How to transfer money from Webmoney to Qiwi?

Today, a significant portion of the working population earns without leaving home.Professions in the field of freelancing is becoming more diverse, and the popularity of remote earnings growing every day.Indeed, if there is an opportunity to realize their talents and skills, doing freelancing, it is a great success.Generally, earnings are dependent solely on your abilities and hard work, not on the number of otsizhennyh office hours.Money for the work is received in electronic form on the web-wallet that everyone has a freelancer.Ways to turn virtual money into real set.One of them - to withdraw through the system Qiwi.To learn how to transfer money from Webmoney to Qiwi, we discuss in this article.

about a new relationship between Webmoney, Qiwi

Until recently, it was much more complex and problematic than it is today.Members puzzled over how to transfer money from Webmoney to Qiwi with minimal losses (at times they reached 8-10% through the use of third-party services).Currently transfers between the two systems, and hence the withdrawal became easier.There is no need to use third-party exchangers or pre-enrollment web-money on cell phone bill.Two services together and offered its clients a wonderful thing - Qiwi replenishment via Webmoney and contrary wallets by binding to each other.

order to easily make money transfers between the two services, it is necessary to connect these electronic wallets.This is possible with the appropriate certificate of WM.For many it is there, but in his absence, arrange your using the information on the official resource Webmoney.You can then proceed to binding procedure.

How to link together two purses: User

Go to the site and go Qiwi authorization procedure.In the column on the right, scroll to "Webmoney" and select the action "Snap".This opens a page with information that can now be easily withdraw money from Webmoney through Qiwi, as well as the transfer fee (3%).After clicking on the "Snap Webmoney" at the bottom of the page you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.It must specify the name, number purse, passport details and specify a limit on the transfer of funds.

Then a window will appear with a link to the site Webmoney.Click on it and go to your WM-purse.In the "Accounts" attach Qiwi Wallet and fill in another form, in which you must specify the code (it will come in the form of SMS messages).Related accounts will be shown in the form of a rectangle, which is made of gray should be green (this indicates that the binding is held).It is necessary to confirm the credibility of the service Webmoney, pressing the "S" in this rectangle.The site Qiwi should also do this (see "Security" in the settings).Now your wallets at two services are connected, and you can not worry about how to transfer money from Webmoney to Qiwi.

procedure for the transfer of money between purses

In order that the funds switched to Qiwi-purse, you need to log in to your personal account and find a block "Webmoney".It will display information about all active WM-purses.Click on the link for account management and select from the action (there are such items as "transfer money from Webmoney to Qiwi" or "Add a purse Webmoney").Fill out the appropriate form of transfer, indicating the desired amount.You can leave a comment (below the line with the amount) in order to quickly find information about the payment reports.

Here is a simple and straightforward procedure.Tying wallets by two services, one time, you will be able to make regular transfers to and fro quickly and easily.By the way, Qiwi wallet, you can not attach one, but several purses Webmoney.