean most beautiful.That is why the present description of the top three most wonderful waterfalls in the world.After all, without it to understand what the waterfall is simply impossible:

1. The first place rightfully belongs to the waterfall called IguaƧu, it is at the junction of Brazil and Argentina.To be precise, it is a system of raging water streams that form the letter "U".According to estimates of local scientists, there are more than 270 waterfalls with a total length of about 3 kilometers.

2. Next on the list is Croatia, with its waterfalls of Plitvice.They are located in the local nature reserve, so the nature here has retained its original appearance.But the main feature of this place - a lake with crystal clear water.These reservoirs are located at different heights and interconnected cascades of waterfalls.

3. The most famous is the Niagara Falls.This giant is in the United States, and each year it is visited by millions of tourists.Its main feature is the availability of, as you can get here on a regular bus from the nearest town.

Falls Rossi

But the river with a waterfall - not a rarity even in Russia, albeit they are not as big as in other countries, yet they can please the eye as well as anyone.Here is a small top Russian waterfalls:

1. On the Central Siberian Plateau is Talnikovsky waterfall.Its height is 600 meters, which can not but arouse admiration.The only negative - the inaccessibility of the region, which reduces the number of tourists who want to visit it.

2. Sayan mountain system keeps two great waterfall: Grand and Kinzelyuksky.The height of the first 200 meters, and the second 400 m.

3. In North Ossetia, a waterfall Zeygelan.Since the issue has become known recently, for many it is still a mystery.Yet the fact that his height - a little over 650 meters, making it one of the highest waterfalls in Europe.