How to save up for a car?

course, the car has long ceased to be a "transcendental" dream performance that left many years, as it was during the life of the country of the Soviets.In the USSR, in order to buy a car, you had to save for a long time.

car - not a luxury

And today, buy the "iron horse" - it's fun, they say, is not cheap.Nevertheless, hundreds of millions of Russians every year acquire a brand new car.Still, the car in modern conditions become available.This is due to the fact that automakers are trying to produce a model that would satisfy the needs of people with different levels of income.However, the situation is far from perfect, so a significant portion of our citizens are still forced to save money on to become the owners of the car.Of course, they think hard about how to save the car, as they say, quickly and without delay.The recommendations given below will certainly be useful for those who dream of acquiring "iron horse."

So, move on to the practical consideration of how to save up for a car to anyone who wants it so crazy.

setting clear goals

Naturally, you need to understand that a desire to buy a car - a little.First of all, you have to determine what kind of "iron horse" you need its brand, color specifications.To determine in advance to how much financial resources required for the purchase of the vehicle.Remember, the more you will be motivated to make a deal, the clearer your mind will aim to emerge about how to save the car as quickly as possible.If your desire to buy a car is burning, then rest assured that it will necessarily be granted.

competently plan your budget

You must learn to control your family budget.Analyze their own costs.Maybe you have bad habits?If you smoke, for example, 2 packs of cigarettes a day, spending on it from 150 to 200 rubles, then you should think about how to get rid of nicotine addiction.This will significantly reduce the time of realization of your goals.It is possible that at the end of the working week you are accustomed to rest in the company of their fellow workers or colleagues over a glass of expensive cognac.To resolve the question of how to save up for a car, not postponing it indefinitely, you have to cut and this expenditure.Think about how you can optimize and his other expenses.If you manage to do it, free of 15-20% of your income will be set aside to buy a car.Here for you is a reduction in the budget would not be too onerous.

preservation and accumulation of funds

Once obtained to defer a certain amount of funds, there is a question about where and how to store them, and well, if they make a profit.Of course, if you keep your savings "under the pillow," you still do not solve the problem for a long time about how to save the first car soon and quickly.

There is an option of opening a deposit in the bank, but you're a handsome profit it does not eject, the most that you can count - is 10 per cent per annum.

Investing capital

There is a better way in which quickly resolved the question of how to save money for a car.What?Investing.You can invest their financial assets in securities PAMM Internet portals, mutual funds, "Forex".All of these tools can be guaranteed to bring you a very good profit, the main thing - is to learn to manage them.

Currently a fairly common source of enrichment, as the trust in the currency trading "Forex".Before investing their money here, you have to understand the principles of this business, otherwise you will not only not solve the question of how quickly accumulate on the car, but will lose all accumulated savings.

Remember that any investment involves certain risks, so if you firmly intend to do this, then do not use all your money, but only a part.Car loans

Currently, those people who in no time need a car, for example, to do business, offer to design it on credit.Of course, if a person will not be overly burdensome its terms, the acquisition of the option "iron horse" should not be ignored.Compare with each other offers from various banks and choose from them the most profitable.You will only need to apply to the financial institution to issue the necessary papers and keys to the car very soon be on their hands.All.To solve the problem of how to save money for a car you no longer need.However, in return you get a different - every month will have time to make a certain amount of money to repay the loan, with interest.Which option is better than buying a car - it's up to you.

However, the employees themselves banks, giving the unspoken comments on the advantages and disadvantages of credit report that should not take money on auto rental reservations, which soon will begin to fall in price.Otherwise you risk to pay double the price for it.In addition, you will be required to pay interest on the loan, to issue an insurance policy and other additional costs.

As is the case in European countries?

course, Europeans, as well as the Russians like to ride a comfortable and fast cars.However, they are suitable for the purchase of vehicles more balanced than our compatriots.Residents of "Old World" always soberly assess their financial capabilities and do not undertake to make a purchase for an amount that exceeds the eight-month income.

How to become the owner of the vehicle normal student?

car today - is the ultimate dream for young people.Students of universities just sleep and see how they run some fast and agile car.But how to save up for a car, and the student is this possible?Of course, this is no easy task, however, as you know, in this world there is nothing impossible.But young people themselves have to seriously limit the means and strictly monitor all their expenses.Again, you should start with setting goals and determining the specific date when it should really be fulfilled.

also need to think about employment for the period of study.Will only save part of their earnings to the realization of its goals.

Conclusion Of course, you will not invest their hard earned money, for fear that they may lose an hour.In this case, you can still buy a car, but only fifteen years later.If you want to speed up this process without the risk that you still can not do.Just remember that any risks must be justified.