How to take "promised payment" on the MTS and to continue dialogue

If you run out of money on the account of a mobile phone that caters to MTS, it is not a problem.At any time you can make so-called "trust payment".This, in essence, a loan that provides telecommunications company to its subscribers.

Who can use

This service is not available to all.If you are served on the tariff plan «Guest», «MTS iPad» or "Your Country", the "promised payment" is not available.But this is not the only condition.To represent a debt caller should not use the services of "Credit" or "In full confidence."Furthermore, the room should not be acting unpaid "promised payment", except when given an additional loan.

Some operators provide credit opportunity only their regular customers who use at least several months.And take the "promised payment" on MTS may even those who have recently joined this network.However, if you are a subscriber of less than two months, it means you will be given credit only if a positive balance in the account, but their size does not exceed 50 rubles.The same conditions hold for those who had outstanding debt of other numbers of 01 of the current month.However, even if the debt has been closed this month, the restrictions will be valid till 16. At the general conditions of the loan will be available only after the 17th.

How to "trust payment»

If you run out of money in the account and replenish it right now there is no way you can borrow a certain amount.To do this, you do not even have to look for friends who are willing to transfer you to the required amount of rubles.Just figure out how to take the "promised payment" on MTS, and remember one of the ways in which this can be done.

To use the service it is necessary to connect.This can be done if to dial * 111 * 23 # and press the call button after that.Also, you can just call the number 1113. If you do not fit these options, you can go the other way.Go to the website of MTS, then there is the Internet Assistant, and use a menu.Consider using the specified online service absolutely free.

How to connect to the Internet Assistant

If you decide to deal with how to take the "promised payment" on the MTS provided through the online service, then you will need to understand how it works.First of all, you need to log into the "My Account" and select the item there that offers to receive a password via SMS.Having said code, you can sign in with your phone number on the website and use the full range of services, including borrow money on the MTS.

If you have Internet access on your phone, tablet or other device with a SIM card of said telecommunications operator, the entrance to the Members Area will take place automatically.

Terms "promised payment»

Before you connect to the service, many are trying to determine the conditions of its reception.If your account balance is positive, then you - if necessary - always available credit in the amount of 50 rubles.But this is the minimum possible amount, it can be significantly increased, depending on how much you spend each month on the link.

If you MTS more than 60 days and to sound out 300 rubles you can expect to get on the score even 200. In the case where your costs are from 300 to 500, payment can reach 400 rubles.Those costs more than 500 rubles per month, can apply for "promised payment" of up to 800 rubles.By the way, to find out exactly how much you spend, you can use the online service "Internet Assistant."

Before you arrange the loan, check your bill.After learning about how to take the "promised payment" on the MTS, it makes sense only if your account balance of at least minus 30 rubles.

The main advantage of this loan from the telecommunications company is the fact that it is limited only by the maximum size.The amount you need, you can choose yourself.At the same time, note that the money borrowed telephone operator gives you a 7 day.During this time you have to fill up the account and the necessary amount will be automatically deducted from it.Otherwise, your number will be blocked.

cost of credit

Many fear even to learn how to take the "promised payment" on MTS, worrying that this service will cost them too much.They prefer to sit without bond until until you get to the nearest terminal, ATM or store.But in fact, the service is very cheap.If you believe every penny, then take the "trust payment" to an amount that does not exceed 20 rubles.It will be absolutely free.

If you understand that 20 rubles for you is negligible, whereas for credit services from MTS will have to spend 5 rubles regardless of the amount borrowed.Money is removed for each connection "promised payment".