Learn how to cook pasta.

cook pasta is not as easy as it seems at first glance.It would seem that just need to throw the pasta in the boiling water, stir and wait until they are ready.However, many housewives are unable to cook them properly.First, they are not ready, a little bit more - and all the pasta overcooked and hopelessly flawed.But how to determine the readiness of pasta?Do the secrets of cooking delicious pasta?Of course yes!And they are quite accessible ordinary housewife.

"correct" pasta

Before cooking pasta, we must also learn how to choose it.After all, the right to cook it al dente state.It still depends on the quality of pasta.The fact is that when they are released into the water boiling starch.For this reason, pasta boiled soft.What is it in the pasta will be more difficult to prepare the "undercooked" paste.

On what does the amount of starch in it?Of course, from the flour used.For real Italian pasta takes only one that is made from durum wheat.On the shelves you can find local products of different quality.Suitable only the paste, which is marked by the letter "A".It is more expensive, but better after cooking retains its shape and does not fall apart.

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Cooking pasta

Buy "right" pasta - that's half the battle.It is necessary to cook them even to the required degree of readiness.Nothing complicated and intricate in it, but many neglect the simple rules.As a result, instead of a delicious dinner turns some porridge pasta.So, what is the secret of cooking pasta al dente?The most important - is the observance of proportions.For every 100 grams of pasta is taken 1 liter of water, 10 grams of salt and 20 ml of olive oil.

First you need to boil water in a large saucepan, then add salt and pasta.Several times mix well, so they do not stick together, and cook until tender.But how long it takes depends on the type of pasta.Typically, the time indicated on the package.For 1-2 minutes before the estimated willingness to taste the pasta to the tooth.Once they seem slightly undercooked, recline on a sieve and drain the water.Season with olive oil.Pasta is ready!

Al dente - This ...

Many, of course, familiar with this term.However, not all fully understand what it means.Literally translated from the Italian as "to the tooth".This name is due to the fact that the willingness spepen pasta determined only by removing the sample.If raskusyvanii paste a bit springy, so it is ready and it's time to drain the water.

But many, even so, still manage to cook pasta properly.Some of nedovarivayut other digested.The fact that the degree of readiness of al dente - it is a very fine line between raw and ready-tainted toothpaste.The account is literally seconds.So you need to try the pasta "by heart."They should be easy to crack, but remain slightly firm inside.Knowing how to choose and cook pasta, you can try to cook it with a variety of sauces.

Pasta carbonara

One of my favorite Italian pasta is pasta carbonara.It is made of the available products, but this gives a very satisfying dinner.So, first you need to cook the sauce.For him to crush 2-3 garlic cloves, finely chopped best.150 grams of bacon or ham cut into thin strips.At a little olive oil to fry the garlic, add the bacon and continue grilling until it is lightly browned.

cheese, parmesan, ideally, grate.It will need about 50 grams.3 egg yolks permission or excuse whisk with salt and pepper.Whipping is not necessary.Add 150 ml cream and grated cheese.Mix well.Boil the pasta until al dente state.Pasta carbonara is ready after will be mixed all 3 components: fried bacon, cream sauce and cooked spaghetti.

pasta with cheese and tomato

Perhaps it is the simple recipe that uses pasta.Recipe with photos of each step do not even need to cook it.4 people need 300 grams of any pasta (penne, farfalle, and so on), 200 grams of cheese, 2-3 tomatoes, salt, pepper and vegetable oil for frying.

Cook pasta as directed on the package.Tilt in a colander and drain well.Any cheese varieties grate.Tomatoes diced (optional, you can remove the skin by lowering them for a few seconds in boiling water) and fry in olive oil.Add them to the pasta, salt, pepper and cheese at the end.Mix well and warm over medium heat for 3-4 minutes.What could be simpler and more delicious classics?That's right, nothing.

Spaghetti bolognese

Another favorite recipe from Italy is spaghetti bolognese.It is important that in this dish was the pasta is al dente.This greatly affects the final taste as bad meat sauce with overcooked pasta combined.It is in its preparation and should start.

Prepare vegetables for bolognese sauce.Carrot Grate, onion and 2-3 stalks celery, cut into small cubes.In the olive oil fry the onion with 500 grams of ground beef, add 2-3 tablespoons of pureed tomatoes in their own juice.Then put the carrots and celery and fry all together for another 3-4 minutes.Add remaining tomatoes (all will need 400 grams) and simmer on low heat until tender.Add salt and pepper until the end of cooking so as not to spoil the taste of the sauce.

Meanwhile boil spaghetti.You can feed them, toss with sauce and can be individually, as you wish this paste.The recipe with a photo of this dish requires a different pitch.Although very impressive look spaghetti arranged in the form of nests with meat sauce in the middle.