Budget of Ukraine for 2015

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official budget of Ukraine for 2015 was adopted by 29 December 2014. For the decision voted 233 deputies.The decision was not taken lightly.Repeatedly there were attempts to postpone the decision for 2015.Nevertheless, the forces of the government of Ukraine's financial capacity has been determined.

Yatsenyuk on the budget for 2015

Yatsenyuk publicly stated that the adopted budget called ideal is problematic.According to him, this year the defense allocated 80 billion hryvnia, and when you consider all the extra expenditure - the amount will be equal to 90 billion hryvnia.Publicly it was informed that starting from January 7, the government will take to work with creditors, with parallel information on the situation.According to the Prime Minister, who gave the bill to the amendments it had to be made for 15 of February.This should have been accompanied by talks with representatives of the IMF and officials from other international organizations.

On the basis of that document is based?

Budget of Ukraine is an important state document, prepared on the basis of the pessimistic forecast.In the explanatory memorandum emphasizes the fact that the forecast is taken as the base development of the state in 2015, an order of magnitude worse than the situation that describes the IMF.The approach will minimize the risk.State Budget of Ukraine based on a GDP decline of 4.3% with an inflation rate of not less than 13.1%.All calculations were performed at the exchange rate of the dollar in 17 hryvnia.The course itself was not represented by the National Bank of the country, and experts in the field of economy.

Budget of Ukraine in numbers

Revenues of Ukraine in accordance with the plans must conform to 475.2 billion hryvnia.The costs - not more than 527.1 billion hryvnia.The maximum allowable deficit should not exceed 63.6 billion hryvnia, or 3.7% of GDP.According to preliminary estimates, the volume of loans in 2015 should not exceed 279 680 000 000 hryvnia, which is 23.16 billion more than the figure in 2014.The volume of external borrowing will increase to 166.81 billion hryvnia, which is 82.66 billion hryvnia more than last year.Domestic debt will remain at the level of 112.87 billion hryvnia, which is less by 59.7 billion hryvnia, than in 2014.

Life saving

Budget of Ukraine in 2015 provides a tough economy.Political experts say that the decision is not accompanied by dramatic reforms.According to the pessimistic scenario, it is planned to reduce the size of salaries by 4.4%, amounting to an average of 3880 hryvnia.The volume of foreign trade will be cut by 8.9% in exports and 12.8% in imports.The living wage will be increased only once.On December 1, 2015 it will be 1 300 hryvnia.Currently figure corresponds to 1176 UAH.The minimum wage, which today is hryvnia 1176, the end of the year will be increased to 1,378 hryvnia.The minimum pension will be increased by only 32 hryvnia to the level of 981 hryvnia.It is planned to carry out the restoration of Donbass, to which the Government has allocated 300 million hryvnia.This new construction, and repair and reconstruction of complex infrastructure.

Two alternative scenarios

Budget of Ukraine for 2015 was based on the worst case scenario.Positive option under which envisaged insignificant improvement in the state's economy requires radical changes not only in law but also in the tax code.The optimistic scenario is that it was decided not to take into account when drawing up the budget to minimize the risks, provided for an increase of GDP in 2015 to 2%.The index of industrial production should grow by 1.9% in the best case, and 0.7% at worst.The budget deficit is not particularly different in the two alternatives of development of Ukraine, and 3.7 billion (a measure of the approved budget) and 3.5 billion hryvnia, respectively.Budget of Ukraine provided the national debt is not optimistic format, in the amount of 100 billion hryvnia, and in the worst case - 112 870 000 000 hryvnia.There are changes in tax legislation, in particular, the reduction of the unified state and a decrease in the total number of taxes from 22 to 9.

first amendments to the budget or timely salaries to miners

Budget of Ukraine for 2015, according to the pressservice of the head of state, was changed on April 14, after the signing of the bill.Changes in the long term, must fully resolve the issue of timely payment of wages to miners.It is planned to restore the level of expenditure Minenergouglya according to the budget program (400 million hryvnia) due to redistribution.This should improve the financial and economic situation of public enterprises coal industry.In early spring, the Verkhovna Rada was in favor of the law, according to which the managers of the state budget undertake to publish the reports on the implementation of the program as open data.

New taxes

new budget of Ukraine in 2015 in figures brought the inhabitants of the country a lot of surprises.From the beginning, owners of their own homes will have to pay tax for the square meters, beyond the established norm.For the apartments is more than 60 square meters, and for homes - more than 120 square meters.The account will be taken not only the living area, and storage area with parking.Commuters will pay for barns, outbuildings and household items at the rate of 24 hryvnia per year for every extra square meter.Since the beginning of the year fell to taxation of commercial properties.Now the owners of the transport costs will fall to pay import tax at a rate of 5% and excise extending to trucks and buses.A large percentage of luxury cars do not fall under the new taxation system.

Deposits not only

In accordance with changes in legislation, even deposits will be changed, given the budget-2015 (Ukraine).The size of contributions to the state coffers with profits on deposits will now be at 15% and 20%.There is another document, which takes effect from 1 August 2015, determines at least the high level of taxation.Lawyers emphasize that, in the run-up to the various laws of the public can follow the standard, which is more favorable to him.Budget-2015 (Ukraine) provided for increase of rates on imports.For agricultural products - 10%, for industrial - 5%, which will inevitably lead to higher prices in the market.The EU believes that such changes may cause the cancellation of duty-free regime unilaterally for Ukrainian goods, which is slightly above the EU approved.The negative reaction to such changes can be formed on the part of investors.It is necessary to add the abolition of a number of benefits, such as free public transport participants of the war, the right to free travel twice a year ozdorovitenye resorts of a certain group of the population, the increase in payment for meals in preschools, free textbooks canceled.Scholarships and nutrition in vocational schools is granted only to beneficiaries.Cancelled part of social payments for child care.