Automatic watering the lawn

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Each owner suburban area, garden equipment such familiar everyday procedure as watering lawns and plants.This is a fairly time-consuming work which takes a lot of time.Everything is complicated, if the site is really large.But what if you have the opportunity to make your life easier?

What is automatic watering the lawn?

In a nutshell, it is the dream of every owner of the suburban area.This system saves money and water, in addition, provides a much needed free time, which is impossible without normal rest.And it is for that person and leaves town.

same People who constantly live in suburban areas, making temporary houses in cozy cottages, automatic watering the lawn can save you a lot of time.In addition, it will give the lawn healthy and beautiful, who really wants to enjoy.

advantages of automatic irrigation

In such systems, which provide the irrigation of the lawn, a lot of advantages.But it is necessary to describe only the basic:

  1. Watering will be carried out uniformly and all the necessary technology.Man does not participate in the process.
  2. installed equipment is very simple - you can invite specialists or manage in-house.
  3. Sectoral watering can also be adjusted.Thus, water will not fall on the building.
  4. Automatic watering the lawn can be equipped with additional devices.
  5. Et save your strength, reduces the consumption of electricity and water.The latter is due to a clear cycle.
  6. Automatic watering system can be configured to be more frequent watering during dry days, and in the rain - less.
  7. The system can be equipped with a heating unit, which can also be configured to maintain the desired temperature of the water.

system with their own hands

How to watering the lawn with his own hands?Large-scale project should be carried out by trained and competent specialist, but such work may be done and the common man, if he has clear instructions for use.

in that order, and will further written text - as a step by step instructions carefully, by doing that, you may well be able to put together a system of automatic irrigation.This instruction consists of three steps.

first step - a plan diagram

should start with the basics, that is the plan.To do this, have their own reasons - a system that provides lawn watering - a very ambitious project, and it requires careful planning.You must first purchase the equipment for watering the lawn.Oh, and you should consider that it is necessary to buy and in what quantity.Next it will be necessary to make a list of actions - it makes it possible to understand how much work awaits, so whether you want to attract more of one or more pairs of hands, and so on. D.

It is also important to think about the planning of the irrigation schemes - for this purpose wellsuitable graph paper (plain drawing paper).In her apply a schematic plan of all buildings and areas, which are located on the site.This will include building paths and green areas, flower beds, and more.Naturally, it is best to start with the purchase of land - it will allow you not to harm the existing structures and plants.That is, you will need to plan more and how the plants will be planted and a lawn.Thus, we can make the system for watering the lawn with his own hands, and in exactly the way you want.

The diagram notes a source of water, as well as the location of the pump - the best that this source was about the middle of the plot.This will stretch the line evenly, which means that an automatic watering the lawn will work with the same pressure in all areas.From the pump line on the paper carried, and derivative thereof.On these lines are marked sprinklers, ie sprinklers.They may differ in the radius of action, and therefore, you must first select them, and then do the circuit.It also outlines the coverage you all the sprinklers.For each group of watering heads need a separate solenoid.

The second step - the purchase of the necessary

Once the scheme is ready, and you understand how to watering the lawn will be in your area, you can proceed to purchase the necessary materials.For the overwhelming majority of systems needed materials such as:

  • pump for water intake;
  • pipe;
  • parts for connection;
  • sprinklers;
  • pressure regulators in the pipes;
  • filters;
  • solenoid valves;
  • essential tool for dripping earth;
  • controllers.

All of the above details are absolutely necessary.Pumping station, for example, need to be carefully selected depending on the size of the land - what it is, the more water is needed.Filters need to purify water from makeshift wells, or sprinklers and the pipes themselves very quickly come into disrepair.The pressure regulator is needed for systems where the sprinklers will be used with a different pressure, or watering is carried by droplets.Controllers and solenoid valves - one of the most important parts of the system, simply because they control the watering regimes.Pipes is also necessary to choose carefully.They can be of several types - it is possible to consult the store.

Preparation and installation

What is the work to install a system such as automatic watering the lawn?

equipment will be installed in several stages:

  • pumping station;
  • laying ditches;
  • laying pipe;
  • joining system to the pump;
  • install sprinklers;
  • installation of controllers, valves, controls movement of sprinklers, filters, etc .;
  • commissioning, programming and testing of the system controller.
  • run.

After making these works, if you approach everything with sufficient care, as a result get a real system for irrigation.Description is quite short, but it's enough to understand the order in which the work must be done.

subtleties and nuances

There are a few simple rules that must be met for the system to work properly, and serve you for a long time:

  • Firstly, the need to monitor the filters, check their status every two weeks.
  • rest of the system also need to check, but rarely twice.
  • From time to time you will have to fix subsidence.
  • At the beginning of the season the battery should be changed, and even the winter would be better to remove them.
  • If the system is preserved, the water should not be there.
  • Electrovalves better to dismantle the cold.
  • Similarly, it is necessary to proceed with the humidity and temperature sensors.

subtlety and watering

Here are some tips:

  • How often to water the lawn?Best of all every night or every other day, and during the dry days - and in the morning.
  • considered sufficiently moist soil, even if water has penetrated to a depth of half a meter (you can delve just thirty centimeters).
  • Avoid excess water.
  • irrigate lawn open jet is not recommended.
  • During wet weather watering can be done once a week or once every three days.