How to store the boat PVC winter?

Water activities gaining more fans.Very many families acquire inflatable boats from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), not only for fishing, but also for trips on rivers and lakes, beaches and tourist trips.Almost everywhere the surface of ponds full of colorful flowers hiking, fishing and pleasure boats and sudenyshek.We see in them, and couples with children, and noisy youth companies, fishermen and silent single somewhere away from the general noise and fun.

Choose to suit every taste

These boats are both small, double or triple, and real whopper.There are children's inflatable model, something between a boat and a small swimming pool.They are happy kids splashing.There are special tourist intended for rafting.

Boats are oars and with the motor, a relatively inexpensive and worth crazy money.Owning a "toy", in addition to fun, bears and quite tangible concerns.For the safety of the property is important not cheap competent PVC winter boat storage.

what's the problem?

Handling of PVC products at low temperatures has its own characteristics.In the bend they appear signs of wrinkles.Effects of low temperatures can be different.It depends on the temperature at which the boat was stored and at what has been impacted.That is, it began to move, pump up, move, and so on. D. So the question is where to store the boat PVC winter may suddenly be a serious problem.

If the product was stored at a small "minus" and then a few "rested" in the heat, the effects are reversible.Traces disappear within a couple of days.If the storage temperature is below minus 15-20 ° C, is not excluded serious damage.

What kind of material - PVC?

In the past, the boats were made of rubber tissue, and keep them, sprinkling talcum powder or baby powder.Manufacturers of modern products are focused on their reliability and durability.But in reality?How to store the boat PVC winter to spring suddenly discover that she has come into disrepair?Agree, bite your elbows no one wants.

Inflatable boats are made exclusively from certified multilayer materials.They have a certain temperature range at which the manufacturer guarantees the quality of consumer.

How to keep the boat from PVC winter?

Keeping them off the shelf is subject to the instructions of a very wide range of temperatures - from -45 ° to +50 ° C.The implication is that the boat is not touched or moved.Then she "survive" even the harsh winter.

If the room is heated and storage of boats made of PVC at temperatures above -5 ° C, move and stack it can be.True, the "zero" and the following articles of polyvinyl chloride greatly lose their elasticity.Collect a boat in a compact package will not be easy.

Conclusion: if the boat "hibernate" in an unheated room (not important - inflated or collapsed), in cold weather it is safer not to touch.This is the easiest and most popular advice on how to store a boat PVC winter.

What else is important

most favorable temperature - in the range of 15 to 40 degrees Celsius.Other storage conditions are not as important in this sense PVC is quite unpretentious.The only warning - do not keep the boat near the heat-generating appliances.And, of course, just keep it away from open flame.

If you plan to store the boat PVC in the garage, basement or shed, remember rodents.Of course, they do not feed on PVC.But if lying around in a boat after fishing season food crumbs or stains remain on the fish, to be sure - to be gnawed together with rubber.

not only PVC

most often involves the design of inflatable boats wooden parts such as seat of waterproof plywood.The properties it can be very different, depending on the manufacturer.

Boats domestic origin are equipped mainly with plywood made of birch veneer with the requirements of GOST.In Chinese products - a little bit different.There used poplar veneer.

Birch plywood on the order of stronger and more durable.The same applies to the other components.

That is why before the purchase to think about how to keep the boat PVC winter and not only in winter.And choose a reliable manufacturer.

should know that the term "water-resistant plywood" does not guarantee safety in wet conditions.This material does not deteriorate in water without air.But when stored in a humid environment with temperature difference can succumb to mildew.The fungus is able to "eat" part of one season.

What should I do

Now consider how to keep the boat from PVC winter in more detail.

First of all, after the end of the summer operation of the boat must be thoroughly clean out the dirt and organic debris.That is, the food, fish scale, slime and so on.If you do not, the winter storage of boats PVC warm impossible.The smell of decomposing residues is provided to you.And close will make you move the boat away from the housing (for example, in the barn), where it is cold and mouse.

boat Wash with soap and water - the foam will allow to detect small defects after their seal.A thorough drying after cleaning is required, especially sections of plywood or near the transom.At the same time, inspect the wooden items, find all chipping, delamination, swelling and burrs.

when not all smooth

Find similar defects, please contact the manufacturer (if the boat warranty).It is best before the onset of winter - spring fishing begins universal excitement.Or try to take their own measures.This sweep sandpaper coated with a special varnish for yachts, impregnated with epoxy or gluing, and so. N.

Wash pumped boat can be a simple cloth or sponge.Apply all modern facilities, up to soap.Just make sure that they are not then the remains were in open water when fishing.

What is most convenient?

How to store PVC boat - in a folded or unfolded?To save space, it is more convenient to pack in a backpack or a bag of your own kit.But it can be kept in the inflated form.The main thing - to provide a flat support and a broad contact area.

