Where and how to fund "Yandex".

More and more people appreciate the advantage of direct payments via the Internet.One of the most popular systems of electronic purses in Russia along with Webmoney is "Yandex".By using this service, you can pay for the services, to pay for goods purchased via the Internet, to carry out various payments online.However, to get started is to learn how to update your account "Yandex".

Methods for transfer of funds to the purse

electronic money system offers several ways to refill.Earlier in the free market have been pre-paid cards, but at the moment they are canceled.Currently, you can get funds from other users on the system, deposit cash, transfer money from a bank card or other payment service.Each method offers several options, you can only choose the most convenient.

First, let's look at how to fill "Yandex" on the phone.People say that it is very convenient.Judge for yourself: you can deposit funds in the system, without leaving home.Moreover, you do not even need any payment cards, online banking or other electronic wallets.

Telephone operators are going to meet the users of the system "Yandex┬╗

order for funds from your mobile bill was transferred to the electronic wallet, you must be a subscriber of the "Beeline" and MTS and "Megaphone".Naturally, you need to have on your balance was necessary in view of the amount of commission that will be charged for the service.So, how to fill up "Yandex" through the phone?All you have to do - is to remember a short number and know your e-wallet.

Each operator - their numbers.So, for subscribers of MTS short number - 112 is, for the "Megaphone" - 133, and for the "Beeline" - 145. Enter the phone the following combination: * short number * number "Yandex-purse" * # required amount.Please note this order set for MTS and "Beeline".The subscribers of "Megaphone" should dial: * short number * amount * account number in the system "Yandex" #.After just a few minutes will be imposed on the amount of electronic purse.

But it's not the only way to replenish the "Yandex" on the phone.Operators offer another option.For this one needs to send an SMS with the account number in the system of electronic payments and the amount of the transfer.However, it is desirable to specify the number of the operator - it has the usual format of a federal.Remember, with any method of replenishment through the phone is desirable to keep all messages.If you specify the amount does not reach, you can make a complaint to the operator.This is the only evidence that an attempt to fill "Yandex" by phone was unsuccessful.

can also take advantage of special services, for example, ruru.ru.In this case, you will need to enter your phone number and the amount.After this will confirm the payment by entering a code that comes in the form of sms to the mobile number.

get free payment methods in the salons partner

If you do not have enough money on the phone or you do not trust such payments, you can contact one of the nearby salons partners of said system.These are the "Euroset", "The Messenger", "Banzai," "Alt Telecom".In any of these payments are made instantly, with no commission.But the most popular was "Euroset" and "The Messenger" (due to the large number of stores in many cities).At checkout you will be given a check, which will be a confirmation of payment.True, there should always be alert and to check the number of e-bills.In case of an error and transfer money to other people's expense, no one will return the cash.

payments through banks

Another place to recharge "Yandex" can be instantly and without any fees and interest, it is the bank.Rather, the banks, because they are many in Russia.The required amount can be paid at any of the offices of financial institutions connected to the "City".Payments are instantaneous, the banks do not charge customers any fees or interest.Also, no additional costs and delays can add funds in such banks as "acceptance", "Left Bank", "Sovcombank", "Bank of Moscow" and many others, a full list of which is available to all users "Yandex".On the official website you will find information about the location of offices.This will allow you to choose the closest to your home or work place where you can replenish your account.Just note that not all of these online banks transfer funds instantly, in fact, some charge a commission for their services.

To enroll in any of the offices mentioned above, you need to say that you want to fill, "Yandex" to inform your account number and payment amount.Do not forget to pick up a receipt confirming payment.If after a set time the funds are received into the account, you will have the opportunity to reasonably make a claim to the bank.

Self-service terminals: fast, cheap, convenient

Currently, an increasing number of active Internet users prefer to deposit funds without the participation of other persons.Thus, the functional exchange allows you to transfer money through the terminal.Add "Yandex" in this way is even easier: select the icon on the screen of the system, enter your account, fill in the necessary amount and take the check.Transfer the amount in most cases, almost instantly, and for users, this service is absolutely free.Currently, there are several dozen names of network terminals, a full list of which can be found in the public domain on the website "Yandex".

Note!The maximum single deposit amount by the terminal may not exceed 15,000 rubles.Nevertheless, given the number of self-service systems, the popularity of the considered method is quite high.

Internet banking

If you do not desire to understand how to fill "Yandex" via phone, or simply not possible, and the prospect of your nearest branch of the bank or the terminal does not appeal to you perfectly, do not despair.Would access to the network!If you have connected Internet banking Savings Bank, "Alfa-Bank" VTB or any other financial institution that collaborates with the considered system of electronic money transfer money to the account, you can easily.In many of them, the default base template, choosing which you have to enter only your account, and the amount.

Bank Cards

Even if you do not have an account on the system "Yandex", but you need to transfer funds into the electronic purse, you can do it directly from the official site.It's enough to have a Visa or MasterCard, the protection of which is provided for the 3-D Secure.If this condition is met, you can just click on the website "Yandex" button "Add Account" and then enter the recipient and amount.At the same time keep your credit card handy - you'll need it details.Add 'Yandex' card very easily, but this method has one small drawback.Regardless of the amount transferred to you will be charged a fee of 49 rubles.

Funds from bank accounts

currently listed currency on its own purse in the system "Yandex" users can in many countries.Naturally, for this they must have an account with one of the banks, conducting payments over the Internet.The official website of the mentioned electronic system choose your country and the required currency.After pressing the bottom of the form you will be provided with relevant details.They must be specified when making a payment in the Internet banking system.

commission for these payments can be found at the bank.In some countries, payment is considered an internal, so the overpayment is small, in others it is as international.In such a case, and the commission will be appropriate.

Financial constraints

No matter what method you choose to fill up your own or someone else's account in the system "Yandex", be prepared for the fact that at one time, you can make only a certain amount.

when funding from the bank account anonymous can put no more than 15 000 Russian rubles at a time, and up to 40 000 rubles - for a month.The amount of one-time payment for identified users is 100 000 rubles., Monthly - 6 000 000.

use cards to transfer money allows you to withdraw up to 15 000 for the single payment, to 100 000 rubles per day, and up to 200 000 rubles per month.At the same time with the Russian card, you can write off the currency of no more than 15 times per day and up to 40 times - a month.For foreign set more stringent limit: in one day - no more than 8 payments during the month - up to 16.

use Internet banking, payment terminals, transfers, bank offices and showrooms allows partners to deposit no more than 15000 at a time.

This operation, as the completion of "Yandex" via phone, has more stringent restrictions on the amount.Put more than 5 000 in this way is impossible.This commission, depending on the operator, will be from 8 to 12.5%.

possible service

dealt with numerous payment methods, many ask questions regarding fuktsionala system.With the electronic purse, you can withdraw cash, pay for various purchases online, transfer currency or other users perform various municipal payments (same utilities).For example, you can pay by phone "Yandex".It is only necessary to have the required amount in the account and know your cell number to be entered when filling out a special form.

using said service possible both in Russia and abroad.Moreover, "Yandex" offers its users a free plastic card, which can be calculated in the usual offline-stores.Order it, you pay only for shipping.