True, it is possible within the sealed compartments, condensation, which reduces the life of the valve.Therefore, before the start of the season the condensate from the cylinders necessary to remove.

boat with engine

Now consider winter storage of boats of PVC with a motor, available in several models (mainly foreign manufacturers).What are its components require special attention?How best to store a boat with a motor of PVC?

first and main node - gear.He is constantly in the water is exposed to high load and possible collisions with unwanted obstacles.

carburetor mixture comprises oxygen and water vapor air.At a constant engine operating their impact quickly.When the motor is stopped and stored in a room, it is very likely occurrence of condensation on the inner surface thereof.Prolonged operation without consequences may not be too pleasant.Therefore advice "how to store a boat with a motor of PVC" three-quarters of it contain information on the measures for the preservation of the engine.

Do Preservation

Some believe that oil, part of the mixture has a preservative effect.This information can be found in numerous tips on how to keep the PVC boat with a motor.Is it true?At first - yes.But subsequently the oil drains from the surface because it has no additives.Without the protection of the motor in a cold room will not live long.

Keeping warm prolongs lifespan, but in general it is not an option.Measures should be taken for conservation, and at the same time to make a diagnosis prevention.Decide whether it is the strength you personally or simply send the motor in service.

In general, nothing complicated in this work is not, but it takes time, a free area, the tool and at least a little experience.Or help of friends - mainly in the diagnosis (especially if the machine is not new).

procedure starts

preservation process consists of two parts.In the first stage, which is most convenient to carry out "on the ground" (right on the water on the last day of the season), begin with the filing of a preservative in food.Spreading the fuel, it will settle in the form of a protective layer on the elements of the piston and crank groups.

precise instructions given, as a rule, when buying a preservative.At the end of its action is to turn the spark plug and a certain amount of preservative sprayed directly into the combustion chamber.

Then, before screwing the candle should be several times to reach the motor for uniform distribution of the liquid on the surface of the cylinder.It also helps to remove the water from the pump housing and the cooling system.Motor leave for a while standing upright, then turn the candle in place.

continue the work for the next stage of our work will require a utility room or even a small workshop.There must be available a vise and other tools, at least to a minimum.

From the "consumables" you need a gear oil (take only special oils for gearboxes, according to the manufacturer), replacement washers, gaskets, small drip tray waste oil.Additionally, lubrication for friction parts, and possibly, a new filter, and mineral engine oil (for four-stroke engines).

on the gear unit housing unscrew the screws.Slowly pour out the oil (the first spilled accidentally hit the engine water).If the screws "baked onto" need a large screwdriver with a lever.Damaged washers will have to change so that the replacement should be kept handy.

Check oil

If the oil has changed color or transparency - seals are out of order, and needs to be replaced together with the oil.Buy parts immediately is sometimes impossible, it is necessary to order and wait for a long time.Therefore repairs should not be postponed until the spring.

Note the inclusions in oil metal dust or chips.After running this - a normal phenomenon, but in other cases - a sign of problems in the state gears.

diagnosis in this case should be qualified.Repairs have to instruct the Service Centre.

If the color of the oil is not changed over the summer, quietly merge and change it to a new.Most often, it is sold in tubes, which simplifies the process of replacing.Before you buy find out the amount that can accommodate gear.Replacement of the vertical position of the motor.

What screw

Then proceed to inspect the propeller.If you find a large chipping and damage, it is best to replace the screw.Otherwise, there may be unacceptable vibration and run-out on the shaft, which will result in unusable gear bearings and seals.

Minor damage can try to eliminate.The blades are amenable to straightening, though not in all cases.And it needs a reliable tool.If you do not believe in their abilities, it is better to change to a new propeller.

Other points

Inspect propeller shaft, it is important that it is not bent and did not fight.The cause of defects may be a collision with obstacles under water.If there is a problem - you again to the service center.

If all goes well, cover the shaft with a protective lubricant.

Another important node - is the fuel system.Doing her best service only if there is at least some experience.Or under the direction of a good master.

undeveloped gas should be completely drained, disconnect the fuel filter and blow.

End of

then you should apply the grease on the rubbing metal surfaces of the motor, first of all - to the suspension elements.Now the engine is ready for long-term storage.As you can see, the winter storage of boats PVC in the presence of complete engine - not the easiest thing, but still very real.

If the engine does not have to spend the winter in warmth, it should not be packed tightly enough cover to cover.

Now you know everything or almost everything about how to keep the boat PVC winter.Subject to the rules set out your beauty will serve faithfully for more than one season and will get a lot of impressions from the summer fishing trips on the river and just happy moments.We wish you a pleasant stay with family and good mood!